A shallow G-spot's dream!

Envie is a nice, high quality vibrator. Unfortunately, some people won't be able to enjoy Envie's G-spot thumb due to the short size. The smooth, thick silicone feels fantastic. For someone who enjoys different pulses and escalating vibrations, Envie would be a blessing. For those of us who need a constant, penetrative vibration, Envie may do little more than excite. It will excite at the least though, and I'm happy to use it any time we're playing!
Size of G-spot thumb.
Nice plushy silicone.
Flexible neck
Single push button.
G-spot thumb could be longer.
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Envie is a G-spot vibrator, but it can also be used for clitoral stimulation. The perky thumb shaped tip and tiny size makes this a vibrator that can be used by those with even the smallest preferences. While most all women will be able to insert Envie, I feel that only a small percentage of us will actually be able to acheive G-spot stimulation. This vibrator is not going to please the girl looking for something thick, lengthy or thrustable. The design may work for those of us with a shallow and easily manipulated G-spot, but the rest may find Envie useless.

Envie can be used solo and if you know that your G-spot is within the first few inches of your vagina, Enive may hit it and could suffice as the ultimate solo G-spotting experience. Having a partner to explore your G-spot with Envie makes for a fun experience and can even teach them a thing or two about finding your G-spot!
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Material / Texture

Envie's best quality is the silicone material. Rating a 10 on the safety scale and being "food grade material, Envie is pretty darn top-notch quality! Let's talk about what we're workin' with here... Envie has a hypo-allergenic, latex free, phthalates-free, and non-porous thick hunk of silicone over the plastic core. When I say thick, I mean it! New Sensations didn't skimp when they gave Envie it's outer portion. This thick layer of super smooth, velvety silicone is holding well to the inside "core." Most vibrators are just a sleeve of silicone or another material over the actual vibrator. This sleeve, whether it's glued on or just tightly on the vibrator isn't budging when I pick at it to see the inside. Sometimes right at the base you can see that the soft sleeve will roll off the actual vibrator. I hope this makes sense. Moving on...

Envie's soft, smooth silicone has little drag. When I run it across my skin it doesn't grab and drag much.
As with any other good silicone toy I've had, this has no scent either. However, upon opening the box, I could smell a new shoes kind of scent. That's the foam in the box people, not the vibrator! The smell goes away instantly when it's removed and won't return if you do not place it in the box again.

I was surprised at how nice the material is on Envie. I expected good quality, but it feels pretty darn similar to Matryoshka. I don't mean to keep on about how thick the silicone layer is, but I was surprised! The thickness of it makes it squishy and nice without muting the vibrations I feel.

The entire vibrator is smooth and so velvety and the only area you'll find texture is the ribbing on the shaft which won't be felt internally. Now if you happen to be able to insert the vibrator enough to actually feel those ribs, then you my friend, are one talented woman! Only the G-spot tip of Envie is insertable and it's unlikely that most of us would be able to make it past that hump under the tip. The ribs may provide a grip for whoever is operating the vibrator, but it didn't make a difference for me or my partner when he used it on me.

Another thing that's awesome about Envie is the super smooth, matte silicone doesn't attact lint, hair or dust. It's strange how different silicone toys act towards lint and hair. Matryoshka will pick up more hair and dirt than I even knew existed in my floor! I avoid dropping that toy at all costs because cleaning that lint and dirt off is a pain! Envie, however, doesn't pick up anything! I can lay it on the bed, stash in my purse and even dry it off with a wash cloth and it doesn't pick up a single particle! I love it. When I wash it, I admire the smooth, clean silicone after drying it off. It's so nice!

There's only little give to Envie's soft silicone, but gliding and maneuvering is easy. Under the G-spot thumb, there's a small dip that's flexible. It's flexible enough that I can bend it with my hands, but during use, it's not so floppy and flimsy that the thumb doesn't apply pressure. In fact, the thumb is kind of thick and when my partner uses it on me and applies pressure, he can get it to do some bending, but this is firm enough that it won't flop around on ya.

