Jenna's rocket booster - pocket rocket by Doc Johnson - review by Oggins

Add some kick to your pocket rocket!

Jenna's rocket booster turned out to be more powerful than I had expected and it's powered by a total of four AA batteries. This is the first pocket rocket I've ever used that was capable of so many speeds as well as patterns of vibration. Even though it has power, it's quiet too. The neighbors will be hard pressed to figure out what I'm up to! This is now a must have in my collection because I never want to be without it. Pocket rocket lovers, this one's for you!
Powerful, quiet, multi-speed and phthalate-free
An instant off button would have been nice but that's a minor complaint.
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Jenna's rocket booster may not look like much at first glance but it packs a surprising punch that is sure to make anyone say, "Wow!" The fact that it's powered by four AA batteries is probably a very significant contributor to this "Wow" factor. The first of the four AA's goes into the pocket rocket itself. You simply twist the base to the "open" position to remove the base and insert the battery. There is a thin plastic insert inside of the battery compartment that should be left in there because it helps reduce battery rattling during use. You then replace the base and twist it into either the "off" or "on" position. You are free to use the pocket rocket in this manner with either the included plastic nubby head attachment or without this attachment. If you forgo the cap attachment, the head of the pocket rocket has three round, metal nubs to provide stimulation instead. It's pretty consistent with other pocket rockets when used like this as far as power goes and it seems to be made quite sturdy. It's main construction is hard plastic with it's metal nubs on top as well as metal parts inside the battery compartment. It even has a rubber O ring around the middle, where the two pieces connect together, to minimize any lubes or fluids getting inside. It is by no means waterproof though! There is a jack style hole in the bottom to connect the pocket rocket into the hand held controller so you wouldn't want any water to get in there that could damage the toy.

Now, if you're looking for a pocket rocket with more variety and power, you won't be disappointed here because this is where the fun begins! All you have to do to turn this pocket rocket into a souped up, vibrating machine is to connect it into the hand held battery pack! Just make sure you've inserted your remaining three AA's into the hand held controller. The cover is located on the back and it simply slides off. It slides back on with an audible clicking sound and I've had no problems with it popping off during use either. There's even a diagram to make sure the batteries get put in correctly.

Now that you've got that down, you can connect these two devices together via the included cord. The cord is approximately 34" long and sports two male type ends. These two ends plug into the female style plugs on each device. It doesn't matter which end you connect to which device either. You simply plug one into the pocket rocket and the opposite end into the hand held controller. You're now ready to go and you've also just breathed new life into an old standby pocket rocket! Its been upgraded to having 10 audibly different and easily felt speed settings as well as four different patterns of vibration. The ten speeds of vibration are for steady vibration only, while the patterns are pre-programmed and their speeds cannot be adjusted. The patterns are: pulsate, surge, escalate and roller coaster. These are controlled by two separate buttons. One controls the ten speeds of steady vibration while the other cycles through the patterns. There is no instant off button but you can cycle through the speeds and patterns quickly by holding the buttons down.

Since Jenna's rocket booster is made from hard plastic, it's non-porous and phthalate free. You can easily clean it with antibacterial soap and water or by wiping it down with Isopropyl alcohol. Just be careful that you don't get any moisture in the jack port on the bottom! Water, oil and silicone based lubes are safe to use too.

I noticed no taste or smell coming from this product but I was the most surprised about how quiet it is! For as much power as this thing has, I could only barely hear it through the blankets! It's pretty much silent from behind a closed door too. Definitely a great choice for those who want to be discreet and crave power!

Overall, I would highly recommend Jenna's rocket booster to anyone who loves traditional pocket rockets but craves more kick! It's a quality made product and I really have no complaints as of yet. I really expect it to be around for quite some time to come!
Yes, it's true. Jenna's rocket booster is one of those toys that I keep close at hand in the bedroom for easy access! It can be hard for a new toy to be granted this place of honor over my tried and true favorites but this one has definitely succeeded. Its power and versatility won me over.

I also really like the way that this one is set up because it's designed to reduce tension on the wire. The wire that connects the pocket rocket to the hand held controller, plugs into each element meaning that if either end gets pulled on, the plug will probably pull out rather than breaking wires. I'm sure most of us know that broken wires means no fun!

I do have several pocket rocket attachments in my collection and I haven't encountered any that won't fit onto this pocket rocket too. That's an added bonus for me because I'm now using attachments that really didn't do much for me before. The extra power contained in this one make them oh so much more enjoyable now!

