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The Allegro from Close2You is a modern looking, ergonomic vibrator with sleek curves and plenty of vibration options to choose from. Thoughtfully placed contours make the Allegro easy to grip, and you are provided with lots of surface area to hold on to. However, a small and smooth plastic ball on this vibrator's underside still allows for the pinpoint stimulation that is often lacking from such large, easy-to-grip vibrators.
Rechargeable, waterproof, included storage, included gifts, multiple speeds and settings.
Buttons difficult to push, loud, a bit bulky, diffuse vibrations, not strong enough for some.
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Close2You brings us another musically themed vibrator, and this one is geared specifically toward clitoral use. "Allegro" is an Italian term that marks tempo in music and indicates a fast pacing. A buyer might think this means the Allegro will be a buzzy, high intensity vibrator, but the ornate bass clef symbol (and Close2You emblem) on the Allegro is more expressive of its functioning. Vibrations in this toy penetrate to moderate depths and are not irritating or numbing. Those that favor heavier, power tool-esque modes from their vibrators will likely be disappointed here, but if you enjoy mid-range strength and a variety of options then the Allegro will be an ideal option.

A bit loud, the Allegro should not be used in settings where noise is a concern. A radio or television in combination with a heavy comforter should sufficiently dampen the sound. And while the vibrations may echo in a shower stall, this waterproof toy will be virtually silent submerged in a bath. Its intuitive, ergonomic shape makes it easy for a partner to manipulate, or you can reserve Allegro for solo use.

Material / Texture

Allegro is made from 100% plastic that is largely smooth, which the exception of a seam that runs around the silhouette. Plastic is largely non-porous, but with any hard plastic there is the possibility of some porosity. For solo use this should not be a concern, however, if you share with a nonfluid-bonded partner then it is wise to use a barrier. Because the toy's surface is so smooth and the stimulating ball so slick, those that enjoy heavy texture and intense friction will not be pleased. Sensitive users that like a slippery session with minimal friction and very little texture stimulation will love the Allegro.

Allegro can become very wayward when covered in lube. Luckily, it is very easy to keep lubricant confined to the underside of the toy if it is applied with care. You'll want to take the extra time to apply lube cautiously because a slippery toy can really kill the mood!

Design / Shape / Size

Allegro has a unique shape that is distinctly reminiscent of a computer's mouse. The base of the toy is a large, ergonomically curved elliptical shape that is roughly 5" in length and 3" at its widest point. It will fit easily into the palm of many adult men, but bear in mind that the size of your palms and fingers will affect the ease with which this will be held and maneuvered. The size of this toy also makes it a bit more conspicuous than some of the more petite clitoral stimulators on the market. If left out, passersby will at the very least be curious about its function. Allegro should preferably be kept in its included storage and out of plain view. It does not have a lock mechanism, so travel may be problematic. However, the buttons are difficult to depress, which does act as somewhat of a safeguard against accidental activation.

Close2You has set out to design a vibrator that works with the hand that guides it. If your hand is large enough, this goal has certainly been achieved with the Allegro. The side concave so that the thumb and fingers can encircle it comfortably on opposing sides. In addition, the bottom of the toy (where the stimulating ball is located) is curved to hug the pubic mound. This allows you to massage your clitoris without angling the toy at an uncomfortable angle away from your body. You can simply slide it back and forth along your vulva. Truly, this kind of intuitive design is the major point of interest for this toy.

It is worth noting that the clitoral ball is a fixed shape and does not roll. This is not necessarily clear from its appearance as it is an independent shape from the body, set within it.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Allegro's vibrations are, as described above, of moderate depth and strength. However, they are not as concentrated as one would hope. The motor is located at the end of the toy, but the plastic transmits the vibration very easily all throughout the toy. This is not enough to irritate you while holding the vibrator, but it does detract from the power focused on your clitoris and vulva. The Allegro is equipped with a cycle of vibration speeds and patterns that has become standard for luxury clitoral vibrators. There are three continuous speeds followed by five patterns.

1) Low intensity, continuous
2) Moderate intensity, continuous
3) High intensity, continuous
4) Escalation pattern
5) Pulse, moderate speed
6) Escalation pattern, followed by pulse, moderate speed
7) Pulse, rapid speed, followed by a single, long pulse
8) Slow pulses, followed by rapid pulses

There are two buttons on the toy's interface, both of which are difficult to use. While the interface is simple and user-friendly, the buttons are difficult to depress and often require an uncomfortable amount of pressure in order to active. This can be problematic, especially in the dark. The power button must be independently depressed first in order to turn the vibrator on. This starts the Allegro in its first mode. By pressing the other button (demarcated with a dot on it) repeatedly you can cycle through all eight settings, ultimately taking you back to the first. There is no option to go "back" to a setting once you have passed it; you must cycle through all eight settings to return to it. Allegro will start in the first mode regardless of what mode it was turned off in.

Unfortunately, the Allegro is one of the louder luxury clitoral vibrators on the market. It can be easily heard through a thick comforter and through a door, so you will need a radio or television turned up if discretion is an issue. The sound is rattly and its origins will be very apparent to roommates. This toy is rechargeable and includes two chargers, so one will be sure to fit your wall outlet regardless of where in the world you live. As this toy is rechargeable, flooding the battery compartment is not a concern with under water usage. Simply tightly seal the charging port with the silicone tab to protect it from contact with water and you are safe for bath or shower play.

Care and Maintenance

Hard plastic is an easy material to care for. The Allegro cannot be boiled, but it can be sanitized very thoroughly by wiping down with a 10% bleach solution or an antibacterial toy wipe. Antibacterial soap and warm water will also clean the toy easily between uses. When sharing this toy, take extra care and pay attention to all seams and ridges that may trap fluids. The Allegro does has some difficult ridges around the ball where fluids can become stuck. In this case, you may wish to carefully run a sewing needle around the ball or use a designated cleaning toothbrush to clean this area. Otherwise, it is quite easy to care for. After drying it can be placed in the velveteen pouch Close2You so graciously includes.

Hard plastic is compatible with all lubricants including oil, water and silicone based lubes. It can be stored safely with all other materials such as silicone, silicone composites, other hard plastics, metal, glass, etc. Just be sure to keep your Allegro in a relatively cool and dry place out of direct sun as it is an electronic.


Close2You is well known for its innovative packaging, and the Allegro arrives in this trademark storage. The Allegro is nestled in the top drawer of a "bureau" consisting of two small, cardboard drawers. The top of this upper compartment is lined with transparent plastic so that the Allegro is visible while in its packaging. This is gorgeous as is if you are giving this toy as a gift; it really needs nothing more than a bow in order to be presentable.

The bottom drawer includes information about the product as well as information about the other toys in the Close2You line. Close2You also generously includes an individually packaged toy wipe, a sample of water based lubricant, and a silicone cock ring. This ring is not suited for cock and ball restriction as it is too small; it stretches to about 2.5" in diameter when pulled into an even circle. At this maximum diameter is fits very tightly. It is not comfortable or safe to wear this ring at maximum diameter for more than 10 minutes at a time. This ring should only be used on the base of the penis itself with plenty of water based lubricant.

Also included is a small, drawstring velveteen pouch with satin lining. It is a great way to store your Allegro once you discard the box, and you will want to because it is cumbersome to keep around the bedroom.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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