Climax remotes endless egg - egg vibrator by Topco Sales - review by FriskyMisty

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Extreme Vibes & Poor Craftsmanship

I give this toy 3 stars because while it has a lot of potential to be an awesome toy, the fact that it broke after the first use makes it a large waste of money. Batteries were pretty much DOA, and the egg shorted out shortly after the first use.
Great vibrations, discreetly wireless, fun for two, and very soft to the touch.
Poor craftsmanship, a little noisy even when inserted.
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useful review
I bought this toy expecting it to be a lot of fun, and it was... until it broke. It was the most anticipated toy I bought recently. I wanted something that could be fun to use as a couple, and I was sure this was it. Not only could it be a more comfortable option for single-person use, but you can also choose to hand over control by handing the remote off to someone else.

Our first legitimate use consisted of a simple insertion (via applicator), and handing over the remote to my husband. Prior to this I had tested it in my hand. It was noticeably loud, but put out a nice vibration. One thing I noticed was that the egg wasn't receiving the commands from the remote properly. Sometimes it would change to the different functions, sometimes it wouldn't, but regardless, there was always a couple second delay. That & the egg would die (shut off) if left vibrating for more than 10 seconds or so. It turned out that the first set of included batteries were dead. So I tried the second set of included batteries in the egg. Putting new batteries in the egg is not a simple task. If you stand the egg up, it's much easier to stack the batteries in there and not have them trying to pop out in the process. The second set of batteries worked fine, and the swap resolved all issues with the egg shutting off, the delay, and the issue of not cycling through all the different vibration functions.

So getting back to our first actual use... it went very well. The egg was much quieter inserted, though still noticeable from within the bedroom. We had a lot of fun with the element of surprise. The only issue I had was with my husband constantly turning it on & off. The only complaint he had was that the remote doesn't show you what function the egg it currently on (or if it's on at all). So he had no idea what setting it was on unless he paused & listened to the buzzing from the egg.

After using it, I cleaned it, dried it off, and put it back in the box. About 30min later the egg started vibrating out of nowhere & succeeded in startling me. The remote wouldn't turn it off (wouldn't even change the vibration level). The only way to get it to stop was to remove the batteries. The minute you put the batteries back in it starts vibrating again.

The product has a 30 day manufacturer's warranty, but there's absolutely no way to speak to a live person about it. Your option is to mail that $50 toy to the warranty address, and hope that they send you a replacement. I waited 2wks before putting it to the test (only to have it break), and I spent my remaining 2wks trying to get a response from someone about sending it back (manufacturer or store), and never heard back. So now I'm stuck with a $50 paperweight. I wasn't about to just mail it to some mysterious address & pray that it wouldn't get lost & that they would actually follow through & send a replacement.

My husband opened it up thinking maybe he could fix it (he's great with electronics and circuit boards), but he couldn't see anything visibly wrong with the connections. So either the egg shorted out somehow and so now its "always-on"...or the transmitter/receiver portion is malfunctioning or just quit working. I even tried buying new batteries for the remote, hoping that was the issue. It wasn't.

This toy had a lot of potential. It's possible I just got a dud, but if I didn't, and these just actually have really poor craftsmanship, then it's not worth the money (to risk it breaking so soon) in my opinion. If the vibration is poor or the response is delayed, you likely just need to try a new set of batteries.
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  • Cock Wrangler
    Lame. I think it's a defective toy design, not a dud. The other reviewer who wrote about this product had a similar experience.
  • Epiphora
    Very useful review. You know, I've noticed watch batteries sometimes do that in toys... force them to be always on. I hate watch batteries.
  • Eucaly
    Great review!
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