Intimate foreplay kit - sex toy by Cal Exotics - review by VieuxCarre

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Don't Judge a Toy by its Color

This kit is worth the time and money. With the multiple settings, attachments, and bullet that can be used as a massager as well, you get more than what you have bargained for. It is more than just a run of the mill bullet. It is powerful, multi-use, and can lead to hours of fun and play. If you are just starting out and looking for your first vibrator, this is the one for you.
Powerful, discreet, multiple settings.
Color, battery operated.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


The Intimate Foreplay Kit definitely tops my bunny bullet by leaps and bounds. The color is not easy on the eyes by any means, but the power that this vibrator holds is incredible. This kit can be used primarily for clitoral stimulation but works just as well for vaginal stimulation. The kit includes a bullet that connects to the remote by a cord and two attachments. The attachments do not have specific names, so for the purposes of this review I will refer to them as the satellite and the tentacle just for clarification.

The remote that the bullet attaches to has a dial for multiple speeds which enhances the pleasure and massage quality of the bullet itself. The vibrations range from gentle to hard. The bullet itself is great for clitoral stimulation because of the five tiny bumps on the head. The bumps grip and massage the clitoris gently on the lowest setting and can send you over the edge time and time again with crashing orgasms.

The attachments both have their own way of bringing pleasure and can be used in more ways than one. One attachment, the one I affectionately refer to as the tentacle attachment, is shaped like a finger and has a small patch of bumps to enhance pleasure. The attachment is easy to place on the bullet as it screws on, so there is no time lost or frustration created by trying to get the attachment to stay or fearing that it will fall off with too much play. While the attachment worked wonders on my clitoris and enhanced my pleasure, my partner and I found it much better used as a finger toy while using the bullet to massage my clitoris. I climaxed once with the attachment working my clitoris. I climaxed three times while my partner fingered me with the attachment slipped onto his finger and working me with the bumped bullet. Using it as a finger attachment helps to stimulate the clitoris especially since it is slightly curved and pointed at the end. It made it easier for him to find my spot and did not scrape me on the inside like some attachments I have used in the past.

The other attachment, which I refer to as the satellite attachment, is better used attached to the bullet. This attachment has a tier of three discs, the bottom larger than the one on top. This can also be used as a finger attachment, but I did not find it worked as well as the other. While attached to the bullet, vaginal insertion is definitely recommended. The ridges on the attachment where the discs connect to each other work wonders on massaging the inner walls of the vagina. Granted, while it is not so good for finding the G-spot because it is rounded at the top, it still increased and enhanced the sensation I was already experiencing from the vibration settings themselves. I would definitely recommend using this one attached to the bullet more so than the other attachment. Using both is incredible. The smooth head of the disc massaging the clitoris while your partner, or yourself, fingers your vagina with the other attachment increases the number of orgasms you can experience.

Material / Texture

The Intimate Foreplay Kit is made entirely of plastic. Upon opening the box, I did not find that there was the usual new vibrator smell. To be honest, it barely had a smell at all. I would not recommend licking or sucking on the attachments as plastic does not taste too enticing, to me at least. The color of the kit was hard on my eyes, as well as my partner's, at first, but it is something that we got used to very fast.

The texture of the bullet and the attachments are incredible. The bumps set into the bullet and the "tentacle" attachment work wonders on stimulating more than one area at a time. They work to create a balance of massaging and enhance the quality of play time and pleasure. The smoother attachment is curved upward and with the ridges aids in working the muscles of the vagina much more than usual. It can be used to find the G-spot, but the other attachment is much better used for such exploration.

