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The vibrations on this silicone-covered Mystic Wand are deep. For those used to the Magic Wand, it might take some adjustment. Once you're used to the Mystic Wand, you'll begin to love it's easy, cordless convenience. This is one vibrator that really grows on you.
rechargeable, deep vibrations
vibrations are only of moderate strength
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The Mystic Wand is best for those who like deep vibrations and the convenience of a rechargeable vibrator, but don't need vibrations that are as strong as the Magic Wand. It works well as a body massager also.

I heard so much about the Mystic Wand's deep vibrations, but while they are deep, they're just not as strong as the Magic Wand's low setting. If you need Magic Wand's strong vibrations, you may or may not be impressed with the Mystic Wand.

Material / Texture

The Mystic Wand has a plastic and silicone exterior. The ungrooved tip of the head is firm, but the grooved part of the head is much softer. You can squeeze the head in a little bit in that area. The grooves are not harsh.

The storage pouch is made of a white, synthetic, thin and somewhat stiff material with a velvet finish on the outside. It has a drawstring closure. I'm not sure the Mystic Wand needs a storage pouch, but its nice that its included.

Design / Shape / Size

The Mystic Wand has a small pink head with grooves along the sides. The head is covered with solft silicone.

The neck connecting the head to the body of the Mystic Wand is flexible. The body of the wand has two control buttons and two lights.

The recharging port is at the end farthest from the head.

Its a nice size and shape for clitoral or body use unless you're using it on your clitoris while another toy is inserted vaginally. In that case its too bulky and gets in the way.

Functions / Performance / Controls

It took 2 1/2 hours to charge the first time I plugged it in. No instructions come with it, so you are left to your own devices to figure out how to charge and use it. Thankfully everything is straightforward.

Plug it in and the large light begins blinking. It continues to blink the entire time its charging. When its charged, the light turns off. I don't know whether it can be overcharged, so I unplug it as soon as its reached a full charge.

The Mystic Wand has one button dedicated to turning it on and off and a second button to move it through its six funtions, which are:

1) low steady
2) medium steady
3) high steady
4) pulsing
5) short short long
6) escalating

Clicking the function button again when you're on the sixth mode brings you back to the first mode. There is no way to move backwards through the vibration modes. While it is on, the same larger pink light that flashed while it was charging lights up, plus a second smaller light turns on and changes from green to red to give a hint of indication of what vibration mode is being used.

Care and Maintenance

The packaging suggests to clean it with a warm wet cloth and mild soap and water or a toy cleaner. I find that simply wiping it down with a towel, if it needs cleaning at all, is sufficient.


The Mystic Wand comes in clear plastic packaging. You will not want to store the Mystic Wand in this packaging. Unfortunately there is no container content symbol so I can't recycle it.

The individual pieces of it are each wrapped inside their own additional plastic bags, including the storage pouch. There is a cardboard insert with information that applies to a variety of products but doesn't mention any of them specifically. Nothing in the packaging states that the Mystic Wand has a silicone exterior.


When I first tried the Mystic Wand, after hearing so much about its deep vibrations, I was expecting a near Magic Wand experience. With that expectation, I was disappointed during my first several uses of the Mystic Wand. I would begin using it, then grow frustrated that it wasn't the Magic Wand, and set it aside as I reached for my my trusty power tool.

Then, after multiple uses, I began to acclimate to the Mystic Wand. I realized one day that I hardly ever had to switch to the Magic Wand to finish anymore. I was growing used to the Mystic Wand's more moderate, but quite deep vibrations and they are enough for me. I'm becoming sensitized. The clit o' steel is softening.

And I'm finding that the fact that the Mystic Wand is cordless is more convenient than I ever imagined. I can keep it tucked in beside my bed where I only have to reach for it to use it. No retrieving it from under the bed then plugging it in.

My first draft of this review was going to be about how the Mystic Wand didn't live up to my expectations. But my tune has completely changed. I just love how handy and convenient it is with deep vibrations that are strong enough even for a Magic Wand fiend once you adjust to them.
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