Classy Style for Great Foreplay

The style of this product is absolutely fabulous. Whether you desire many varying modes of vibration or a form-fitting clitoral vibrator, this is an excellent choice. The Legamento is a classy and discreet toy for those seeking high quality but not necessarily strong vibrations.
Great materials, many vibration modes, classy and discreet appearance.
Vibration may not be strong enough, battery compartment difficult to open.
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This is a stylish, body-fitted clitoral style vibrator best for those who desire external vibratory stimulation. There are two points of vibration on the body of the toy, I find it best to direct one on the clitoris and one between my labia.

It says that the toy is waterproof but there is a slight gap around the battery case cover. I don't know if I would immerse it in water. I'd probably rather not risk it myself, but the company does claim that this toy is waterproof.

It is excellent for foreplay but doesn't quite fit the bill in terms of bringing me to orgasm quickly. I did come, but it took a combination of direct vibration on my clitoris and my boyfriend fingering me to do it. I personally found some of the vibration settings distracting and I stuck on mode 3 for the majority of the time, the strongest constant vibration setting. I think with time I could adjust to having fun with the other modes.

I think that this toy is best for people who want a classy clitoral vibrator, especially those who do not depend on very high vibration levels or penetration. It is also fairly discreet and is great for using on other areas of the body, as well.
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Material / Texture

This Legamento in the Cioccolato variety is a light, warm, mocha color with a darker brown band and a treble clef design on the front, and is completely darker brown on the back.

This toy was designed and developed in Germany. It is made of TPR (thermoplastic rubber) and ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene- a hypoallergenic plastic that is a mix between rubber, elastomer, and hard plastic), phathalates-free and odorless, low-noise and waterproof (as stated by the back of the box - I still don't know if I would trust the waterproof claim based on the slight gap around the battery compartment).

The material itself is soft and smooth to the touch, almost skin-textured. The treble clef design, which houses the two button controls on the toy, is made of a rubbery-feeling material that is different from the rest of the toy. The entire toy is matte finish.

Design / Shape / Size

The toy is about 4 inches long (10cm) and 2.5 inches wide (6cm) with a curved shape meant to fit into your hand and mesh to your body curves. There are two bumps on the underside of the toy, a smaller one at the top of the length, and a larger one on the lower side. The toy itself looks virtually seamless. The button to change the mode is a good design. It's a little small and you need to press it a little firmly in order to make it change, which eliminates the chance of accidentally changing the mode (can be a problem for other toys).

Functions / Performance / Controls

I didn't think it was necessarily "quiet" even on the lowest setting. For a palm toy I was a little surprised, but my boyfriend made a point that "If it were under blankets, it would be quieter." We tested it by holding it under my comforter. It is much quieter this way. You can still sort of hear it, I'm sure my roommate would tell, but if she had headphones on or something I bet no one would know. It is much quieter than my Hitachi, though, and cannot be heard through closed doors, so I suppose it gets a 1 "Bee" rating.

There are eight vibration modes:
Mode 1- A low, steady setting.
Mode 2- A medium, steady setting.
Mode 3- A higher, steady setting.
Mode 4- Slow escalations and declines with no plateau between.
Mode 5- Sharp escalations and declines with plateaus at the highest vibration and gaps of no vibration.
Mode 6- A medium vibration that climbs slowly to a high vibration in three steps, followed by sharp pulses ranging from no vibration to high vibration.
Mode 7- Medium to high, fast vibration pulses for seven "beats" and then a longer hold on the high vibration setting.
Mode 8- A slow pulse, a faster pulse, and then four quick pulses of medium to high vibration.

When you power it off it directly goes back to mode 1. The toy provides a high-quality low vibration, in my opinion, with a range of distinctive modes. I personally didn't find it very strong, in fact I thought that the highest vibration setting was only about as strong as most traditional, mid-quality vibrators.

Care and Maintenance

The materials that make up this toy (see Materials) should be used with water- or silicone-based lubricants.

There are directions for cleaning and care of the toy. It says that the toy should be cleaned with the enclosed "Toy Cleaner" cloth before the first use. After every use it should be cleaned with a toy cleaner or warm water and mild soap.