Design / Shape / Size

I absolutely love the design of the bullet and its attachments. The shapes of the attachments are wonderful for finding that deeply hidden spot and teasing that precious pearl that just aches to be played with and teased. It is the perfect size for travel and storage. It is not bulky and it does not take long to assemble. The bullet attaches to the remote by a cord which helps in keeping the cord from being pulled too much and possibly losing connection quality and loose wires. The base of the bullet is made to where the attachments can be screwed on securely. Once they are screwed on, they stay and do not come loose. It is perfect for beginners and advanced users alike. The different vibration settings allow you to start off slow and work into a bit more intense play later on for the beginner. If you are looking for your first vibrator, I would recommend this one to you, as it is easy to use and very discreet. For the advanced users, it is perfect for teasing your partner, or yourself, as well as bringing you to the edge over and over again. It can be used solo or in conjunction with another vibrator or dildo. The vibrations are hard enough that it leaves you satisfied time and time again.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The vibrations are located throughout the bullet and are controlled by a dial on the remote. I have yet to find a function that I do not like, unless you consider the fact that it runs on batteries to be a form of function. Other than that, this toy has not given me any reason to complain. The controls are definitely easy to use whether you are a beginner or advanced user. The dial is easy to turn and the vibration change is gradual. It does not jump from one to the other drastically like other vibrators and bullets tend to do. I have yet to test it in the water, but I would not recommend doing so due to the fact that the bullet attaches to the remote and can possibly stop working if the connection is ruined due to water. As far as noise goes, this toy is noisy. I find the noise to be slightly distracting at times, but for the most part it is not. The noise is one of the only things that decreases discretion of this product.

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning the bullet and attachments is easy. My partner and I use soft soap and warm water to clean them, but toy cleaner can also be used. It is easily stored in a dresser drawer, in your purse, or neatly tucked away in the bottom of a suitcase or carry-on bag if you are traveling. It does not take up much room at all. Because the attachments and bullet are all unconnected, it is easy to store all the components in different places if need be. The material does not stick like that of most jelly toys. The plastic is smooth and does not catch or stick to any clothing, bed sheets, etc. The material also does not irritate the labia or inside of the vagina like some jelly toys can.


My partner and I loved this toy. He enjoyed playing with the controls and teasing me for hours on end. It definitely kept me on the edge the entire time and brought me to climax again and again. I love this kit and I hope that it lasts as long as my other bullet vibrator that I own.
Follow-up commentary
Sans the attachments, I still very much enjoy my Intimate Foreplay Kit. I find that the attachments do not do much in regard to stimulation. I'm very much a sensational player and the lack of sensation disappoints me. The bullet itself, however, naked of attachments is fabulous and still gets the job done.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • SexyDuchess
    Yeah wow - that colour was certainly an interesting choice- I wonder what made the manufacturer go there? Tongue out
  • VieuxCarre
    It comes in purple as well which on this site appears to be a bit easier on the eyes. I don't know if that is true in real life, but it seems to be online.
  • Epiphora
    Orange is SO not a con. It's a pro. FOR SURE. Well, at least for me.
  • VieuxCarre
    It's not that it's orange. It's that it is BRIGHT orange. Smile
  • Femme Mystique
    I like the bright orange!
  • VieuxCarre
    You'll definitely be able to find it in the dark with the bright color. LOL
  • spicywife
    I got to review this one too, but the popular one. I started to write my review but haven't finished yet. Great review Smile
  • spicywife
    oops, I mean the purple one not the "popular" one.
  • VieuxCarre
    How did you like it, spicywife? My lover and I ADORE this bullet.
  • spicywife
    We absolutely love it too. I am waiting to try it during intercourse (to see if that is possible) before completing and publishing my review. I love that it has a soft vibration (I prefer that) but the highest vibe is good enough for people who like strong vibes.

    I wish it were waterproof though. But I was amazed about how well this toy works and how stimulating the attachments are Smile
  • J's Alley
    I have this set as well. Love it! Especially for someone buying their first bullet, this is freaking perfect. I have the purple one, the color is a lot easier on the eyes, but i would have preferred the orange because I just don't like purple.
  • Nashville
    I actually LOVE the color of this, I don't see how that "prison jumpsuit orange" could ever be a con. Tongue out
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    Nice review! Big smile
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