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Cute G

G-spot vibrator by NMC Ltd

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Diamonds are a G's Best Friend!

Looking for something to tentilize your g-spot, or maybe just a nice discreet palm sized clitoral stimulator? Are you looking for something that you can pop into your hot oven and let your g-spot simmer while you play with other areas solo or with a partner? Your search is over when you try out this new amazing product.
Silky Smooth, Dainty, Stylish, Versital, Tapered Bulbed Head that reaches out for your g-spot
Nothing that I can find. Although some may find it a bit short to reach their g-spot.
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NMR Ltd. has added to their line of quality traditional sex toys with the Cute-G waterproof vibrator. This dainty and stylish g-spot vibrator features a tapered bulbed head that is ideal for simulation of that perfect spot with three speeds. It is sure to make your g-spot dance and feel like you are in pure ecstasy.

The Cute-G with its 6 inch and 45 degree angled shaft is an excellent piece for those who have a g-spot that is easier to touch with a simple insertion of a few fingers into their delicious vaginal entrance. This g-spot vibrator is for people who are either exploring their g-spot or those who know how to gain full pleasure when getting in that perfect rhythm of vibration and shallow thrusts.

Those who are exploring their bodies for that ever illusive g-spot "button" are sure to love the angle of this piece combined with the short shaft. When inserting this toy into your vaginal area the bulb seems to just reach out and is able to stimulate a variety of areas inside your juice box of pleasure. With the Cute-G, you are not faced with the feeling of stumbling around, awkward moments trying to figure out which way to go, how to use it, or where to find your magical moment. Also, you will appreciate how easy to use and non-intimating using this toy is.

The design of the Cute-G 's tapered bulbed head and skinny shaft is wonderful to achieve full stimulation of your g-spot's "button." Its head just sits firmly on your "button", so no matter what position you or your partner want to place you in there is no need to worry that your G's new best friend will fall out during play time. Do you enjoy anal play or stimulation? Why not let your Cute-G sit on your "button" at the same time. Your partner is sure to love how erotic the pink and diamonds look peeking out while your treasure chest of love is up in the air awaiting more pleasure

The Cute-G's small size fits right in the palm of your hand, making this toy "right on the button" for stimulation of your g-spot "button" and more. With its 45 degree curve the Cute-G wraps around your pelvic area nicely to stimulate your "button", clitoris, labia, and even your outer anal area where you can stimulate something you didn't know you could with this type of vibrator. But, no matter how good these vibrations my make your sweet bottom want more, always remember never insert a toy into your anal area that does not have a good base. Without this feature toys can be hazardous if used anally.

The Cute-G is not only for your g-spot, it is also amazing when used for clitoral stimulation! With the Cute-G resting comfortably in your hand, you can hold it snug against yourself or even let its neck reach out and touch your clitoris as your hand rest comfortably on your thigh. When in the doggie style position, this powerful little head reaches up for your clitoris as hold it and your hand will rest comfortably in this position as well. The Cute-G buzzes in excitement for you and is always eager to please every button you have. Just like every "BFF", the Cute-G always has your back and is quiet in its buzzing keeping your secrets safe.

The Cute-G maybe a girl’s best friend but why not try it out during couples play too! Your partner will also like feeling the sensually erotic vibrations. Let your partner use this on you and see where the world spins afterwards. It will let him explore your body and also give you some assurance that you can just be pampered while he and your new best friend do all the work. It will give pleasure to you and your partner at the same time and allow bonding to occur.

The handbag sized Cute-G vibrator is perfect to take along on a romantic night, a getaway, a girls night out, public play, meeting other couples, or even bring it along to swinger parties. As always, remember "Play Safe" use a condom when sharing your toys with others.
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    • Couples
    • Group situations
    • Solo
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    • Anywhere
    • Campus/roommate living
    • Tub/shower/pool
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    • Travel friendly
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    • Clitoris
    • G-spot
    • Nipples

Material / Texture

Cute-G vibrator by NMC Ltd. is made of Plastic which scores an 8 on the saftey scale.
This plastic is Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free Plastic.
Also, plastic is a non-porous material that has a firm and smooth texture.