It also says the toy should be cleaned after anal use before vaginal use, and that the toy should be entirely dry before being placed in the velvet sachet. It also recommends to remove batteries if you won't be using the toy for an extended period.

It says to keep the toy separate from other toys and materials, at room temperature, and out of direct sunlight. Do not heat or freeze.

There are safety precautions, saying not keep out of reach of children, not for use on diseased or irritated skin, do not give to third parties to avoid spread of illness, and to be careful when handling and using the toy. The company has no liability in cases of improper use or non compliance.

The manual includes directions for use include inserting the batteries before use. The battery compartment can be opened by pulling off or twisting the cap. The inside of the toy is the same light mocha color as featured on the outside. There are +/- markings featured on a detailed diagram inside the toy to help guide battery placement, which is a nice addition because many toys do not feature this. There is also a little note about returning or recycling used batteries and not throwing them out. I had a little trouble opening it and even after consulting the manual (which shows two types of battery compartments to encompass all of the Close2you line of toys) my boyfriend and I both had problems getting it open. It doesn't pull directly out and there's no easy way to grab it. We ended up loosening it slowly and using our nail to pry it out. It was easy to replace the battery cap, however.


The toy itself was packaged in a cute study box with two drawers, one labeled "Legamento" and the other labeled "Accessori." There is a watermarked picture of a woman holding the toy on the top of the box. The drawers are a nice design, and very stylish. If I were living in a place where I could display my toys, this would be a good packaging design to display. It could also be placed upright on a bookshelf, the "binding" being one side of the box that reads "Close 2 you" and "Legamento Cioccolato" This box was shipped in a cardboard box for transport.

The "Legamento" Drawer houses the toy, placed neatly in white foam with two indentations to allow removal of the toy. It is not wrapped in any additional plastic, simply sitting in the carved foam.

The "Accessori" drawer opens to reveal some accessories, as you probably could have guessed. It includes the following, all of which have a themed gray and purple design and give a nice presentation. The instructions listed are in German and English.

- A small 7.5ml white plastic tube of "Glissando"- a lubricant with the following ingredients: Aqua, Proylene Glycol, Aloe Barbadensis Gel, Glycerin, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Tocopheryl Acetate, and Citric acid. There are also application instructions- "Apply medical lubricant to the desired parts of your body. Suitable for use with latex condoms."

- A white foil packet that contains "Toy Cleaner." The ingredients are also listed on the packet, the first six are "Aqua, Propylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Lauryl Glucoside, Glycerine, and Aloe." The application instructions are also listed and read "Cleansing wipe for toys. Contains aloe vera. Dermatologically tested for skin compatibility."

- Two AAA batteries, brand EXC Alkaline, shrink-wrapped in plastic.

- A dark purple velvet pouch with the "Close 2 you" brand tag, apparently for storing the Legamento.

- A "Dolce Ami" silicone cock ring band, in color "Violetta," which is a very bright purple shade. It is 1.25 inches or 3cm in diameter and .75 inches, or 2cm, wide.

- A manual that seems to be a guide for all of the brand's toys. It is in book form, very stylish, and is written in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Russian, Polish, and Portuguese. Each language's section is neatly divided. It is really one of the most beautiful manuals that I have ever seen for a vibrator.

There is a diagram of the toy in the manual which shows how to turn the toy on and off (by pressing the smaller portion of the treble clef shaped design on the toy) and how to cycle through modes (by pressing the larger portion of the symbol. It also shows how to pull off the cap to insert batteries, and the proper polarities (+/-) of the toy are shown in the diagram, too.

Personal comments

Although the vibration strength was slightly disappointing, this toy sports some of the classiest functions, features, packaging, and accessories that I have ever seen. The company also seems to be fairly eco-friendly (based on the cues about recycling batteries, and the fact that some sources say ABS plastic may be able to be recycled). It has a beautiful design and form.


I had an excellent time experimenting with this toy with my boyfriend. It is really great for teasing and slow foreplay, in my experience. I found that reclining back, draped across him while sitting in between his legs provided a great position to use this toy in.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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