Pocket exotics anal T and ring combo - vibrator kit by Cal Exotics - review by Lord of Hyphens

Good idea, now if only it'd stay where I put it...

A good idea ruined by its implementation. Avoid in most cases unless you are very well-endowed (girth, specifically) and possess fine sphincter control.
Inexpensive, provides sufficient power for its purpose.
It won't stay in place on its own.
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The Anal T and Cock Ring combo from Pocket Exotics is another toy that tries to be two things (like the Passion Double Play), but has a crucial difference from the aforementioned Double play - it doesn't work. Well, the designer has a good idea there somewhere, but the implementation leaves something to be desired. I never thought I'd actually throw a toy out, but this one leaves me wondering.

This device is a combination plastic cock ring and a smooth plastic prostate vibrator. The vibrator itself, while not flared, has a "hilt" attached to its base to disallow it from becoming stuck inside. The plastic cock ring itself has a large, bulbous vibrator attached to it as well and separates at the base to allow for removal. Both parts of the toy are powered by a pair of AA batteries.

The ring's vibrator is marketed to provide either clitoral or perineum stimulation for your partner (assuming vaginal or anal sex, respectively), and it fit loosely onto my average-sized penis. When performing an pre-coital test, the ring seemed like it would stay in place. Satisfied with this, I then mounted my partner and we went at it, missionary-style. Midway through, the ring slipped to one direction. Pulling back off of her slightly, I corrected the ring and we resumed. The ring then slipped again. And again. In short, this toy was obviously designed for someone of a larger girth (to provide the proper friction pressure), and I can't tell you what any amount of lube on the interior of the ring would do. Now, I would suspect the ring would be more effective for perineum stimulation, as then the weight of the large vibrator (it's one of their regular 2" egg vibrators in a plastic casing) would be working with you and not against. My recommendation to would-be designers would be to use a soft, stretchy material for the ring itself. That way, your customers won't have to be porn stars to use it. My partner and I agree: the Passion Double Play (or any egg vibrator) make a better toy for clitoral stimulation during intercourse. They at least usually stay in place better.

The anal vibrator proved to be another exercise in futility. We started by lubing the vibrator up well (using Doc's Anal Lube) and inserted it and turned it on. So far, so good. The vibration felt fairly good, but not particularly earth-shaking (your mileage may vary, of course). However, the toy's principal failing struck again during sex: every three thrusts or so (because I'm using those muscles), it would slide straight out and fall to the bed. I'm not sure if I was "doing it wrong", being fairly new to this type of toy, but I feel that that section of the toy basically requires a hand to keep in place (something that's a bit tricky to do during missionary, especially since her arms can't reach there). There is a slight indentation in the surface of the toy that would suggest that the sphincter should grip it there, but I'm certain that I could not keep it there--even with practice. Sex is somewhat distracting that way.

This toy has the hallmarks of a good idea implemented poorly. Something I would change is to increase the "gripping area" and depth of the anal vibrator and change the material of the cock ring. The highlights of the toy is that it is easy to clean/sanitize (hard plastic), has decent power for its noise, and is very cheap. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how those stack up if you're going to use it once and then throw it away in disgust. Obviously, if you are very well-endowed, intend to use this during anal sex, or just use the anal vibrator on its own, then this toy may work out for you. For me, this one's going into the spare parts bin.
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  • Victoria
    How do the controls work? Are the toys independently controlled or is there one dial? How was cleaning?
  • Lord of Hyphens
    It's a single dial for both toys, which is located on the power pack. It's solid plastic, so cleaning is easy.
  • pinkcupcakes
    thanks for the review!
  • JGrey
    Thank you!
  • Fun with Dick & Jane
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