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Budding Bliss is a lovely sight to behold and looked like it might be the answer to my rabbit prayers. It did fit my smaller anatomy perfectly, but the weak vibrations ended up making this a no-go rabbit. If you fit the right requirements - smaller spaced, like direct stimulation, and don't need lots of power - this may be a great find. It's even made of silicone, a rarity in the rabbit world.
Allows for direct stimulation
Pretty design
Weak vibrations
Popping noise when clamped down on
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The Budding Bliss is a traditional rotating rabbit vibrator. It is made for dual stimulation, meaning that the rotating part is inserted vaginally while the attachment is place on the clitoris. Like other dual stimulators, it may not fit every anatomy just right and thus may not work for everyone. It should not be used anally.

I find that rabbits work best for solo use as there isn't a need for much action for a partner to see or do. That doesn't mean you can't incorporate this into partner play, it just means that there is less interesting things to watch if you decide to.

Material / Texture

Budding Bliss, unlike many rabbits, is made of silicone. A rare find indeed. The silicone is very smooth with a tiny bit of drag to it. The drag is not enough where it causes any issues when using it. It's on the softer end of silicone, allowing for a fair amount of give to the vibrator. It's not quite velvety, but rather a powdery feel. There is a small seam that runs down the middle. I had to closely inspect the vibrator to find it and I couldn't feel it during use. I really like this silicone. I like how it had some give to it so that it wasn't quite so unforgiving and rigid as some other silicone toys. It's not luxury silicone, so those used to high end toys might not be wowed, but it certainly is on the higher end of silicones I've seen.

There is a slight silicone odor to the Budding Bliss that has begun to fade after a few washes but has lingered. There is a powdery taste to it.

For texture, the Budding Bliss has some ridges wrapped just below the head. You can feel these when used, but not a lot because they are in a section that is set in from the rest of the vibrator. I tried to get a good picture of this but it didn't come out the best because the pink is so light that it doesn't want to photograph well.

I found the texture wasn't enough to be anything special, but also not enough to set off my sensitivities. For those who like a lot of texture, this probably won't do anything for you. The Budding Bliss also has the rose on the attachment that it gets its name from. I thought this rose attachment might be painful but its position doesn't really end up hitting anything because it's curved downward. The part that actually ends up hitting my clit is the part that curves right above it so it wasn't an issue. The rose itself is made of the same silicone as the rest of the vibrator. I think that, had this not sloped downward and hit my clit, it might have felt okay.

Design / Shape / Size

Budding Bliss is one of the traditional rabbits I picked out in hopes that it might fit my smaller anatomy based on less insertable length. The whole vibrator is 8.5 inches long. From the end of the attachment to the tip is 5.5 inches long. From the tip of the attachment to the tip of the vibrator is 2.5 inches long. The attachment is .5 inches wide. The shaft is 1 inch wide where it comes in and 1.25 wide at the head.

The overall size, even with the battery compartment, is not too overwhelming. It comes below my hand but I don't feel as if I could kill someone with it. This is a nice departure from some rabbits that feel more like a weapon than a sex toy.

The Budding Bliss fits me to a T. From the very top of my vaginal opening to my clit is 1cm. I'm pretty closely spaced and have a hard time finding rabbits that fit me just right. Most of them will overshoot and end up nowhere near my clit. This one landed just right. Right where the attachment begins to slope downward is where it hits me and then the rose vibrates the surrounding areas. It's my understanding from other reviews that this was the intention of the design, not for the rose itself to be the stimulator.

I think this vibrator could work for a beginner or an advanced user, give that it's a good fit for that person's anatomy. It's worth taking a look at other rabbits that have fit you or measuring the distance from your clit to opening before making the purchase since this isn't the cheapest rabbit on the block.

Not the most discreet, Budding Bliss is phallic in shape and looks like a rabbit. It does have the pretty floral design that sets it apart but at the end of the day everyone will still know what it's for. As a slightly smaller rabbit, it is easier to store and hide than others.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Budding Bliss operates on two dials. One controls the rotating head and one controls the vibrating attachment. Turn the dials to change the speed of rotation or vibration. The dials are located on the base of the rabbit. They have some stick to them which means you won't be accidentally turing them when you use it. The stick isn't so much that you'll have a hard time turning them when you actually want to.

