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Eggo My Ecstasy

The Egg Ecstasy is a bullet vibrator that definitely packs a punch for the price! These are some of the strongest vibrations I've felt in a bullet, and the two settings are easy to control with the ergonomic remote. The remote and bullet even come apart for easy storage. If noise isn't any issue for you, this bullet is definitely one worth checking out though - especially when it's cheaper than a fast food meal.
Extremely strong, body-safe materials, ergonomic remote, LED vibration indicator, is two pieces.
Loud, difficult to hold onto the bullet, the remote isn't even slightly waterproof.
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The Egg Ecstasy is intended for clitoral use. The bullet goes in one hand while the remote is held in the other to control the vibrations of the bullet. This toy could also be used for stimulation of other erogenous zones. This toy could be used vaginally as well, but the cord does seem a little weak to fight against the vagina's muscles. This toy should NOT be used anally, but if you must, make sure to slip the bullet into a condom to keep the small bullet from getting lost in case the cord breaks.

Material / Texture

This sex toy is made from two separate types of plastic - there's a soft, velvety smooth plastic on the bullet itself and there's the shiny, slick plastic of the remote. The velvety plastic of the bullet does provide a slight bit of drag and makes it easier to hold the bullet if lubrication is involved. The slick plastic of the remote would be much more difficult to hold if lubricated. Looking closely at the body of the remote, there are also some very light scratches all over it - presumably from the factory production.

Plastic is known for being a very cheap, but body-safe, sex toy material. It is non-porous which means it can be shared with partners. It's also very unforgiving. Plastic is very hard and does not have any sort of padding on it at all. Since this is a clitoral vibrator, that should not be a problem. This toy will not give way at all when pressure it applied to it. Plastic can also come in different variations as can be seen by the two different textures of plastic in this one toy. The plastic of this toy has no smell or taste - it's very basic.

This bullet also has no texture to it. While the plastic does include slight drag on the bullet, there isn't any designs or anything special about the plastic. However, there is a pretty obvious seam running through the body of the toy which may prove irritating to those who are extremely sensitive. This seam can be felt during use, but it isn't scratchy. Since bullets rarely have textures, I'd say that the texture makes this neutral as to whether it's best for beginners or advanced users.

Design / Shape / Size

This bullet is manufactured by NMC and comes in purple, green, and pink. The remote and the bullet are two separate pieces (with the bullet plugging into the remote), but it doesn't seem like either the bullet or the remote would work with other toys. It is extremely easy to plug the bullet into the remote and makes it easier for storage since the cord won't get as tangled.

The bullet is two inches in height while the remote is four in height. The bullet is not a traditional-sized bullet but instead is an egg bullet which is much bigger and much fatter. The cord (which is connected to the bullet but plugs into the remote) is about three feet long which makes is great for personal use and while you would have to stay close, makes it an option for couple's use. The bullet was not designed for insertion, but since it is larger than the traditional bullet, it seems to have been designed for better clitoral and erogenous zone stimulation.

The remote control was designed with ergonomics in mind. On the left side of the controller, there are slight grooves where the fingers are intended to rest. These grooves work best if you are holding the remote with the right hand but don't feel horrible if it is held with the left either. The remote does feel very comfortable in your hand, and the grooves make it easier to grasp in case that hand is lubricated. Along with the ergonomics of the remote, the remote was also designed with a small LED light of varying strengths. When the bullet is off, the light is off. When the bullet is on "low", the blue LED light glows softly. When the bullet is on "high", the blue LED light glows much more strongly. If this toy is used for play with a partner, this feature will end up being very useful.

This toy, while not discreet, also does appear like a tasteful sex toy. However, if any people see it, it will be obvious what the toy is for. If the toy is stored in two pieces in two separate places, it does become a lot harder to guess.

Functions / Performance / Controls

This bullet vibrator requires two AA batteries for use. They are not included. The back of the remote has a slipcover which easily slides off to reveal the battery compartment. Unlike other vibrators, this battery cover does not come off and is attached to the remote through a hinge. The two batteries are easy to insert since there is a small diagram showing which way the batteries go inside of the compartment. The batteries are extremely easy to take out and remove since they don't snap in in any way and are very close to the surface when inserted.

This bullet includes two separate speed settings. It does not include any patterns or pulsations. The vibration speeds are controlled by the remote by a switch on the side which is extremely easy to switch no matter if you are holding the controller with the right hand or the left. Unless the bullet is plugged into the remote, neither piece will function on its own. The switch is extremely easy to flip to different settings but doesn't switch itself. In fact, the easiest way to accidentally change the vibration speeds seem to be if you get caught up in passion and your finger slips to push the controller stronger.

