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This product has given me new hope when it comes to Rabbit-style Vibrators. It's strong, cordless, waterproof, and- of course- pink. Not to mention that the shaft doesn't do the usual twisting motion, but instead provides pleasant wave motions that make you just want to sigh and slip away. Great for those looking for a new number one bedtime pal, or for any toy box/collection; your one-stop-shop for unique orgasmic bliss.
Strong, waterproof, cordless, multi-speed, and has a unique shaft function.
Shaft sensations could be stronger.
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I'm really not big on Rabbit Vibrators. But after the Slimline Passion Wave Jack Rabbit, I might have to reevaluate that statement.

For starters: it's soft, strong, waterproof, and wonderfully cordless. But there's more.

Unpacking it the first day, I was a little frightened by it's size, but once I tried it I found that it's not as big as it seems. It looks huge, but that's mostly because of the space needed for the ears, as well as the controls/battery pack at the bottom. The shaft is actually a pretty good size. A little thicker than I'm used to (I have to use a lot of lubricant to keep it from rubbing too irritatingly against my urethra), but it's not uncomfortable, it's likable.

I initially thought that a couple things would cut down on the power levels of the toy. One being the fact that it's cordless- from my limited experience and battery pack means more punch, this was definitely not the case here. Similarly, I've run into a lot of rabbits where, if the shaft is on the high settings, the ears don't run nearly as well or as strong, and vice-verse; one function draining out the power of the other. This rabbit doesn't have that problem in the least. Everything comes on strong and stays that way.

Now, I love my strong clitoral vibes, and I can happily say that the ears on this vibe definitely deliver. I'm very proud of them.:)

But let me tell you my favorite part; the shaft. The one lone rabbit in my toy box has never been right for me. The shaft is far too thick and, like most Rabbit Vibes I've encountered, it... spins.
I don't know about most women, especially the lucky sensitive ones, but a spinning shaft has never quite been my thing. A dildo twisting around in little circles doesn't make me cum. It just doesn't do anything for me. But the Wave doesn't twist, it doesn't spin, and it doesn't wiggle.
It undulates. Sound weird? It's awesome. Instead of twisting around inside you like many Rabbit Vibes, this rabbit's shaft keeps a steady pulsing wave-like motion up (or down) your vagina. Turning it on the first time, my insides clenched with anticipation. When I turned it all the way up and turned on the ears to match, I was ready for action.

I set up the toy, gave it a quick cleaning, and told W. I'd be in the bedroom. I was excited.

At first, W requested to join, but after 5 or so minutes I asked him to leave. As orgasmically dysfunctional as I am, I just couldn't concentrate on understanding my new toy and getting it to work properly with him A) staring at me, and B) moving it around all the time. So, for all you couples, I can honestly say this isn't something I'd use with a partner. Unless, that is, the two of you are used to using Rabbit Vibes and the like, then I'm sure you could work it out. W and I aren't used to it and it just didn't quite work.

Now, usage wise I can definitely say this is one of the first full sized vibrators that I've really liked. As I said, the shaft isn't too thick or too thin, the wave sensations are different and I appreciate the attention they give to my vaginal walls, the material's soft (not to mention it's pink ^-^), and the bunny ears are nice and strong. Because I'm not used to Rabbits, this Jack Rabbit took a little bit of adjusting to, but I was all in by the end.

The downsides would probably mostly be that the wave motions of the shaft could definitely be a little more pronounced. I'm not sure how they could manage it, but the waves are kind of little, and while you can make them faster, you can't really make them bigger, which would probably be an appreciated modification. And, by the way, why hasn't anyone made some of these toys with the controllers upside down? That way they'd be a bit easier to access while inserted? Something to think about.

A note- it does take 3 AAAs, which I didn't realize, and couldn't figure out why it wasn't turning on. There's a space for two on one side of the battery pack, which fits neatly into the base of the toy, and another snaps into the other side. It's kind of neat.

Now, I can't say I'll use this one every time, since most of my activities are couple based and this one certainly isn't, but this is definitely my new solo toy, and I don't plan on letting it sit on the shelf all by it's lonesome. It will be loved.
I might recommend that you start with the shaft first, before using the ears. It's nothing about the toy, per se, but on the highest settings the seems to be easy to loose track of the shaft's sensations.
So, I say to start pleasing yourself with the shaft first, making the most of it, then adding the wonderful ears little by little.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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