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Gentle Vibrating Reveille

I rated the Wake-up vibe at 3 stars because it really is pleasant to wake up to; more so than static radio music or a buzzing alarm clock, anyway. Unless you're the type of individual who is aroused by vibration patterns, I would only recommend this product as a Gentle Vibrating Reveille. It's a very sweet wake-up call indeed!
Smooth texture, Backlit digital readout, Lockable mode, Manual mode, Rechargeable
Patterned vibes not steady ones, Unable to change vibrations strength in manual mode, Not waterproof
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


The Wake-Up vibe was designed to provide a stimulating wake-up call after a good nights rest or a nap, but it also provides manual external vibrations for clitoral stimulation. This is not an insertable for either the vaginal or anal areas of the body. However, because you can put it in manual mode, it could be use to stimulate other erogenous zones, such as the nipples, outer vaginal area, or male genitals. The contours of this toy fits well around curved and protruding external areas of the human body. Vibrations are felt throughout the entire toy, not just the curved surface of the clitoral area.

The vibe noise has a distinct buzzy sound, so this is one toy that I wouldn't dare wear into my business office. It could be a reminder of when you want to call the babysitter in a crowded noisy stadium, like at a baseball game, but I would not use it in the theater or at a restaurant. Besides it doesn't have a remote to operate it with, making it very difficult to shut it off; never mind that you couldn't change the settings as discreetly as you can with the Club Vibe 2. Oh, but then the Club Vibe 2 doesn't have an alarm setting.

This toy is not submersible due to the electronic display window, not to mention the adapter charging port. Even though the charging port has a plug to cover it with, it easily pops off when it's brushed against a finger. If you're going to share this toy with someone other than your lifetime partner, I would advise you to use a condom; this toy cannot be sterilized.
  • Who / How / What
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    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Bachelor/ bachelorette party
    • Couples
    • Solo
  • Where
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    Where / what types of places can this product be used?
    • Anywhere
    • Campus/roommate living
    • On a bed only
  • Features
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    What kind of features does this product offer?
    • Travel friendly
  • Body / part areas
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    What areas on the body can this product be used / what areas does it stimulate best?
    • Clitoris
    • Nipples
    • All over body

Material / Texture

The body of the Wake-Up vibe is made of silicone, but it has a plastic display window to read the digital display. I found the surface smooth to the touch. It's comfortable, with a slight drag to the silicone when laying it against my nether regions without lube. The shape was a little strange at first, but I quickly became accustomed to the sensation of it between the apex of my thighs as I sat in my cushioned computer chair, writing the factual part of this review.

The silicone on the Wake-Up vibe does pick up cat hair and lint, which I found out while taking photos of it. The vibe picked up the hair from my cat, Sam, who likes to lay beside my keyboard while I sit at my computer desk, which is where the photos were taken.

The vibe is definitely not recyclable, as is indicated on an engraved imprint on the bottom of the toy. It is also marked as CE certified, which indicates that this product complies with the relevant European ‘New Approach’ product safety directives.

There is a seam that runs along the outside edge of the vibe, which you can see in the pictures below. I felt no irritation or discomfort from it though, even with the vibe held securely in place by my upper inside thighs.

Covered charging port
Exposed Charging Port
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The design of the Wake-Up vibe is much like that of a V-shaped computer mouse; it's convex on the top, and concave on the bottom. It's definitely ergonomically shaped. The rounded end has a protruding ball, which rests against a woman's clitoral head. Because the back end of the vibe rests between a woman's inner thighs, it is wide. The back end is easily felt, but it cups the vaginal opening.

In the photo below, you can see the Wake-Up vibe compared to a flexible Microsoft, Apple Bluetooth, and Logitech wireless mouse. Because the shape of the vibe itself is not erotic at all, I would leave this out on my nightstand; it looks like a computer mouse with a digital clock!

Wake~up vibe with 3 computer mice

The vibe is 2 1/2" at its widest width x 4 1/2" long. It's about 3/4" thick by the display window, but it thins to about 1/2" near the point of the ball head. The round nub is 1" thick from top to bottom, and it's 3/4' wide underneath the top edge of the vibrator.

The photos below will reflect this description:
Side view of vibe
Vibrating nob
Inside view with clit nob

Sitting with the vibe now in my panties for the first time while beginning to describe its shape, I can tell that there's something in panties, other than what's normally there, and yet it's not uncomfortable. After wearing it for a couple of days (mostly at night when I sleep), I hardly know that it's there. I've found that the Club Vibe 2 pinches me with tight jeans on, as it has sharper edges, but this vibe is more comfortable.

The shape of the Wake-Up vibe caused me no discomfort during the night, and it hugged my frame wonderfully. There was very little slippage away from my clitoris while I wore this.
    • Ergonomic
    • Futuristic
    • Discreet look/design

Functions / Performance / Controls

Let's start with the manual; a small, 2 3/4" x 4", folded set of instructions, which I found very difficult to read. The different sections of the folded pamphlet have either a pale pink, white, or purple background, with thin, light lettering. It was hard to read the white lettering on pink paper. Oh, there is a section with a grey background; this setting explains how to put the Wake-Up vibe into manual mode. That said, reading light purple text on a grey background is nearly impossible. I tried going to the product website, hoping to print the instructions or something, but they didn't provide a link to the instructions on their site.