The two vibration settings are strong. The vibrations on this toy are not buzzy like expected, but instead, do provide good, deep vibrations. The vibrations, while they don't get any stronger, do not get weaker when pressure is applied. The vibrations are a lot more than I expected out of a bullet with two AA batteries. This could easily get most women to orgasm, and in fact, I'd guess that most women will probably not take this out of the low setting - it's definitely deep and strong. As a side effect to these strong vibrations, this toy is not discreet. It could definitely be heard through a door if someone was attempting to listen in. It's not as loud as a cranking, rotating rabbit vibrator, but it still is about 3/4 as loud as that.

As a side effect of the strong vibrations, though, this bullet is pretty difficult to control. With my hands lubricated, it was near impossible to grasp. With my hands completely dry, it was still nearly impossible. When you do grasp the bullet, it can turn your hands numb easily within a half a minute. For this reason, it's very hard to apply pressure or do any sort of movement with the bullet. I think most women would find that nestling it between the vaginal lips would be the easiest way to control it, but even then, I think it would slip away with lubrication. The cord can be grasped to control the bullet, but that doesn't give good pinpoint stimulation nor make it easy to enjoy.

This vibrator is not splashproof nor waterproof. The battery compartment has quite a few holes in it, and the top of the remote has the uncovered jack where the bullet plugs in. For this reason, I recommend avoiding getting the remote dirty or lubricated if it can be avoided.

Care and Maintenance

The Egg Ecstasy is made from plastic which makes it a relatively safe toy. It also makes it easy to clean. It can be wiped down with warm water and antibacterial soap for regular cleaning. This toy can also be sterilized for use with multiple partners - it would just take a bleach and water solution to sterilize this sex toy. However, be careful with cleaning with this one. The remote has tons of holes, so if you splash running water on it, you could destroy it. I recommend using a damp washcloth to wipe down the controller and avoid getting any lubricant on it.

Since this toy is made from plastic, it is safe for use with water-based, silicone-based, and oil-based lubricant. I do not recommend oil-based lubricant for use however.

This toy does not pick up any sort of lint or fuzzies, so it can be stored wherever is more convenient. The packaging can be a bit difficult to use for storage, but there are always options like a toy storage box or a toy pouch.

This toy is extremely low maintenance, will easily store whereever you'd like, and is easy to clean and share.


The Egg Ecstasy comes packaged in regular blister pack packaging. The packaging is see-through and allows you to see the toy both from the back and from the front. It is tasteful with a large amount of orange and purple colors, but no half-naked women. The backside serves as the information about the product while the front side states: "velvet touch coated bullet", "ergonomically designed hand control unit", "2"", "Just Relish the Powerful Feel".

The backside of the packaging also serves as this product's instruction guide. There is a picture showing how to install the batteries and turn on the toy. It also shows the vibrator's different color choices. Along with that, it gives the regular caution about how this toy is for novelty use only. This toy should be recycled and shouldn't be disposed of in the garbage. There is also an instruction guide included with the toy, but those instructions seem to be general of all NMC products - not just this bullet.

This product also comes with a reusable twisty-tie that makes it easy to tie up the bullet's cable.

This packaging doesn't look romantic, so if gift-giving is in this toy's future, you should repackage the toy. This packaging could be used for storage of the toy, but it is a bit hard to get the bullet's cord back into the original spot, so using this as storage for the bullet could prove more annoying than useful.

Personal comments

I was pleasantly surprised by this bullet. For the price, these are some strong vibrations. Not buzzy either. Nice and deep how I like it. In fact, I really would guess that some people will find these vibrations too strong.

I still haven't managed to use this successfully though. I just can't find a way to grip this bullet that makes it usable for me. It's unfortunate since the vibrations easily seem strong enough. It's like a curse to the poor bullet. The easiest way seems to be to use your palm and press it against your body, but I have a serious aversion to bodily fluids or lubricant (or just messes in general), so that won't work for me. For those that aren't such a pansy, it would work.
Follow-up commentary
I just don't use the Egg Ecstasy. I really just don't like bullets for the most part anyway, but holding this one is just really, really awkward because it's so strong. The strength actually numbs my fingers within seconds. It's more fun to insert, but compared to other toys, I just don't use the Egg Ecstasy anymore.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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