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My Magic, Mystic Wand

If you're looking for something powerful and fun to use not only for indirect clit stimulation but also body massage, the Mystic Wand is your go-to gal! Comes in two colors (PINK YAY!) and is rechargeable. It's so green that you'd think it would come in that color!
Good body massager, Great clit stimulation, Very powerful, Easy to charge
Lack of instruction, Flimsy storage, Easily breakable charger hole cover
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The Mystic Wand is a toy that my old roommate owned. She had given it to me as a gift but it's black and I have really wanted the pink one... Soooooo... the pink is on it's way to me as we speak and the black will belong to my husband when it gets here. I'm so excited to finally own my very own PINK Mystic Wand!

I used her wand a few times just to see what it was like and I realized that it's just an amazing back massager. That's when she decided to just go ahead and give it to me. Unlike the Hitachi, which I own myself, it is smaller in size and almost as powerful in my opinion. I love that it is rechargeable, rather than having to plug it into a wall. This way you can take it anywhere you want to go. That's the con with most massagers similar to the Hitachi. You HAVE to plug them in to use them.

Times are changing, and more and more things are becoming cordless and rechargeable. Thankfully, this Mystic little gal has become rechargeable too. Ready to go wherever you go and wherever you need her to for an entire hour of deep tissue vibration!

The Mystic Wand has multiple settings, making it easy to use for either actual body massage or clit stimulation. Unless you have a clitoris that requires 6 vrooms to stimulate, I do recommend using this on top of your panties or sleep shorts. Never directly on your clitoris. Also, I recommend getting something jelly-like as a cover. I have heard of using Tenga Eggs with these, but there are also Silicone attachments to use (many of which were designed for the Fairy Mini).

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Material / Texture

This toy doesn't exactly have a texture to it; Just smooth silicone. There are some ridges along the head, but they aren't really felt unless you are using this against the skin of the neck or against naked skin in general. It doesn't add much extra stimulation in the opinion of myself or my husband. However, like I mentioned previously, there are many attachments from the Fairy Mini that work perfectly with this wand to provide extra stimulation during massage, or for sexual play.

There isn't any smell to this toy because it is made of plastic and silicone. There also isn't any taste according to my old roommate. I don't know why she tasted it... You'll have to ask her. But you'll be happy to know that if you'd ever like to take a lick off this ice cream cone, there will be nothing to taste!

You do want to be sure NOT to use silicone lubricant with this toy, and stick to only water-based lubricants if needed. Also take care with your massage oils, as some contain silicone. Silicone lubricants can cause silicone to literally fall apart. I had to learn that the hard way last year!

Design / Shape / Size

The design is really nice. The head pivots/is pretty flexible so you can easily work into those muscles when you need a deep tissue massage. I do wish it was a bit stronger when used for this purpose, but I also wish my Hitachi was stronger... Maybe I'm just a girl with more needs.

The size is perfect for solo use, especially during masturbation. It's not as large and fat as the AccuVibe or the Hitachi Magic Wand, so it's easier to hold and control.

Perfect for beginners in the "Wand World" and could easily satisfy someone who loves a good Hitachi like myself. The size also makes it very easy to hide, and the Mystic Wand can easily be hidden inside a clothing drawer or a sex toy box such as the Lockable Sex Toy Case by BMS Enterprises which is sold here on

It's great for travel since it isn't bulky and can be recharged, rather than powered by cord or battery. Just remember not to lose your charger! Fits easily in a suit case, and even comes with a satin bag to protect your toy from getting dirty. The bag easily holds both the Mystic Wand and it's charger.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Your Mystic Wand comes to you completely dead - meaning not charged at all. You will need to charge it for about 45 minutes to an hour. There were no instructions included on how to charge this wand, so I have no idea how to tell when the wand is fully charged. Just remember to keep time so that you do not overcharge or overheat your wand.

The wand charges on a 110 V charger, which is included. It plugs into an USA outlet, but I suppose you could buy a converter if you plan to travel overseas/internationally. I don't really recommend using this in an outlet that is not USA because I know that has been known to kill Hitachi wands.

1. The first is a steady, medium vibration. About a 3 vroom level. You will notice the light shining green.
2. Second is a steady 4 vroom vibration, and the light will shine orange.
3. Third is a steady, high, deep rumbly vibration. The light will now be shining red.
4. Fourth is a low vibrating pulsation. The light flashes red to orange.
5. Fifth is a long pulse followed by two fast pulses. One red flash followed by two orange flashes.
6. Sixth is an escalating pulsation... More like a rollercoaster setting. All three colors flash as the vibes go from low, medium to high.

The bottom button is the power on button. Click it one time on your Mystic Wand is turned on. As soon as the wand is on the vibrations are already going, so there is no pause. If you click this button at any time, during any setting, it will also turn the Mystic Wand off. This makes this wand great for campus living, or living at home. If you hear someone coming, click the button and you're home safe!

The "F" button gets you through each function. You cannot go from high to low, only low to high, and then it keeps cycling through. This didn't bother me, but a "back button" would have been very helpful.

This wand is very silent compared to a Hitachi Wand. It's comparable to a cell phone or a 2 bee vibrator. It can be heard through the covers on the third setting, but behind a closed door, no one will be able to hear a thing. I think this is perfectly fine for the intense power of the toy, and is a small price to pay for high quality.

Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance is easy, but tricky if you're not used to this type of toy. You have to know that the wand IS NOT WATERPROOF WHATSOEVER. This means NO bathtime fun. Don't be discouraged, as there are other products out there for this purpose. Anyway, be sure that the charger hole is covered and rather than rinsing this off with water, try buying some Eden Toy & Body Wipes (free right now!) and using that to clean instead. Otherwise use a slightly wettened soapy towel, and dry it off with a dry one afterward. You don't want to drench or soak this thing in any way.

