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Connect your body and soul

The Connection is a massager that offers buzzy stimulation. It is small enough to fit in your hand comfortably and offers a variety of vibration and pulsation patterns. The base is weighted to ensure a secure grip.
Various patterns
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I couldn't figure out how to turn it off
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The Connection is a discreet massager in California Exotics latest Body and Soul line. The Connection can be used externally on any erogenous zone that you prefer be it the nipples, clitoris, balls and shaft, labia, outside the anus, etc. It is not designed to be used anally so please do not attempt using it this way.

You can use this in solo sessions or with a partner running it over your body for you. If you are using it solo it can be used along with an insertable dildo or vibrator. Although it is classified as a massager, it is not powerful enough for full body massages.

Material / Texture

The Connection is made out of Silicone and ABS Plastic. The massager and button are made from the silicone and the base is made from the ABS plastic. Silicone and ABS Plastic rate 10 and 8 respectively on the Eden Safety scale. ABS sex toys are easy to clean and are considered to be a food grade material that is latex free, hypoallergenic, and phthalate-free. Silicone also has these features but also offers a wonderful non-porous aspect to the mix and has the ability to maintain and retain body heat.

The upper half is soft and flexible silicone. The bottom half is very hard plastic that doesn't move. According to California Exotics website, they weighted the base to provide an ergonomic and secure grip while using the massager. The silicone is a matte color and the plastic is shiny, glossy, and sleek. The push button control has a larger circular ring around it and it is soft.

Here’s a couple pictures displaying the flexibility of the ears on this from back and forth and side to side.

Both sections do not offer any texture to the massager at all, so if you are one that loves toys with texture with all of the extra bumps and grooves then this toy is not for you. It is best suited for those that enjoy smooth, hard toys.

If you put your nose right up to it, the massager has a slight silicone smell, but nothing that is overpowering.

Design / Shape / Size

The design reminds me of the Muse Massager, but I do not own that toy so I can't compare them. This is just an observation on my part.

From the top of the ear to the bottom of the toy, the massager has an overall length of 5". There is a 1/4" space between the two ears naturally from one end to the other end. The ears measure 1 1/2" across and are 1" long, and 4 1/4" around between the two of them or 2 1/2" singly. Underneath the ears, the massager measures 4 1/2" around. In the middle where the battery compartment separates it measures 6 1/2" around.

Here are some comparison photos of the Body and Soul Connection with my cell phone, arousal gels, the L’amour Bullet and Mood Sensuous,
and in comparison to my hand to give you some references of the size of this massager.

It is small enough to fit in loose jeans, jacket pocket, or a small purse. If you decide to travel with this, I recommend removing the batteries before doing so.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Connection massager requires 2 AAA batteries that are sold separately. The battery compartment is located in the middle of the toy under a screw off base. The battery life of this isn't that great. I played with it over a span of maybe an hour and a half before I began to notice that it was weakening. It has 10 vibration and pulsation settings to choose from. All varieties are buzzy and really do sound like an annoying bee. The vibrations are located just at the tips of the massager and would be considered a 3 Vroom at the highest setting. The settings are as follows:

1-3: is your standard low, medium, and high steady vibration
4: pulse on-off-on-off
5: two pulses and one drawn out and then starts again
6: five pulses total, but the fourth pulse is drawn out whereas one-three and five are normal pulse speed.
7: revs up
8: revs up-steady-two pulses
9: escalates
10: higher rev up

It has 1 push-button control that controls all of the functions of this massager. The push button says 10x meaning ten controls. I'm not inexperienced at all with toys by any means, but I could never get it to go off without unscrewing the cap. I don't know what I'm doing wrong because I've gone through the functions and I've held the button down for several seconds, but still nothing. It has a LED light that lights up while in use.

This is one noisy massager, it could be heard through thin walls or closed doors and especially by someone in the same room as you.

California Exotics claims this to be waterproof. However, there is a small gap where the two halves meet in the middle where the battery compartment is located. There is a seal inside the battery compartment that is supposed to prevent water from seeping through. I had my suspicions with this so I decided to test it out in my bathroom sink. I submerged the Connection and turned it on high steady vibration. It worked for a minute and then shut off. I pulled it out of the water, and turned it on and it worked fine. I submerged it back in the water and it shut off. After emerging from the water the second time, I could smell a "burnt" smell coming from it. I opened the battery compartment and although no water had seeped in, it definitely smelled like it had gotten hot. With that all being said this is NOT waterproof.

Care and Maintenance

As I mentioned earlier, this isn't waterproof so I suggest using your favorite toy cleaner or toy wipe to clean this toy. If you want to use antibacterial soap and water please put it on a wash cloth first.

Silicone toys are best used with water based lubricant. If you must use silicone-based lube then I suggest testing a spot first to see if there is any reaction between the two materials.

It is small enough to store in your lingerie drawer, toy box, night stand, or wherever you store your toys.


California Exotics uses just your basic packaging that you can recycle afterward. Here are some pictures of it from the front, back, and sides.


I really didn't enjoy the Connection massager as I was hoping I would. The vibrations are too buzzy for my liking and do not offer the power that I need. I'm used to this on the majority of my toys, but I was hoping if it couldn't be used for pleasuring maybe I could use it for back massages. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case either. I like the concept behind the toy, but the delivery wasn't up to my standards.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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    They have so many novel toys out there; their designs are fantastic! But... they just don't seem to live up to this sci-fi girl's wants!
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    Thank you all for reading it.
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  • TheSinDoll
    This reminds me of the Muse Massager. Maybe it's those jacked up ears, but I'm waiting for angry eyes to pop on and the thing to try to kill me in my sleep.
  • Kissy
    I just read you review, after I jotted down notes for the Elation. It sounds like they are twins, not identical but fraternal!! Not much difference at all but the ears!
  • unfulfilled
    Thanks Kissy for letting me know that. I thought they looked similar but I was hoping the vibrations would have been different.
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