And for those of you who care, there is a teeny-tiny seam running along the back of Envie, but it's only noticable to the eye and not the vagina or fingers.
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

Envie is 8 1/2 inches long with only the 2 1/2" thumb being insertable. That's where the flaws come in, but I will discuss them in my experience section. Now you may be able to insert Envie further than that bump right under the thumb, but my vagina isn't going to allow it. I had hoped I would be able to get a little more length in there. This also poses problems if your G-spot isn't within the first couple of inches of your vagina and since it's not likely to get any more inside of you, it could prove useless for those who can't get it to reach their G-spot. That's so unfortunate because there's so much about Envie that could be mind blowing! Since use is limited here, it can be a toy that gets boring. In that case, having a partner along for the ride does make Envie more fun.
Take note of the "dip" under the tip. It's flexible!
The widest part of the thumb measures about 3 1/2" around. The tip is somewhat pointy making insertion quick and very easy. The very tip is only about 2 1/2" wide. The flexible neck of the thumb is 2 1/2" wide then you reach that bump. It measures 4" around. Although it really doesn't seem that it'd be so tough to insert past the hump, if you'll look closely at the photos, you'll see that it's not likely to happen since you're going from thick thumb to small dip or "neck" and then this bump. It might work for some, but I doubt it will do so without real pain.

The rest of the vibrator is pretty much just a really long handle that I wish I could use for actual penetration! It measures right close to 4" around.

The width of the tip or "thumb" as I have been referring to it, is a neat shape and very useful for getting firm pressure on the G-spot! I don't own any of the Jopen vibrators, but some of them have a tip that resembles Envie's thumb-like tip.

As you can see in my photos, the thumb has somewhat of a flat surface on the bottom and curves up slightly, introducing your G-spot to a more rounded surface. The thumb itself is firm and only the neck of it has some give. The flexibility here makes bouncing it on the G-spot easier. It can resemble the way you use your finger for G-spot stimulation.

As for travelling with Envie, do so at your own risk. You can see what the shape is and in this situation you should can judge whether or not it will fit into your agenda silently or not. As for me, I would not take it along with me very far because it's as long as a traditional vibrator, but I'm only able to use 2" of it. I have taken it in my purse just for a mini road trip, but if I needed to be discreet, I'd use Matryoshka or something smaller. This can hide in a suitcase or medium-large purse if you wanted. It will hide under clothing in a suitcase as well.

When it comes to hiding this vibrator at home, it stays in my toy box. I have left it out for the past few days, but it stays hidden at the bottom of my bookshelf because if it was spotted, I'm positive that it would not be quick to disguise itself. Plus the somewhat bright color makes it stand out. With the unique shaped tip, this could pass as a "neck massager" if you're having to answer to a curious child, but it will only fool the young! However, it does fit nicely in my regular toy box.
    • Partner play
    • Whimsical / artistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

Despite the thick layer of silicone, Envie does well at carrying vibrations throughout the entire toy. Applying pressure doesn't affect the strength of vibrations, the sound of the vibrations may change, but the vibrations remain. I'm able to feel the vibrations best at the shaft. I wish the tip was as strong as the shaft because it would be great for pin-point vibrations directly on the clitoris, but it's not near as strong as the shaft to me.

You have only one button to control everything Envie does and while that makes it simple, it also makes it a pain to cycle through. To turn Envie on you press the single round, pink button located on the screw-on bottom. The bottom is black, hard plastic that screws in place to hold in the batteries. It's round and has a hole through the middle. I assumed this was for holding onto, but it didn't serve that purpose at all. Both my partner and myself found it easier to hold it by the shaft. The ring in the bottom is lined in pink silicone for gripping better I suppose. Along that ring is also a line of pink silicone (see my pictures). This serves no purpose, but the entire line lights up red when it's turned on. The light up feature seems like it was something fancy to throw in there, but it may be handy for someone.

Hold the button down for 3-4 seconds and the vibrator will power off. This can be handy or it can be a nuisance depending on your situation. Holding the button for those short few seconds can be somewhat of a pain if you're needing to get it turned off immediately. Once you have powered the vibrator off and you go to turn it back on, you'll have to cycle all the way through again to reach the setting you desire. Again, this can be a nuisance or a blessing depending on what you're preferences are.

The selection of vibration settings are impressive! If you like those unique pulse, escalating and "surging" vibrations, this will be something fun for you to explore. The vibrations are strong and somewhat penetrative, but it seems they've got just a tad too much of a buzz to them for my liking. Unless you are very particular about your vibrations, I believe Envie will be satisfying in that department. I have a hard time cycling through to find the strong, steady vibrations that I need though. The wide variety of vibrations mean that this is a fantastic toy for someone who's looking to try the different surges and pulses and escalates. It's a great toy for a beginner if you're looking for a wide variety and want to get an idea of what you prefer.

The vibrations are unique, but I'll do my best to describe them.

First you have a steady vibration that seems to be louder than it feels. Then you have what feels like the same vibration, but it may be slightly stronger.

Third click and you get the exact same steady vibration as with the second click and by the fourth click, you begin into the world of pulses, surges, pokes, escalates and all kinds of ups and downs of vibrations. Unfortunately, my body doesn't respond well to those types due to the decrease and pauses in vibrations. This fourth click is a lot stronger than the steady vibrations that I need and it continues to get stronger.
These pulsating vibration are close together and feel something like this: Bzz Bzz Bzz Bzz. This is a really nice, strong setting even though it can't get me there completely.

