A Symphony of Sweetness

I've never heard of Mantric, but I think I'll buy more of their toys from now on! This is a unique battery operated toy that everyone should try because of the vibration variety, silence, and power.
Waterproof, 10 vibration patterns, nice aesthetic, pink.
4 AAA batteries, girth a bit large for some.
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I chose this toy based on the review by Sleeping Dreamer, which had me quite interested. Her review was spot on, and I am extremely glad I chose this toy.

The Sienna Symphony is one of the more nicely packaged toys I've gotten, besides Lelo. The outer box is light and well designed, with text and icons in a dark mauve or pink color. The bottom half of the box is also dark mauve/red. Overall the outer aesthetic was really nice. I think I am going to keep the box to store it in, I like the design so much. They even have a description of the vibration patterns on the box, and list the other features of the toy. They proudly claim on the bottom that it is ultra quiet, waterproof, skin friendly, ultragrade silicone, and tested on humans (ha ha).

Inside the box the Sienna Symphony was shrink wrapped, which is really good because it is in a velvet fur covered plastic that tends to shed. You know the Symphony is clean because it is individually wrapped inside its package. There is also an instruction manual! Yay! It's short, but it's in multiple languages, and the introduction is humorous. It tells you how to install the batteries, how to operate it, and how to operate it safely. There is also a little battery diagram in plain sight when you unscrew the bottom, which is always nice. MAKE SURE you screw the battery cap on tight (especially if you want to take it in the bath) or you may get residual rattling that is very unattractive. This is a very quiet toy. But the instructions tell you not to over screw the cap, so be careful.

The silicone on the Symphony is very rigid and does not have a lot of flexibility. With that curve, meant for a G-spot, it may be better for some. The texture is smooth, but not as velvety as Lelo toys. It seems very sturdy overall, and the cap screws very snugly without feeling brittle at all.

There is only one control area, and there are two buttons. They basically represent up and down, and are sunken into the toy; which helps avoid accidental pushing. There are no marks on them. Hit either one and the Symphony will turn on, and either start with the 1st or 10th vibration. Just cycle through them and eventually it will turn off, after you have cycled through all the patterns. There are no dedicated on or off buttons, just the two buttons to cycle through patterns.

The vibrations are definitely the highlight! I've never seen one with such different patterns from the ones I already have. Anyone who has a Lelo toy, or a Fun Factory toy, may know what I am referring to. There are 10 vibration patterns that are very unique, and the quality is a low deep vibration, versus the high buzzy vibration of cheap toys. Depending on if you start with the up or down button, you get:

1) High constant vibration
2) Medium constant vibration
3) Low constant vibration (very quiet)
4) Slow escalation buzz BUzz BUZZ
5) Slow escalation buzz buzz slow de-escalation
6) Slow escalation buzz buzz continue escalation buzz buzz (long pattern)
7) Escalating pulses (x5) - buzz Buzz BUzz BUZz BUZZ
8) Buzz buzz Buuuuuuuuuzzzzzz buzz buzz buuuuuuuuuuzzzzzz (pretty fast)
9) Buzz buuuuuuuuuuzzzzz buzz buuuuuuuuzzzzzz (fast)
10) Pulses - buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz ....etc (fast)

All of these settings are very strong for 4 AAA batteries. The escalations are the most complete I've experienced going from almost no vibration, to strong and every step in between. I love the vibration patterns on this thing very much. Someone needs to make more like this. I don't know which my favorite is yet.
I haven't had a lot of time with this toy, but I was very happy with the experiences I have had. At 1 5/8" the girth on this toy caught me by surprise. I haven't been able to have a completely comfortable insertion session, but the vibrations work wonders for clitoral stimulation. Once in, the curve does hit the G-spot pretty well, but I think I have to be more physically excited before attempting to insert this again. For the size queens, I think this would be a decent addition for you.

I wouldn't recommend this for beginners because of the size, but I think everyone should own it for the patterns and the quality and quietness.
Follow-up commentary
I've gotta say, I don't take care of myself as much as I should, but this thing just blew my mind really quickly today. Must be the moon or something, but 4 fresh AAAs and this thing is still near silent and very powerful if you're already in the mood. It's still a bit too large for me to take internally, maybe because it needs a lot of lube to be comfortable, but it's a killer clit vibe that's for sure. I just wanted to continue my recommendation of this item. It's great quality, waterproof, and very strong for a battery powered vibe. Go get one~!
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  • Contributor: Mamastoys
    I love your description of the vibrations!
    4 AAA batteries! Wow- you'd think they could have made it with one or two larger size batteries..Wondering
    Nice review! thanks!!
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    Ha, love the buuuuuuuuuuzz's thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: imp
    Haha wonderful buzz descriptions, and I agree they do seem different just from reading your review of it, so much I am highly curious now. Great review, thank you Big smile
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    Renewing, this is a fabulous review- (silly me for leaving 2 browsers open and commenting on both a review of mine and yours- my MAJOR apologies) -- but I certainly hope your review helps push consumers in the direction of purchasing because you've helped to prove that this is without a doubt- a VERY nice toy.
  • Contributor: Renewing Desire
    No problem, thanks for that Smile It is a very nice toy! I want to buy more from them just based on this one toy.
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