Side of one instructions

Side 2 of instructions

The controls are found in the Target like image that is found on the front of the toy.
Vibe contols panel

The following photo displays the brightness of the display window. In the photo below, you can see that the time is in military form. There is also a lock key indicator in the top left of the screen, while the alarm bell and vibration setting (6) are located in the top right of the window.

Backlit display

Going in a clockwise circle around the center target, there is the ON/OFF, but then you have the following:
Up Arrow at 12:00 - To cycle alarm and time settings as well as vibration patterns
Right Arrow at 3:00 - Hold down 3 seconds continuously to set alarm.
Down Arrow at 6:00 - To cycle alarm and time settings as well as vibration patterns
Left Arrow at 9:00 - Hold down 3 seconds continuously to set clock.

Now, the functions of the Wake-up vibe:
Lock / Unlock Mode - Press the middle target ON/OFF button (target center) twice quickly in succession to toggle between the two. It will need to be in lock mode for the alarm to be enabled at the appointed time. A small key image is clearly displayed in the top left hand corner of the display window when the vibe is locked.
There is a time of day clock - No indicator in the display, other than the digital numbers that tell you you're setting the time of day clock.
An alarm clock - you can tell when you're setting the alarm clock, because a little bell displays in the top right corner of the display next to the number of the vibration setting.
6 varying vibration modes, which can either be used manually or set with the alarm indicated by numbers 1-6 will display in the top right corner of the display window.
Vibrator in Manual mode - Just press the middle button when the vibe is unlocked to activate the vibrations. This has to be done while the device is unlocked, as it will not work when locked. The up and down arrows will cycle through the 6 different settings up or down as you prefer.

Vibration Patterns as described in the manual:
There are six different vibration patterns that you can choose by setting up the alarm. The vibration strength and period change with time, each 20 seconds; from slow and low vibration to fast and stronger. It starts with 20% vibration strength and a period (length of the vibration pattern) of 6 seconds. Each 20 seconds period shortens by 0.5 seconds, and the vibration increase by 10%.

See chart below:
6 sec - 20% 5.5 sec - 30%
5 sec - 40% 4.5 sec - 50%
4 sec - 60% 3.5 sec - 70%
3 sec - 80% 2.5 sec - 90%
2 sec - 100%

Believe me, if you haven't woken up at low and slow, you will wake up at fast and stronger. Unfortunately, though, changing the intensity isn't available in manual mode.
    • Discreet sound
    • Lots of variety in function
    • Rechargeable

Care and Maintenance

The box has clearly specified that the Wake-Up vibe is made of the best quality silicone. The silicone is hygienic, hypoallergenic, phthalates-free, easy to clean, and has a high durability. I clean this toy with the Eden All Purpose Wet Wipes before and after each use. I then let it air dry. This toy is splash-proof, so cleaning with soap and water is also okay -- just don't submerge it.

Water-based lubricants should only be used with this toy because of the silicone material.

A special note on the universal adapter charger here: I found the plug attachments for the various international zones to be very easy to attach. This, in my opinion, is a big plus; I've ordered toys before with interchangeable adapter heads, and sometimes I couldn't even snap them together. The various universal charge plugs for this adapter easily slide on and snap securely into place. There is a unlock button at the end of the adapter head, so you can easily remove the current plug attachment.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store
    • Adapter easy to connect


The package itself contains:
The Wake-Up Vibe
Satin pouch with a satin ribbon pull string.
Blindfold - Satin with an elastic band to fit snugly around the head.
Charger (Universal multi-adapter)
Internal packaging
Top view of products
Bottom view of all products

The external package is 6 1/4" wide x 8 1/4" tall x 2 1/2" deep. The packaging is not totally discreet; the words Wake-Up vibe are clearly written on the front. The product is also openly displayed in a molded plastic pocket, as there is a V-shaped cut out on the box. The box mostly consists of a white background with a shallow 2" two-toned gray wave near the bottom of the front. The left side of the box is all white, and the right side is purple. The box clearly indicates what color product is inside. The back of the box is also mostly white.

There are no erotic pictures on the box, so I would wrap this up for a bridal shower gift. If I was a man, I would also give this as a gift at a bachelor party, too. You do want your best friend to have a happy life, don't you?

The back of the box talks all about the great features of this product:
Program the clock
Sleep peacefully
The best wake-up
The best quality silicone
Vibrator and alarm clock
Rechargeable battery

A summary of these same features is repeated on the bottom half of the back in the following language:

The smaller, internal box is great for storage of all the individual charger pieces, as well as the vibrator itself. The box is discreet. There is a satin bag that securely holds the vibrator and the small instruction manual, but that is all. The adapter just won't fit in the pouch, so that's a good reason to use the box.