The fifth vibration: Bzz Bzz BZZ Bzz Bzz BZZ. The first two Bzz's are the same then the third one is stronger. The pattern continues just like this.

The sixth: BzzZZZZ, is what I'd identify as a surge. It's kind of like a mini escalating vibration. It starts out strong and almost a steady vibration with only tiny, barely noticeable pulses then gets stronger.

Seventh: Bzz Bzz Bzzz Bzz Bzzz. It's short, quick pulses, some longer than the last.

The vibrations are all strong, but unfortunately this gives me terribly numb hands. I do wish there were stronger steady vibrations, but I believe the focus was on the pulsing patterns during the making of Envie. Little concern was put into the 3 steady, almost identical vibration options. At the least though, Envie should excite and make a great warm-up toy. I think most people could finish with Envie, but for me - someone who needs slightly more penetrative vibrations - it takes longer.

Envie runs on 2 AAA batteries and so far, it's held up on them well. It does have several great things about it and as for the noise level, that's one of them. When Envie is lying on my bed, the sound is loud enough to be heard throughout the room, but not outside the door. During any vibration setting, it remains quiet. It cannot be heard outside of a door, but I believe someone in the same room would have a chance of hearing it. We tested the noise level without any TV or air going and it wasn't noticeable, but I personally like to have some type of noise just for my own confidence. Other than being able to hear it in the same room, it won't be heard anywhere else. It's only slightly louder than my cell phone's vibration, but every phone sounds differently. It's pretty close to that type of sound level though.

Envie is labelled as a waterproof vibrator, but it's only waterproof half the time. I say this because sometimes I use it in the water and it's just fine, no leakage. Then at other times, I'll find specks of water along the inside. It hasn't damaged Envie, but I won't submerge it anymore. I submerged it fully tonight, as scary as it was, I wanted to be sure to give accurate info. It did fine the first time, but the second time, I found big drops of water around the inside. Thankfully, it still works, but I won't submerge it again.

There is not O-ring on the toy to fully keep water out, but in the shower it does just fine. Washing hasn't ever posed a threat to Envie, even when I run the water all over the handle. It's submerging that causes the problem. Honestly, I wouldn't risk taking this in a tub. It's just not worth it and too risky, but the shower is fine. The round screw on base/handle so easily slips, even when you screw it on tight! During use it often slips and comes unthreaded just a little. That's why I would not risk taking this in the tub because while using, if the handle/screw on base slips like that, water will leak inside and destroy the toy.
    • Discreet sound
    • Lots of variety in function
    • Powerful

Care and Maintenance

Remember Envie is silicone so you should not use silicone lubricants with it, but stick with water based. Liquid Silk and Intimate Organics Sex Is Natural do wonderfully with Envie.

Also keep in mind that it should not be stored in direct contact with other silicone toys. I'll discuss more about storage options in the packaging section, but you can use the box it came in if you wanted. If nothing else, just place a plastic bag over it before storing in your toy box. You can also wrap it up in plastic cling wrap to protect!

Although the shape of Envie is unique, cleaning isn't anything to fret over. Since the tip is usually all that will be inserted, it's quick and simple. Use warm water and mild soap and if you happen to have lubricant in those ridges, it rubs right off. The ridges aren't so deep and close together that it would be tough to keep sanitary. You can clearly see if it needs cleaning and a wash cloth will make sure everything's tidy and clean. Since Envie is waterproof, you can give it a good scrubbing without worries of damaging it and without worries of germies left behind. That's what I like about waterproof vibrators. You can clean em' to your heart's desire!

When you don't have time or feel like making a run to the sink, a toy spray cleaner will suffice. I often use a natural toy spray cleaner. Normally I don't like using only a spray cleaner because I can't get past the feeling that it's not totally clean, but there's only a small area to clean so if I'm in a hurry I can spray it down and leave.


Envie comes in a nice black box. I truly appreciate that the manufacturers had girls like me in mind when they designed the packages for the new line. It's a sleek, black box with class. It does show the actual vibrator and says "massager," but you don't have to worry about a pornographic covered box! Most of us are real people. We live with families and as hard as it may be to believe, there are a few of us who don't want to see nude people all over a vibrator box. It's tacky for one. It's a vibrator, I appreciate that New Sensations slapped a photo of what you're going to find in the box rather than some strange naked person! You won't find any overly sexual language within the packaging either. It says vibrator and massager, but that's no big deal to me. It *is* a vibrator! But you won't see all that jumbo about explosive clit orgasms. That's not a huge deal to me, but it does feel classier and better quality when the box isn't covered in outrageous things to make it appeal more to buyers.

the storage box that I tore

There weren't any extra instructions. You have the box and inside you'll find another box. I had no idea what the deal was with two boxes and couldn't get it opened so I accidentally ripped the box that actually held Envie. It was meant for storage, but I didn't know that and ruined it. It's no big deal because it's only a thin paper box without much durability. Snuggled inside a thick chunk of foam lies Envie!

