Mystic wand rechargeable - sex toy by Vibratex - review by SydVicious

Oh so pretty in pink.

The power of this cordless, rechargeable massager is one of the best toys I have had the pleasure of using. Although it's not Hitachi powerful, It's pretty close... and it's pink.
Rechargeable, Powerful, Cool Pink color, Long lasting charge,
Not as quiet as I had hoped.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
I love wand massagers, but I hate having to plug them in. I have several plug in toys, but they just don't get as much play time because plugging in is such a hassle. The issue with cordless toys is, they just aren't powerful enough for me. This rechargeable version of the Mystic wand is a wonderful option for anyone who wants a cordless toy but doesn't want to sacrifice power.

The rechargeable Mystic Wand is powerful, very powerful. It's much more powerful than I expected. It's not as strong as a Hitachi Magic wand, but it no lightweight either. Most toys, I have to use the highest setting, but on this toy the medium speed is strong enough to cause a back arching, toe curling orgasm in just minutes.

The Mystic wand is fighting for first place as my favorite wand massager. My beloved Inspire by Cal exotics has been my favorite for some time now, but the fact that there is no cord to deal with has me reaching for the Mystic Wand more often. Aside from the cord and the power, the Mystic wand has nice deep, rumbly vibrations, unlike those high, buzzy vibrations of the Pocket Fairy wand.

I wouldn't say the Mystic wand is loud, but I wouldn't call it quiet either. The lowest setting has reasonably low sound, but the medium and high will most likely be heard through a door. It's not the more discreet toy ever, but I is significantly quieter than a Hitachi, and most people will have no trouble with the sound level.

This pretty pink wand is made of Silicone and plastic. It has a ball head with a bendable, flexible neck. Just under the neck is a clear-ish oval. It looks like a button, but it's really a light. When you turn the toy on, a pink light glows in this oval. There is also another little light (just over the function button) that changes color depending on intensity of the vibrations, Green for low, Orange for Medium, and Red for High. There are two buttons, a power and a function. Using this toy is pretty easy. Push the power button to turn it on, and then press the function button until you get to the vibration pattern of your choice. There are 6 different vibration patterns, they are as follows:

1. Low constant vibrations
2. Medium constant vibrations
3. High constant vibrations
4. Medium pulsating
5. Quick pulsations with a longer higher pulse.
6. Escalating from low to high.

Once you have cycled through all 6 functions you are returned to the first setting again. Once you are finished with the toy, just press the power button and the toy turns off. You don't have to cycle through to turn the toy off, an awesome feature in my opinion. The fact that there are only two buttons is also a plus. In the dark, in the heat of the moment, the less buttons to memorize, the better.

The bottom of the toy has a small white plug that covers the charging port when it's not charging. In my opinion it will in no way prevent water from getting into the port if you submerge the toy in the bath or sink for cleaning, but it adds a little extra protection, keeping out lint and small splashes of water or toy cleaner. When you charge the Mystic wand the pink light (just under the neck) blinks until charging is complete. I would say it takes a couple hours to fully charge. I have used this toy maybe 8-9 times for about 15 minutes each time and It hasn't run out of juice on me yet. I bet I just jinxed myself, I better give it a good charge before my next playtime.

The Mystic wand comes in a clear box with some product information printed on it. The packaging is kind of cheap and flimsy, and is not really discreet at all. But it's decent enough that you could give it as a gift. In the box is the toy, the charging cord and a white drawstring pouch to hold the toy when not in use. There are no instructions included for care or charging times.

Being made partially of Silicone, this toy is not compatible with Silicone lubes. Only water based lubes.

Cleanup is easy enough. Wash with antibacterial soap or toy cleaner and rinse with warm water. It can also be wiped down with a 10% bleach solution when needed.
I wouldn't recommend this wand to anyone who likes light vibrations. The lowest setting is more like a medium setting on many other wands, and it only gets stronger from their. As mentioned before, I am usually the kind of girl who turns the seed up full blast, but with this wand the medium speed is plenty for me.
Follow-up commentary
This is my go to toy. It's got a great amount of power, and it doesn't have to be plugged in. I really hate having to plug a toy into the wall to use it. I have had this toy for a year and a half now and I still love it, and it's still works like the day I got it.
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  • alliegator
    A rechargeable massager that is as strong as you say the Mystic is sounds great
  • Kinkypixie
    Everyone is saying its a little loud but its wonderful other than that. I am wanting to take a chance but the way you write about it it seems promising
  • Blooddragon
    Great review!
  • Love Perpetua
    Great review! I'm picking this up in my next order!
  • BuckeyeGal04
    I really appreciate you mentioning it's the lowest setting is like a medium on many others. Nice compare.
  • Mistress Jezebel
    Great review
  • Gracie
    Nice review! I notice this review is fairly old, but on the off chance you see it, I wish you would come back! I too love power and would love to get your perspective on many of the new toys!
  • Geogeo
    Thanks for reviewing. Can you compare the size of the head to the fairy wand or hitachi? It looks smaller, which I would like..but is it?
  • freshbananas
    Kicking rad review!
  • Gracie
    Thanks for the follow up!
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