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My Bedroom Sounds Like A Runway!

Ever tried to masturbate in the vicinity of a jet engine?? As much as I love planes and flying, I don't appreciate the sound of them in my bedroom when I'm trying to enjoy my pleasure time. Ok, that's a slight exaggeration but it's not far off it. Other than the noise, buzzy vibrations, hand cramp and overall cheapness - it's not that bad of a toy.
~ Has Close2You logo on it
~ Patterns
~ Rechargeable
~ Loud
~ Buzzy
~ Vibration travel through vibe. I forget what I'm stimulating - clit or hand.
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I've been a fan of Close2You products since first trying them on Eden, so I was over the moon when they brought out 5 new toys. I had plans to own them all. I placed my order for two out of the three I wanted and waited impatiently for them to arrive. In the meantime, I went ahead and bought the third one I was drooling over. Disappointment set in when the Allegro was finally in my hands.



Although this vibrator was created to stimulate the clitoris, it can be used on other erogenous zones, no matter your sex. As long as you don't mind buzzy vibrations and have space to yourself where you won't be heard, this could be used to stimulate nipples, anus, vaginal opening, penis or scrotum. Normally if sharing with someone you're not fluid bonded with, I'd suggest using a condom but that's not very practical on such a toy. I'd probably avoid sharing this one.

Material / Texture


The Close2You Allegro clit vibrator is molded from plastic and made in Germany. It also features a small amount of silicone as the control buttons and charging port. Due to such materials, this clit vibe earns itself a safety rating of 8 because it is food grade, hypo-allergenic as well as latex and phthalates free. I've never used bottle lubricant with this seen as how it's for external use, but both water based and silicone lubes can be used. I didn't notice any odor at all when opening the package.


The white section is a silky smooth matte plastic, while the navy ball on the underside is smooth and shiny. Neither creates any real grab when rubbed against dry skin. The Close2You symbol on the top is simply printed into the material. I was rather disappointed that it wasn't crafted in silicone and didn't protrude from the toy just slightly. The silicone buttons located on top towards the front tip of the vibe feature raised symbols so you're able to feel your way around the controls while in use.

Design / Shape / Size


I chose to go for the white with touches of navy, but Eden also sells a lavender with white highlights. For me, the white one just oozed class and sophistication so it was love at first sight.


I hate the shape! It is visually appealing, but that's where the attraction stops for me. When not in use, it fits comfortably in my right hand with a flat spot at the left hand back to rest against the fleshy base of your thumb. On the right front side is a curved indent where my middle and ring fingers grip. My pinkie wraps over the bulge below this section while my index finger rests on the top of the vibrator so it can work the buttons if need be.
But when it comes to actually using this one, the shape works against it for me. My hand tends to cramp up with the combination of being spread eagle and holding down for the pressure. I only require a couple of minutes to get the job done, but that is more than enough time to make my hand feel uncomfortable by the end. I have decent sized hands, but perhaps mens hands (being larger and more powerful) would deal with this one better.

On the underside is a large ball which is used for stimulating the clitoris or anywhere else you can stand the buzzy vibrations.
This ball protrudes approximately ½” from the base and is just over 1” in diameter. The entire vibrator measures 5” in length, 1 ½” in dept and just short of 3” at the widest point.
Allegro's shape reminds me of a comma ( , ) with a piece trimmed off one side of the large round end.


right handed

left handed

Functions / Performance / Controls


Allegro sports two small control buttons on the top near the tip. The on/off button has the typical circle with a line and the pattern controller has a raise bump in the middle. These buttons take some effort to press which is great in the fact that the pattern won't accidentally be changed part way through. But may cause a little frustration if you want to move to the next vibration without having to stop the stimulation.
By pressing the on/off button the vibrator starts off on the lowest setting. Each press will take you through two more steady vibration levels and into the patterns. Unfortunately, if you go past the one you want you have to go all through them again.

1. Slow steady vibration
2. Medium steady vibration
3. High steady vibration
4. Slow drawn out pulses
5. Medium drawn out pulses
6. Three rapid pulses followed by a long vibration
7. Six rapid pulses followed by one long vibration
8. Once long pulse, one medium pulse followed by 4 rapid pulses

The vibrations are rather buzzy and sends that horrid feeling all through my hand.
Although the vibrations do tend to be slightly stronger in the tip and ball section, they are strong throughout the entire toy which makes it uncomfortable to hold onto for too long.


Another thing that attracted me to Allegro was the fact that it's rechargeable via an AV outlet. Mine arrived with plenty of charge – so much in fact that I haven't had to charge it myself yet. Mind you, I only really used it enough to do the review.
The book says to charge the vibe for 6hrs which should give between 2 and 3 hours of usage – depending on the functions you use.

“What did you say? I was distracted by the 747 landing in my room”.
This thing knows how to get attention. It may not be the loudest toy ever, but it's not a noise I expect to hear coming from a clit vibrator. I live with others so had to turn the tv up when I couldn't get the house to myself to test this one.


Care and Maintenance


Because Allegro has a motor, sterilizing by boiling and the dishwasher aren't options. A 10% bleach solution can be used to wipe over the toy, but be sure to rinse any residue off afterwards. Because it's completely waterproof I simply use warm water and anti-bacterial soap or toy cleaner to give mine a thorough clean. There are no real grooves for fluids to get trapped in, so even a wipe would clean Allegro up enough until you can get to a sink.
Being plastic, it doesn't attract lint so it can be left out to dry or dried off with a cloth.



Allegro came packaged the same way all my Close2You toys have been. It arrived in a dense cardboard box with two draws and a magnetic lid. Lifting this lid reveals your new vibrator sitting behind a clear piece of plastic. Open the top draw and Allegro will be exposed while being nestled snugly in dense foam. This draw really needs to be slightly deeper, as the toy rubs against the cardboard and plastic when sliding the draw in and out.
The second draw holds all the accessories such as: velvet storage pouch, information book, sample tube of water based lube, silicone cock ring, one toy wipe and a charger.

I can't bring myself to throw the packaging out, especially when Close2You go to the trouble of presenting their toys so well. It is perfect for storage, but the pouch works just as well if you're short on space.


under lid





I love my Legamento which is also made by Close2You, so I had high hopes for this one. The Legamento isn't powerful enough for most so I imagined the company would boost this one up as an improvement. It doesn't feel too supped up to me. In fact, I feel they went backwards making it ultra buzzy. It feels kind of cheap to me and it has turned me off buying the other new vibrator they brought out at the same time (Rondo). I bought three of the five new ones and I'm only fond of one of them.

I'm unimpressed enough with this one that I've donated to my Geman Sheperd puppy as a massager. He loves it and feels as though he is getting royal beauty parlour treatment, so it's not all lost.

I'm giving Allegro a rating of 2 stars.
Follow-up commentary
I just can't take to this one. It was a rather large letdown, considering I placed Close2You high in my favourite toy companies.
But, it hasn't gone to waste at all. My 11 month old puppy absolutely loves it when I use it to give him a massage. Although I'm sure he would enjoy it more if I allowed him to actually get his jaws on it.

Allegro - not so great on clits, but a pooch's best friend.
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