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Heart-on bullet

Bullet by WHK GmbH

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Do you like the idea of having seasonal sex toys? If you do, go for this toy, because it's obviously for Valentine's Day.
Gets the job done. Relatively discreet.
Very loud.
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I have used bullet toys a few times before, so this isn't my first time using one of these items. In terms of bullet toys, this is a run of the mill, average bullet toy. It's really nothing special. Except for the design of the toy.

This bullet toy is very obviously a seasonal gift, or something you buy during a specific season. I can tell because the hearts ALL-OVER this device, from the remote control to the actual bullet. I'm actually surprised the bullet isn't heart-shaped, because I'm sure the designers considered it. Especially with it's heart-shapes all over the place on the product. It's a little bit much, as far as I'm concerned. But, I prefer my toys to be solid colors, so maybe I'm just going with what I'm used to. It's nice though, I'll admit. If you're a girly-girl and like to have seasonal toys.

My biggest issue with this little bullet is that it is rather loud for its size. It's so loud. I wonder if someone could hear it if I had it in the folds of my vulva while I'm completely dressed, because I can hear it and it's REALLY loud. It's pretty intense, at least with completely new batteries, so maybe sound is positively correlated with intensity, but that shouldn't be so. No one wants a loud toy. I personally like engaging in these activities in almost pure silence.

In addition, I wonder if the package is actually true, because it says that it is waterproof, which makes me wonder, is it? I didn't check myself and here's why: there are holes where the batteries are put in. I can see the batteries through these holes, which means, water can get through, and thus ruining the inside of this area. So, I wonder... is it truly waterproof? I would definitely not feel comfortable using this in the shower. But, I honestly feel that these bullet toys are not for shower use, they are for when you're sitting or in bed, which is how I use them.

I'm giving this three stars because it's not amazing, but it's also just average at best.
Follow-up commentary
It's been more than four months since Valentine's Day, and almost three months since original Heart-on bullet review and I'd figure I'd go ahead and give an update and follow-up review. Valentine's Day may have been over long before I got my hands on this toy, but that does not stop me from using this with regularity. I love using this. Since I've gotten this toy, whenever I want to get off and don't want to do it the old-fashioned way (sans toys), I use this one most of the time. It gets the job done... several times if needed. I love this toy.

If I could change my rating three months on, I'd give it a five, just for its resilience. I love using it and I’m certainly (even if it is a seasonal toy) willing to use it when it's not Valentine's Day. But then again I don't give a crap about the whole 'if it's this season/Holiday only use it then' thing. I have Christmas music on my computer and iPod all year long, and if it plays in say June or some non-December time-frame I will still listen to it! This item is like those Christmas songs. Sure, three months on I'm still not that fond of how loud it is, but I've learnt to be all right with it. It shouldn't detract from how good of a toy it is.
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  • Viv
    wow- yeah, i'd assume if you can see the batteries from the outside that would make this not waterproof. Too bad it's so loud.
  • Ashley
    The holes aren't massive, but I can still see part of the battery, so I suppose unless you put tape over the offending area, it'd be un-waterproof.
  • Oggins
    This one might be loud but it seems to be powerful and it's cheap! I wonder if they don't mean waterproof as in the egg/bullet only. I have had toys like that before that were listed as waterproof but the contol wasn't. Maybe that's the case with this one? Thanks for the review!
  • Ashley
    Makes sense. I did notice that the egg has a little clear plastic thing around the wire that leads to the control.
  • V.T.T
    This is so damn cute. I think it's great for any season, for someone you looove
  • Review It
  • (k)InkyIvy
    Great review! Thanks for sharing!
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