Jenna's rocket booster - pocket rocket by Doc Johnson - review by Sammi

Rocket Baby! We're Gonna Fly!

Jenna’s Rocket Booster is a traditional pocket rocket with a twist. By itself it’s a standard, decent pocket rocket. Its optional controller adds 32 speed/function combinations, and a boost of power to satisfy those who require more intensity than a regular rocket. A worthy addition to any toy box.
Optional controller, good power, easy to handle and use, good for travel.
Loud, cord could be longer, not waterproof, expensive.
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Jenna’s Rocket Booster is best enjoyed as a clitoral stimulator, although it can also be used on the vaginal area. It can also be used on men around the penis and balls.

This is a Pocket Rocket with a boost. If you don’t like intense vibrations, you’ll probably enjoy using the Rocket on its own. If you think the Rocket just doesn’t have enough stimulating power you’ll be happy to attach it to the booster – the power increase is just short of incredible!

The booster also allows for gentler vibrations, so you can build up to the orgasm you need.

Material / Texture

Both the Rocket and the remote are made of hard plastic. They are odorless and tasteless, and smooth to the touch.

The plastic removable cap has nubs on the top for extra stimulation. Underneath the cap are 3 silver balls that change the stimulation of the rocket.

Design / Shape / Size

The design of the Rocket Booster is nice. It is silver, and a slim 1” wide. The Rocket is 5” long, and very light. Depending on your mood, you can use the nubbed cap or remove it to reveal three low-profile silver nubs.

The bottom of the Rocket has ridges around it, with three large ridges that go up and point to the label on the base. There are 3 locations: open, off, and on. Turning it to open allows the bottom to come off and 1 AA battery to be inserted.

The Rocket itself is discreet, and has great power for just one battery. It could probably travel unnoticed in a carry-on bag. The Rocket would not turn on accidentally.

The power cord attaches and detaches to both the Rocket and the controller, which looks like a simple TV remote. The slide off back panel reveals the battery compartment which holds 3 AA batteries (the box only says 2). The battery direction is clearly labeled. When the cord is connected to both the controller and the rocket, the rocket must be turned to on. There’s no need to remove the Rocket’s battery – it will work either way.

Functions / Performance / Controls

When used without the controller, the pocket rocket has just one speed. It’s decently powerful for 1 AA battery. It’s when the controller is attached that this toy shines.

The controller takes 3AA batteries (although the box says only 2). The box also advertises that this is has 5 functions and 10 speeds for 50 combinations. This isn’t exactly accurate. Here’s what you really get:

5 functions: vibrate (steady rumble), pulse, surge (2 pulse, 1 long vibration), escalate, and roller coaster. For the vibration, pulse, and surge, 10 different speeds/intensities can be selected. The escalate function runs from low to high, through all 10 intensities, while the roller coaster goes from low to high and back.

That’s 32 combinations in all, but still, more than enough to satisfy.

The speed button also functions as the on/off button. Press it once to turn the Rocket Booster on at the lowest level. Press it up and the speed increases, press it down and the speed lessens until it’s turned off.

On high speed the Rocket Booster sounds like a hedge trimmer at 7am, but it still isn’t as loud as the Hitachi.

Care and Maintenance

Both the Rocket and the controller are made of plastic, which is non-porous and phthalates-free. The toy can be cleaned by wiping it down with antibacterial soap and hot water, or it can be wiped with isopropyl alcohol.

The Rocket and controller aren’t waterproof, so be careful not to get water in the jack ends.

Water-based, oil, and silicone lubricants are all safe to use with this toy.


Jenna’s Rocket Booster comes in a gold and copper box with a picture of the product on the front. Jenna Jameson’s picture is also on the front and back. Inside, the toy is held in plastic.

The color of the toy is different from what’s pictured on the box. On the box, the toy is white, but the actual toy is grey, with a blue-grey controller.

A warranty card is also in the box.

Personal comments

This is a powerful toy with the controller. The controller boosts the power of the rocket immensely and allows for more variety and sensation as compared to a standard pocket rocket.

The controller fits many other toys with jacks, so the power can be transferred to other vibrators that need a change of pace or a boost of power.


I like a really powerful clit stimulator. My current favorite is the Topco 10X Egg Vibe, which is the most powerful egg vibe I have ever owned. Jennas Rocket Booster came close, although it only uses 3 batteries (4 if you count the one in the rocket itself).

I really like the removable cap. The stimulation is wonderful when used without it, and the sensations are great with the cap on.

The Rocket Booster is great for foreplay stimulation, and it was easy to use during toy play and sex. The rocket’s size makes it easy to hold on to. A longer cord would have been better, but overall, this is fantastic. It won’t replace my 10X, but it’s a worthy competitor.
Follow-up commentary
This is a great toy. I rarely use it without the booster controller, as I like the extra power it gives.

I typically alternate this with my favorite egg, and while it's not quite as strong, it does deliver better than almost every other clitoral stimulator I have.

I would still recommend this one!
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    Great review!

    About how long is the cord?
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    Wow, 32 speeds?!
  • Sammi
    newme21 - Thank you!

    The cord is about 34". For some reason, it doesn't seem long enough with this one Smile
  • Sammi
    Playful Grrl - 32 combinations - lots of fun and variety Smile
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    Awesome toy! And great review
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    Thank you!
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    Would you say all the extra settings are worth shelling out for the extra cash that it takes? (Great review, by the way.)
  • Sammi

    It is on the pricey side, and I think it's worth it on sale for the booster pack and multifunction properties. The booster really gives this an oomph. Plus, since you can use it without the booster, it makes it fairly versatile.
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    great review!
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