With plastic toys there is no need to worry about what type of lubrication to use since oil, water, and silicone are all compatible with plastic. So rest assured with the Cute-G, it is safe to use your favorite lubrication.

Remember "Play Safe"!
If you share your sex toys with a partner, or want to switch between anal and vaginal use (even on yourself), you must thoroughly clean the toy to avoid introducing bacteria into the vagina.
Always use a condom over the toy and change it whenever the toy is used for different partners or orifices. This method is hygienic, fast, and extends the life of your toys by protecting the material!
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The Cute-G is a sexy and classy two toned baby pink toy. It is waterproof and has an o-ring that features inlayed diamond rhinestone accents. With a sleek and smooth body this vibrator has a 45 degree curve that is designed to let the tapered bulbed head sit right on the g-spot while it delivers wide pinpoint vibrations.

This toy with the tapered bulbed head and its skinny short shaft stays put inside of you. As you squirm around, this toy stays snug right against your pelvic area where the g-spot meet.

The o-ring that separates the shaft from the handle area looks to cute as it sits outside of your vaginal lips providing a nice visual experience for those watching. The handle is 1 1/2 inches and lets you hold the Cute-G with your fingertips. You can move the toy forward and hold for the head to apply a bit more pressure to your spot of pleasure, either your g-spot or clitoral pleasure.

The design and shape of the Cute-G is great not only for beginners but also for the more advanced user. Beginners will enjoy this as a starter toy that will assist them on their quest to find the ever illusive g-spot. It is delightful to look at, not intimating, and really helps you find that magical spot that we all love to find. It offers moderate stimulation at three different levels for those who may not know what they really enjoy or those who like a bit of variety. More advanced users who know just what they are looking for in a vibrator will just adore the colors and diamond accents of this waterproof toy. With all this, rest assured squirter’s out there, you can squirt while having that amazing g-spot or clitoral orgasm and not have to worry about ruining your new best friend.

The Cute-G's small size makes it the perfect for travel or storage. Traveling with your new "BFF" is a breeze, just pop her into a small make up bag, zip-lock bag, or whatever your preferred storage device and you are ready for your trip. With your dainty Cute-G tucked away safely in your luggage, there is no need to worry. Want to take your new "BFF" out on the town? Not to worry, she is small enough to hide in your dinner purse or clutch purse and you are ready for whatever the night may have in store. Storage is also easy with this small toy, whether in the bottom of drawer, in your night stand, under your pillow, or in your toy box, the Cute-G is easy to secretly tuck away in any fashion you see fit.

Cute-G is not intended for anal play since there is no base to prevent the toy from slipping in too deep. To avoid an embarrassing trip to the E.R., always Play it Safe and don't use any toy anally without a base which indicates it is safe to use.
Length: 6"
Circumference: 4 1/4"
Weight: 0.2 lb
Insertable length: 4 1/4"
Diameter: 2"
    • Beginner
    • Discreet look/design
    • Whimsical / artistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

With the Cute-G you have ease of control and three choices of vibrations.

This vibrator takes 1 AA battery and is controlled by a small push button located on the center bottom of the handle/battery cap. Push the button once to turn it on and feel setting one, push again for setting two, push again for setting three, and a last push to turn it off.

1 push setting - A deep shaking feeling 3 vrooms 1 bee
2 push setting - A mild fast back and forth buzzing 3 vrooms 1 bee
3 push setting - A fast back and forth buzzing vibration 3 vrooms 1 bee

I gave the Cute-G 3 vrooms for all the settings because I feel it offers three different types of stimulation that all seem to have the same intensity of pressure. Also, I gave the Cute-G 1 bee for its soft subtle sounds when stimulating your outer "buttons". But when your new "BFF" is inside of you, she is whisper soft and can't be heard through a door, wall, or over soft music. In addition, while using the Cute-G in the shower, even with the amplified sound due to the constructional materials, this toy could not be easily heard over the water.

In addition, the Cute-G is not only stylish with its diamond accents, but the o-ring also fits nice and snug on the toy. Ensuring that there is no need to worry about using it in the tub, shower, hot tub, or anywhere your fancy may lead.
    • Discreet sound
    • Easy to use
    • Multiple settings

Care and Maintenance

The Cute-G can be cleaned with warm water and anti-bacterial soap, cleaned with your favorite toy cleaner, or by wiping it down with isopropyl alcohol.

