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The Egg Ecstasy; A special Treat

At $11.99, this egg vibrator is a real bargain. It's easy to clean, easy to hide, and extremely powerful! It's a bit of a powerhouse for a toy of it's size, and may be a bit overwhelming to those who are very sensitive. But if you're someone that likes a bit of power, you really can't go wrong with this toy.
Two speeds, Easy to hold, Powerful, Easy to care for, Affordable
Makes my hand go numb, A little loud, Seam can be hard to clean
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At $11.99, I was expecting this vibrator to be a disappoint. In fact, I was expecting it to work a handful of times, and then break. I was pleasantly surprised. At $11.99? This purple egg is a special treat that anyone can afford. No, this isn't my favorite egg vibrator, but it is pretty spectacular!

In my opinion, the best use for this vibrator is for clitoral stimulation. That's primarily what I use this for. The shape, and velvety texture feel nice against my clitoris. It is also extremely to hold onto, though it does make my hand feel a bit numb after long periods of use.

You could also use this vibrator for nipple stimulation, or even all over your body. For me, the vibrations were a bit too strong on my nipples. I didn't enjoy the feeling at all, but others might.

I saw in the tags for this product that it was being recommended for anal use, and g-spot stimulation. I would really advise against using this for anal. There is no base, and it's so small. I know that people are probably thinking that the cord is strong enough to pull it out, but cords can break easily. I guess you could technically put it in a condom and use it for anal use, but even with a condom, there's too much change of the toy (and the condom) getting lost in your rectum. So really, if you want an anal toy, you're going to want to look elsewhere.

As for g-spot stimulation? I'd recommend putting the egg inside of a condom before inserting it vaginally. I say this because I have had another egg/bullet vibrator get stuck inside of me when the cord broke. It's just not a fun experience. Play safe; use a condom if you're inserting this.

This toy is usable during both couples and solo play. I prefer to use it solo, but the controller aspect would also be fun during couples play. Keep in mind that the cord is not very long, and that the cord does disconnect from the controller; so if you pull too hard, your going to disconnect your toy.

Material / Texture

This vibrator is made out of food-grade plastic, which rates as a 8 on Eden Fantasy's safety scale. Plastic is a fairly safe material, being that it is non-porous, hypo-allergenic, and both latex and phthalate free.

The material on the egg portion of the toy feels very velvety, and almost soft to the touch. Now, don't be mistaken; the egg is firm (there is no give to it), the texture of it is just soft and velvety. The texture on the egg is completely smooth, except for a seam that goes around the middle of it. I can feel the seam with my fingers, but I cannot feel it while the toy is in use.

Now, the remote for this toy is a shiny plastic. The remote does not feel soft to the touch at all, yet it is comfortable to hold.

I did not notice any odor, or taste, from this toy at all.

Design / Shape / Size

The egg portion of the toy is about the size of your average chicken egg. It is 2 1/4" in length, and 1 3/8" in diameter. The remote is slightly bigger, being about 4" in length. Overall, I found the size of both parts of this toy to be excellent.

The cord is about 36" long. I do wish that the cord was a bit longer, as I feel that a longer cord would make couples play easier.

The egg is shaped like a traditional egg. It fit nicely in my hand, and is the perfect size for stimulating my clitoris. That said, it would be nice if there were something else to hold onto while stimulating my clit, as my hand does get a bit numb when I use this.

The controller has little grooves on one side of it, which enables the user to get a good grip on it. For me, it it's more comfortable to hold the controller in my right hand, due to how the grooves are. To those who prefer to hold the controller in the left hand, I could envision the grooves being slightly frustrating.

This toy isn't shaped like any part, so it is fairly discreet in that respect. Still, I can't think of anything other than "sex toy" when I look at it, so it's not something that I would want to leave out when I have visitors. Thankfully this toy is extremely small, and is therefore extremely easy to hide.

The small size also makes this toy easy to travel with.

Functions / Performance / Controls

This toy runs on two AA batteries. To put the batteries in, you'll need to slide off the battery cover on the controller. This can be a little difficult, as I found that mine doesn't always like to slide right off. In theory, you're just supposed to push on it, and it's supposed to unlatch. I find that I usually need to try a few times before it works. Once you do manage to unlatch the cover, it simply folds up. You then stick the batteries in, close the compartment, and you're ready for playtime.

Well...that is, you're ready for playtime after you make sure that the egg is connected to the controller. As I said before, the cord does disconnect. Thankfully it's extremely easy to plug in, and to unplug. One perk of having the egg unplug is that if you're interrupted, you can simply unplug the egg. Unplugging it won't turn the toy off, but it will stop the sound.

The actual controls on the toy are really easy. There's just a simple witch on the side of the controller. The switch has three clearly labeled settings: off, low, and hi. You simply slide the switch to the setting that you want.

I would describe the vibrations as being very rumbly, and focused throughout the entire surface of the egg. At the lowest setting, the vibrations are about a 4 on a scale of 1 to 5. On the highest, the vibrations are a 5. I would also rate both vibrations levels as being about 3 vrooms, as it can be heard through a closed door.

This toy is not waterproof due to the controller. There are just too many places where water could get in the remote.

Care and Maintenance

One great thing about this toy is that it's compatible with both silicone and water-based lubes. This means you can use your favorite lubricants without worrying about damaging your toy.

Another great thing is how easy this toy is to clean. To clean it, you can wipe it down with a toy wipe, or wash it with soap and water (be careful to not get water in the controller), or you could use a toy cleaner. I want to advise users to be really careful to clean the seam on the egg. The seam does seem to collect fluid, lubricants, etc, and that can just be a breeding ground for bacteria; so be sure to take your time with that.

Storing this toy is also easy to do. I store mine in a plastic bag in my toy box, but it's small enough that you could really store it anywhere.

Personal comments

This toy is extremely powerful, and may be too much for some users. If you find that you're extremely sensitive, you're going to want to avoid this.

Follow-up commentary
I still like this vibrator, but not as much. Don't get me wrong, it's powerful, and it still works well. I've just found that it tends to eat through batteries. Also, I just have other egg vibrators that I enjoy more.
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