Also, as I mentioned, please choose your lubricants/ massage oils wisely. Water-Based lubricants are the best and should be the only ones used with this toy. Silicone lubricant/oils and silicone do not mix. Those lubricants will cause the silicone to deteriorate over time and become tacky and even cause it to fall apart. I doubt you will even need oil or lubricant with this to be totally honest.

I recommend buying a cover for the head of this wand if you plan to explore the sexual side of this toy, or to just help with clean up time. EdenFantasys offers several options for you. Just make sure you have found the right size. Anything that fits the Fairy Mini should fit the Mystic Wand. If you want to be sure, you can always message customer service for help with products.

I heard from another woman's review that Tenga Eggs are good as covers for these wands. I would agree, honestly. However, I don't agree with the material that those are made of. At least not for more than one usage. It will help a lot if you plan to hold this directly near your clit.

To charge, simply plug in your wall charger into an outlet and carefully remove the cover over the charger hole. Plug the end of charger into the hole and let your toy charge for about 1 hour to 4 hours for up to 4.5 hours of play. You should never leave the Mystic Wand on the charger for longer than 72 hours as this can damage the toy and/or charger.


The Mystic Wand came packaged in the MOST flimsy, crappy looking plastic, see-through box. You'd think such an awesome product would come to you in something classy, but it doesn't. Don't be discouraged, because sometimes wonderful things come in ugly packages. Just toss the plastic box in your recycling bin and don't worry about it again!

There is really a lack of instruction in the "instruction booklet" (which isn't a booklet at all. It's the inside of the package) that comes with the Mystic Wand. It says nothing whatsoever on how to care for the wand, charge the wand, store the wand, etc. This is really annoying and I've already gone and sent an e-mail to the company that makes this toy asking them to include actual instructions. It's a pain in the ass not knowing how long to charge your toy. I say 45 minutes is the best, though. You'll get about an hour of play out of that. That's what we usually do with the black rechargeable.

You could use this package when gifting, but please wrap it so it doesn't look so darn tacky!

Inside the box you get the non-informational instruction booklet, a satin bag (it easily holds both the Mystic Wand and it's charger), and it's 110 V charger. There isn't tons of padding, and this bothered me quite a lot. I was a little iffy and I wondered if my toy would have been broken during shipping.

Personal comments

I do want to mention that the cover that goes over the charger hole can easily be broken. I broke the one right off of the black Mystic Wand (which sucks for my old roommate since I have returned it to her). I was acting quite stupid and actually picked up the toy by the charger hole cover, thus dropping the wand and breaking the cover off.

I highly recommend getting a cover. The cover will help keep the head clean and minimize the need to wash this toy. Many are sold on EF but you can find them at almost any sex toy store.

Eden Toy Wipes or Afterglow wipes work well at cleaning this thing up, so consider using those rather than washing this wand.


I have had a lovely experience with this (black) wand. Aside from lack of instruction and the charger hole cover breaking, it was a lot of fun to use. Those would really be the only two cons I could think of for this toy. So that's a good thing!

I really enjoyed the high power and it may just be me but I don't recommend using it without having some panties or sleep pants on. It's very powerful to have directly near your clitoris, unless you have that clitoris that needs more than 5 vrooms (are there any out there?). I was able to get away with using this over my labia WITHOUT hitting my clitoris, so that's another option I suppose.

My partner loves the Mystic Wand as well because it also acts as a back massager and a perineum massager for him. On the Mystic's first setting, he gets a wonderful, deep, relaxing perineum massage. On the third setting or higher he gets a wonderful deep tissue massage. He specifically likes the Mystic Wand for neck massages.

I enjoy the Mystic want for massage on my lower back. I have two degenerative discs and a slightly twisted spine, so anything this wand had to offer was good enough for me. Since the head bends slightly, you can really work into any area that you need to. (See my upcoming video in a few days) My husband can push the head underneath my shoulder muscles, my glutes (butt), etc. and give me an instant deep tissue with little to no effort at all.


The PINK wand, on the other hand, broke practically as soon as it got in the door. It ran well one time for about 5 minutes or so and then shut off. So I figured it needed more charge, tried that, and sure enough it still wouldn't budge. After the second try it started to overheat when charging, would only turn on for 5 seconds and just wouldn't charge up at all. I'm happy that I have at least one black one that works, which I have decided to keep and give to my significant other because he's wanted it as his own so badly. (We don't like to share toys all that often unless they are glass)

I'm going to go ahead and get a rechargeable black Acuvibe. I'm guessing that will work out better. I don't really want to risk ANOTHER defective toy this month since I've already had 3. I'm not sure what is going on but it's just bad luck or something. But like I said, at least the black one works well.
Follow-up commentary
I want to write my follow up early. My review was on the same toy, in a different color, that I already own. The pink one came in the mail today and will not charge, overheats, and will not even turn on for longer than 5 seconds or so. We charged it for 45 minutes, and it will not turn on. So we though "Hmmm, maybe it needs an hour or so like the black one." So we did that, and still nothing.

The box that it came in really should have been a sign that these toys were not made well. I guess I'm glad that the black one works, and someone over there in china must have spent an extra 5 minutes making sure it ran okay. I wish they would have done so with this pink one.

I've decided to just return it and get an AcuVibe. It seems like that might have more quality. I'm really upset that this has happened. Not only because I liked the black Mystic Wand so much, but because it's my 4th defective toy in the past 30 days.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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