I also decided to see if I could plug other bullets and eggs into the hand held controller. To my surprise, I haven't found any in my collection that won't plug in! A few I have tried are the egg from my mini tongue, the two bullets that came in my Xtreme pack kit as well as my Xtreme pack g-spot bullet. Yes, I can now power all of these with three AA's instead of two! It really does increase their power some too. Granted I do this at my own risk because I'm not totally sure that the extra power will not burn out the bullets/eggs sooner than they would have with their original power packs but I haven't had a problem so far.

Just a little tip on this one. The pocket rocket will not work when it's plugged into the hand held controller unless the pocket rocket is switched into the "on" position. The first time I used mine it took me a few minutes to figure that out so, hopefully this will save someone a bit of time!

I'm just really satisfied with this purchase. After all, how many pocket rockets do you find that run off of four AA's? That's like 4x's the power! It's oh so quiet too! If you're a pocket rocket fan, this one is a must have for you because you've never felt a pocket rocket like this before.
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  • Sammi
    That's good to know that you can plug other toys into the base. I wish my fave battery pack (with 6AA) could do that! Another item for my wish list :--).
    Great review!
  • Backseat Boohoo
    I've never owned a pocket rocket because they seemed so cheap and basic to me. Now I want this one! Great review.
  • Oggins
    Thanks Sammi and I'm glad you liked it! I have to agree with you, I wish your fave batter pack could do that too because I would buy it in a heartbeat. 6 AA's would be so fun! Tongue out
  • Oggins
    Thanks Backseat Boohoo! I'm glad you liked the review and if you are going to get a pocket rocket, this would be the one to get. It's the first pocket rocket that I've ever fell in love with. The others just didn't have enough power for me.
  • Airen Wolf
    Would it fit any of the pocket rocket attachments do you think? I'm thinking this might be what I've been looking for.
  • Not Here Anymore f/k/a Happy Lady
    Great review! Be sure to let us know if you "burn up" your Xtreme G-spot bullet. That would be sad.... Smile
  • Luscious Lily
    Great review! I have a bullet that runs off of three AA's that quickly numbs my hand, so the concept of 4 is mind-boggling and envy inducing. I'll have to put this on my wish list for when my budget recovers...
  • Oggins
    Thanks for asking Airen! Actually, I dug through my collection and tried out a few more attachments to see what I could find out on this. I can say it's kind of hit and miss really. The attachments to Jenna's Vibe With Attachments does fit this pocket rocket and so does the sleeve in the Rabbit Massager Kit. The sleeve to the Rabbit Massager Kit is very hard to remove once it's put on though but it's that way with the pocket rocket it comes with too. I also have a pocket rocket set that came with attachment caps similar to those of the Handy Massager and these do not fit. They are just a hair bit too small. So, I guess I would say no, it probably won't fit any pocket rocket attachments. If the attachments are sleeves with a little bit of "give" it would probably work. The hard plastic caps may be a bit harder to substitue though. I really hope this helps and isn't too confusing. Smile
  • Oggins
    Thanks Happy Lady and I'll definitely let everyone know if I burn up my Xtreme pack g-spot bullet! That would truly be sad and I'd replace it in a heartbeat! Winking
  • Oggins
    Thanks for your comment Luscious Lily! If you get it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! It's the most powerful pocket rocket I've ever used.
  • Machina
    Nice Review, I have never really been interested in pocket rockets, but you make this one sound so tempting! I was going to get an Xtreme pack g-spot bullet, but now I'm torn between getting that, or this rocket.

    What would you recommend?
  • Oggins
    Well Machina, BOTH! Big smile

    Seriously though, if you don't already own an Xtreme pack g-spot bullet, definitely get it! I love mine and wouldn't trade it for anything. This one is good but if I had to pick between them, it would be the Xtreme pack g-spot bullet for sure! Winking
  • TinyTease
    So nice to know it's so quiet! From the sound of it, it's quieter than most pocket rockets, would you say that's true?
  • Oggins
    Thanks for commenting TinyTease! I really woudn't say it's more quiet than most pocket rockets, it's pretty similar in that respect. I was surprised that it remained quiet when it was connected into the hand held controller. There wasn't really a huge difference in the noise level like I was expecting. I hope that helps some!
  • stars
    great review!
  • svalentine;)
    good review
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