I'll update in my follow-up review about the life of the battery. For now, though, it's remained charged for 5 days of use.
    • Non-recyclable
    • Not discreet
    • Very informative

Personal comments

Okay, so I purchased the purple one, but pink is just not one of my more favorite colors. The richness of the color purple on the vibe is elegant and soft; it's pleasing to the eye. Purple to me is a color of sexuality because it's composed of so many other colors, bringing in a new mix to pleasure and excitement.

Comparing 4 similar clitoral vibes, I find the Tiani 2 the strongest of them all, stimulating a definite O. After that, there would be the OhMiBod Better than chocolate music edition, the Zini Deux, Club Vibe 2.OH and the Wake-Up vibe.

I was disappointed to see that there wasn't a battery indicator in the vibe display window. The adapter does turn from red to green once the vibe is completely charged, though. Charging time takes approximately 3 hours.
    • Could be more powerful
    • Vibration intensity should be in manual mode too


I found the Wake-Up vibe to be very comfortable to wear. It also moved minimally while I slept during the night. I even have a pair of polyester panties with an internal pocket, which held the Wake-Up vibe in place while I slept. Not only that, but the panties kept the Wake-Up vibe in place while I made two runs to the bathroom when nature called. The panties I wore were a size 8, by the way, and the material was stretchy enough to hold the vibrator in place well.

Having a pocket in your panties does help, but it is not necessary. You just need to remember that your Wake-Up vibe is there when nature calls. After about three nights of wearing the Wake-Up vibe, I found that I had to remind myself that it was even there.

Oh, the face mask... I can't forget it; we've all gotten freebies with many of our toys. This freebie is a mask, and it's nice. It is gentle and soft against the eyes. While it does not block out the light 100% when the light is on, it does feel smooth against the skin. I found that I could see a slight purple glow when I had a light on and my eyes open. I could also see a slight shadow when I waved my fingers in front of the mask. For those who want to block out the entire world, this mask will not suffice. For me, though, I found that it was helpful when my SO wanted to read in bed while I was trying to sleep.
    • Ergonomically fits contour of body.
    • Minimal movement by vibe without a strap to hold in place
Follow-up commentary
Since the submittal of my April 28, 2013 review of the Wake-Up Vibe, I still have high praises for it as a vibrating wake-up alarm clock. Over a full two months later the vibrator still operates without re=charging if used solely as an alarm clock. In fact I recommend it highly as a Travel Alarm clock even for the ones in hotel rooms which aren't always simple to operate. The Wake-up Vibe digital clock is consistent and always punctual.

It's discreet thin shape along with pouch carrying case makes it an essential accessory when ever I travel along with the ease of cleaning it with a toy wipe or damp cloth with antibacterial soap.

The only thing that would improve this vibrator would be steady vibrations for those seeking pleasure from it as well.
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  • Contributor: *Camoprincess*
    Awesome review and photos!!!!
    I am not sure this would be for me we have talked about some of the reasons why in PMs but knowing its a vroom of 3 and no steady vibrations I am not sure it would work out for me.
  • Contributor: bratcat
    Great review! i think i may have to invest in this toy, it sounds like a nice way to wake up even if the settings on this toy are patterns only. Great photos as well!
  • Contributor: sunflower
    Thanks for the review! I appreciated seeing all the photos. The comfortability of it is what I'd be most worried about and I'm glad it's comfortable. It does seem nicer than a beeping alarm clock lol.
  • Contributor: PassionCpl
    Absolutely fantastic review and pics, especially that comparison picture. Thanks!
  • Contributor: November
    Thank you for the thorough review. It's great that you were so detailed in your functions/performance/controls paragraph since the instructions sound difficult if not impossible to read!
  • Contributor: bog
    Congratulations on being nominated for the Rumble!
  • Contributor: Lucy P
    Awesome review! Thank you for writing it, and I really like your photos!

    Do you have any advice about whether I should go for this or for the other one on the market, the Little Rooster? I've read that the other one does have steady vibrations, and it also has a battery indicator. I personally need strong vibrations and I'd love to hear from someone who has tried them both before I buy.
  • Contributor: Hummingbird
    As much as I love the Wake~up vibe to wake up after a good nites slumber or nap I don't find it strong enough for a clitoral orgasm. The fact that it doesn't have steady vibes and the Little Rooser does as well as a battery indicator is a plus in my opinion. I've used my Wake-up vibe for over a week now on the same charge but only to wake up to, not for additional/manual orgasmic stiumulation.

    I do see on the product website for the Little Rooster it does have two motors, another plus and would be very interested to see if it is enough stimulation itself to be used as a manual vibe.

    I've gotten more sensation from the free bunnies that EF has been giving out, clitoraly speaking than the Wake-up vibe. Then again I'm also spoiled by Jopen, Lelo and many other more powerful vibes on the market. If you get the Little Rooster, I'd be very interested in its performance. Thanks for asking!
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    Wow, what a great review! Love the pix & how thorough you are! Thanks for the review & you deserve to be in the rumble, for sure!
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