Due to the mechanics of this toy, do not boil or place it in a dishwasher. Caring for and cleaning your toy properly will ensure your Cute-G will last a long time.

Storage is not an issue with this small toy since it can be easily tucked away in a storage bag and hidden inside one of your bedroom drawers or popped into your toy box.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


As always, EdenFantasys shipped my product in a plain cardboard box with nothing at all on the outside of the box or the return label that would hint as to what is inside. Rest assured, when your mail man delivers your box, it will not be an embarrassing moment. Also, EdenFantasys packs their boxes with care to ensure that there is no damage to your products during shipment.

When I received the Cute-G it was packaged inside a nice clear plastic EdenFantasys sleeve. Inside of the sleeve the Cute-G was inside of a clear plastic bag. The packaging was very discrete and not optimal for storage of your product.
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Minimal
    • Recyclable

Personal comments

Refer to my experience section for further comments on this remarkable g-spot vibrator of my dreams. I'd love to tell you more about it but I already did, so please read further ladies and gentlemen!


When I first opened my Cute-G, I was thrilled to see how adorable it looked in my hand. The pink and sparkly diamond rhinestones were dainty and not intimidating in any way. Looking at this stylish little toy, I was happy this was my choice for my first vibrator and g-spot stimulator.

Eager to see my new toy in action, I drew a bubble bath and laid back to relax in the hot water. Being a bit nervous about using this in the water.. I tested the Cute-G to see if it was really waterproof and did not find a drop of water in the threads after it was submerged. Now, I could relax and enjoy my time alone in peace.

The first thing I notice was how well the curve fit around my pelvic area. Wondering what the vibrations felt like on my clitoris. I turned it on and was thankful to find that it was easy to turn on and change settings. The vibrations felt a bit strange at first. After going through each one a few times to try them out and figure out which one I enjoyed the most.. I decided that the fast buzzing was not for me; but rather, the first setting with its deep rumbling, shaking type feeling was just right.

Since recently finding my g-spot, I anticipated trying the bulb head of the Cute-G on my spot. The toy slide in with ease and very little resistance at all. I moved around the head a bit, let it sit in different areas and tried different vibrations. And it felt very nice, and stimulating. Unfortunately for me, the short shaft was not able to reach far enough up or back. It also didn't put enough force on my g- spot to bring me to orgasim. For me it seems that my g-spot is up above my pelvic bone and requires much force, in a thumping type motion.

I also tried this toy a few times with my husband during our play time. Not ready to give up on the Cute-G's possibility to assist in g-spot orgasm, I obviously tried again. When I tried again, my amazing hubby vaginally inserted this baby into me and I kept my faith in him to guide me in the right direction this time. Again the small handle and short shaft did not allow the head to reach my g-spot really well.

Never the less, My husband really enjoyed how adorable the rhinestones and pink handle looked sticking out of me. It is so light I was able to squeeze my muscles and pop this little toy right out. My husband thought this was so sexy and erotic.. he had me do it again.

During our play times I have used this vibrator a few times. I really enjoy how it feels in my hand, and how easy it is to hold around my pelvic area to reach my labia, outer anal area, and clitoris.

The curve of this toy is great and seems to just reach out for my clitoris. I can lay my hand comfortably on my thigh and the bulb head sits just perfect on my clitoris. Also during doggie style, I can hold it in my hand pointed up and reach my clit perfectly.

Although the Cute-G did not give me a g-spot orgasm, I will never stop raving about it! With its small size I really enjoyed the first setting for clitoral stimulation. Especially when using it while my husband’s fingers danced across my g-spot. The feeling of the vibrations sent sensations through my body that I did not know existed. Honestly, using a vibrator for the first time, I was thrilled to find that the intensity of my orgasms are stronger than ever before!

I even teased my husband a bit with the vibrator. He enjoyed the vibrations lightly across his scrotum and his cock head, as well as the outer part of his anal area.

I am so pleased with my purchase. I will keep this toy for a long time. Great buy for the price.
Follow-up commentary
As a clitorial vibrator this toy is amazing. We still use it from time time and really enjoy it. Hubby has found that it feels great for stimulating his outer p spot area.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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