The rotating head can be set to go from a snail's pace rotation to a moderate pace rotation. To get the snail's pace I had to turn very carefully because it wants to start at a more moderate level. I can slow the rotations down a bit with my hand and PC muscles, but I cannot stop them completely. What it does do when clenched during use is make an awful popping noise. It's very loud and makes me think that it's about to fall apart inside of me.

The attachment vibrations can be set from one vroom up to a high level two or maybe a low level three if I'm being generous. I see a lot of the reviews have listed this as a three, but honestly if it's a three it's one of the lowest level threes that I've had. The vibrations feel strong in my hand, but when used are just severely lacking in power. They're also very buzzy and continue to get buzzier as you turn them up. Buzzy doesn't bother me very much but I know some people can't stand it. The vibrations are concentrated at the very tip which makes it even sadder that I can barely feel them. There are no patterns to choose from. I hate patterns, so this is a plus for me. Might be a downside for you, just depends on how you feel about patterns.

The noise level on this is high when everything is turned on. I can muffle it slightly with covers but it is still audible. Through covers AND a closed door you probably couldn't hear it. With only one used to drown out the sound it wouldn't work. Not the loudest ever rabbit, but by no means a quiet toy.

Four AAA batteries run the Budding Bliss. There is a compartment that actually completely comes out for the batteries and is then placed back inside the vibrator. When it came out, I thought I broke it. It's a pretty neat design, but it scared me to death at first.

Budding Bliss is neither waterproof nor splash proof. Do not take this vibrator with you in the shower or tub as you risk losing it.

Care and Maintenance

Since it's not waterproof, the Budding Bliss is kind of a pain to clean. Take care not to get water near the battery compartment. I spray mine down with toy cleaner and wipe it off with a damp cloth. You could also use a damp cloth with soap on it to wipe this down. The little rose is very difficult to clean because the petals collect all sorts of things and you can't spread them out very well to get to them plus you can't just run it under water. It's also difficult to get into the area where the attachment and shaft meet.

As a silicone toy, do not use silicone lube with this. Water based only. Silicone lube could potentially cause a breakdown of the material.

For storage you could use the packaging it came in or a pouch. I opted for a pouch on this one.


A clear package wraps the Budding Bliss with a simple red piece of paper at the bottom that says its name. The side of the paper lists some of its features. It's pretty plain packaging but could be used for storage if you're in a pinch so long as you don't mind that you're able to see the toy through it.

The inside of the paper has some very generic instructions that apply to vibrators in general. It's nothing that applies specifically to this vibrator. The controls are easy enough to use that you don't really need a big booklet.

Personal comments

I think this would be a great rabbit for someone who is closely space who likes mild vibrations. It allows for more direct stimulation than other rabbits do, but at lower power levels. It's prettier than many rabbits are, so that's an added perk. It's also made of a pretty high quality silicone. If you have a hard time finding a rabbit that fits and know you don't need a lot of oomph, I'd call this a pretty solid "buy."

I went back and forth on the rating for this. It didn't do anything for me and I was bored to the point of doing other things while masturbating. On the other hand, it's made really well and it didn't have me so pissed off that I was ready to chunk the thing in the garbage. In the end, I think I'm deciding on two because it's hard for me to rate something above that when I couldn't orgasm from it. That doesn't stop me from saying this could be a good vibrator for the right person. Just not for me.


I seem to have one of two issues with rabbits - either they don't fit or they aren't strong enough. Budding Bliss falls into the second category. Looking at it, this seems like it would be perfect. It's the right size for my anatomy and the attachment allows for pretty direct stimulation (which is my preference). The low vibrations just didn't cut it for me.

The rotation head felt good and the speed of the rotations were decent. I'd like to find a rabbit where the rotations moved at a quicker speed, but the rotations here seemed to be average, if not a little faster so I think to ask for more would be potentially asking too much of it.

In use, I found this to be boring. I didn't hate it like some other rabbits that have been frustrating because they fit so poorly, but I didn't love it because it just didn't do anything for me. Try as I might, the vibrations just weren't enough to get me there. It hit all the right places, just not at the right intensity. Another rabbit bust.
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