I ended up throwing out the boxes since I ruined one and in reality, the box takes up so much more room than the actual toy. I like the idea of it having its very own storage box, but it would be more of a burden than stuffing Envie in my toy chest.

Like with any adult product, Envie could make a nice gift depending on the receiver. If they are OK with recieving such a product and wouldn't mind the photo of the vibrator on the box, it'd be a fabulous gift! I think it looks nice enough to give to one of my close girlfriends or sisters. Besides looking nice, Envie actually is a nice vibrator. It's not junk quality. It may not fit every woman's preferences, but it's a great quality vibrator and the vibrations would be something most women could appreciate. So in my opinion, for my lifestyle, this makes a nice gift and is discreet *enough*. You have to judge for yourself whether or not it would be for you.
    • Would make a nice gift


I'm so picky with vibrators that I usually don't get myself excited until I have it in my hands. However, the first time I seen Envie, I was anxious to use it! I could see that the size was going to be a great fit for me and being a girl who prefers average or smaller toys, that doesn't happen often! My G-spot is easy to work and very near the entrance of my cooter. I won't go break out the measuring tape, but my G-spot is located about where my knuckle is. Envie is able to reach mine just fine, but if yours is a lot further back than that, you may not be able to to reach it. If it's somewhere close to the entrance and you have no problem reaching orgasm by simply using fingers, Envie will probably work out for you. At the least, it will get you worked up!

I feel like the uses are somewhat limited with this vibrator. If only that thumb-shaped tip was was a little longer and the shape didn't hinder from inserting it further inside the vagina, Envie could have had much more potential and appealed to more women. I think a lot of people will be hesitant about buying Envie since it's only going to hit easy-to-reach G-spots.

My partner and I have had a lot of fun with Envie. The thumb shaped tip is somewhat broad so it covers a wider area than fingers alone. It's a unique sensation for me, but nice. The funky shape and using at different angles has been adventurous and fun. The slight curve to the tip causes the thumb to kind of dig in and apply pressure on my G-spot. I can insert Envie and just leave it there without any movement and I'm able to feel it pushing on my G-spot. It doesn't quite do what my partner's fingers do, but that's because there's little thrusting due to the short thumb. When he uses his finger to reach my G-spot, he's able to use more movement than with Envie. That's not to say that Envie doesn't feel fantastic, only it feels less intense. The buzziness of it causes my hand to go numb quickly, but thankfully doesn't numb my crotch. Oral sex is a big part of our foreplay so we like to use vibrators in combination with oral and some will numb my crotch and make it nearly impossible to even feel my clitoris afterward. Envie numbs my hands like crazy, but it's great for foreplay since my crotch doesn't go numb and I'm still able to enjoy oral.

The dip under the thumb tip can be used to kind of cup around the clitoris and feels nice. Unfortunately, I'm not able to get too far without a good steady vibration and Envie only offers three steady vibrations, most of which feel identical. It's still a great vibrator that would probably work well for most women. I'm able to feel the vibrations well through jeans. I can use Envie with jeans on and still get excited! If you need deep and super intense vibrations, this may not work. Sometimes I'll use the shaft of Envie for clitoral stimulation and it works out nicely. It is a strong vibrator, especially in the shaft area. There are times when it completely works for me clitorall and there are times when I need a little extra. It's a great vibrator and I'm always satisfied in one way or the other. Some days I need extra for it to get me there clitorally, but then there's always the G-spot tip that satisfies. I've chosen it for G-spot stimulation more than my other toys a lot lately.
Follow-up commentary
I find myself going for this vibrator when I'm in the mood for clitoral stimulation. When that mood strikes, I choose this over Zini Deux, which is a far more expensive vibrator intended for clitoral stimulation. Turns out the much cheaper Envie does the trick for me externally and very often internally too. The other day I was using this on the lowest setting and it was more than enough. Perfect actually. The little thumb G-spot tip works nicely on my clitoris. If the size and shape of Envie suits you, I would absolutely recommend it. If you don't think you could get much use out of this internally, I still have to say it's worth it even just for clitoral use. Yes, Envie has truly earned a place in my... well let's not TMI you to death.
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