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Holy Buzzing Handle!

The Smart Wand Large has multiple purposes for function with a variety of vibration settings. The Sense Touch function along with some other things, really make this massager live up to its name. The massager is made of body safe and FDA approved silicone that can be thoroughly cleaned for sharing. The massager is packed with vibrations that are powerful enough to buzz all the way down your arm, but sadly this numbs your hands.
Variety of functions, safe material, multiple purposes, and powerful.
Bulky, open charging port, price, and numbs your hands.
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The Smart Wand Large from Lelo is a personal massager. The purpose of the smart wand is an all around body massager. The rounded head allows for pinpointed, but broad vibrations to various places on the body. The curved handle of the massager allows you to use it even in the most hard to reach areas. This isn't your usual personal massager, but it's something almost everyone can enjoy.

This massager can be great for couples play or solo. You can enjoy giving each other nice body massages or you can give yourself one. Due to the size of the massager it might not make the best clitoral vibrator during intercourse because it's neck and neck with Hitachi. The Smart Wand works best clitorally during solo.

This massager does have something to offer for everyone. If it doesn't have the power or enough pinpointing for clitoral stimulation, it'll surely make for a great back massager.

Material / Texture

The Smart Wand is made mostly out of Silicone. Silicone is a man made semi organic polymer. It's know to repel water and provide stability over time with wear and tear, but at the same time it also repels dirt and bacteria. Silicone can retain heat, so if you soak a waterproof silicone toy in warm water, you can enjoy some temperature play. The best quality about silicone is that it's non porous, so a thorough cleaning can be done and sharing is an option. This is also a hypoallergenic material that is latex and phthalates free. All of these great qualities help rate silicone a 10 out of 10 on the safety scale.

The silicone is smooth and velvety. This is amazingly soft! The Smart Wand's silicone is more velvet feeling then Je Joue Uma, Jopen Vibrators, and Fun Factories FOU. It's like butter poured over the silicone. There is very little drag to this silicone, but should you notice there is some, apply a compatible lube. The only part of the Smart Wand that isn't smooth is the fine seam down the massager.

The handle of the Smart Wand is sad to be Glossy ABS. ABS plastic is a hypoallergenic material that is latex and phthalates free. It's non porous, so it won't harbor any bacteria if it comes into contact with fluids. They call is Glossy ABS because it has a glossy coat of paint on it. This glossy paint makes the handle slick to the touch especially with lube.

Design / Shape / Size

The Smart Wand starts off with a rounded head that has a 7.5" circumference or 2.5" diameter. The head is 3" long and then it slims down to, so the head can flex some. After which the massager thickens to the 9" handle. The handle is curve in the middle, so your hand can comfortably grip the massager. And the very base is the charging port. Your buttons to control the vibrations are located right before the curve. There are three buttons. One marked +, one marked -, and one marked (). The total length of this massager is 12", which is comparable to Hitachi. The size of the head is comparable to the Hitachi's head as well. Since the head sizes are close you should be able to use Hitachi attachments with the Smart Wand. Since this massager is comparable in size to Hitachi, it is a bulky and extremely large toy! This isn't the easiest to hide, but since it's also a back massager you could pass it off as that. If you want to travel with this toy discretion won't be an issue because it's a back massager. Just be sure to use the locking feature with the controls.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Smart Wand has a rechargeable Li-ion 900 mAh 7.4 V battery. The charging time takes approximately 2 hours to completely charge. And it's said you get about 2 hours of play time out of the massager, but that does depend on the setting. The higher the setting, the less time you will have. During charging the LED lights around the buttons will flash until charge is complete. Charge is complete when the light is steady.

The Smart Wand is a power level all on it's own. The vibrations are somewhat hard to rate. Should you compare it to other massagers like Hitachi, you will be disappointed in the lack of power. But as I said this isn't your usual massager. The vibrations are unique in their own style. If you compare the Smart Wand to Uma or Salsa, you would see they are more powerful than these toys, but less then Hitachi. These vibrations are definitely buzzy, but they are deep! The vibrations are mostly located at the head. But just holding the massager by the handle you can feel the vibrations all the way down to your elbow. These make you hand and arm go numb after some time. The vibrations are powerful, but the the large head size they can't be focused on an area as pinpointed as the clit. Instead they vibrate the entire area. This is great when it's used as a body massager, but not so great for clitoral stimulation unless you like your entire crotch vibrated. The sound level of these vibrations are very quiet especially when compared to other massagers. They could be heard under covers and behind closed doors, but if you turn on some back ground noise with a closed door and covers, you will be fine.

There are three buttons to control the vibrations (+,-, and ().) To turn on the vibrations you just hold in the + until you reach your desired power level. There are LED lights around the three buttons that turn on. This massager has 8 different modes for patterns of vibrations. These are:

1)On/off pulsation
2)Throbbing pulsation
3)Shaking pulsation (sounds like Jaws Theme song)
4)Pulsation that slowly builds up the intensity of the vibrations.
5)Starts off low and goes to high, then shuts off to cycle again.
6)Slow pulsation
7)A random pulsation that mixes up settings above
8)Back to steady (this is the original setting when you turn it on)

To turn off your massager hold in the - button until it shuts off. There is a locking feature to the controls also. You can do this by holding in the + and - buttons until the LED lights shut off. To turn it back on hold the same two buttons until the LED light turns back on.

The Smart Wand has a special feature called the Sense Touch. According to the manual this is designed to mimic massage techniques. Instead of applying max strength vibrations from the start, it builds in strength when it comes in contact with the skin. There are special touch sensors in the head of the massager that can tell when it's made contact with the body. When the massager makes contact with the body the vibrations will increase, but when it's not in contact with the body the vibrations will be a low purr. To turn on your Sense Touch function you must turn on the massager and hold in the () button until the LED light flashes. You can increase and decrease the speed with the + and -. And when you want to go back to standard you just hold in the () button. The Smart Wand also has a memory feature. It will remember what setting you had it set on last, but not the power level.

The Smart Wand is marketed as waterproof, but the end of the massager does have an open charging port. I don't want to test out the theory that it's waterproof for fear it'll ruin the toy. So, I will say it's splash proof at best. However, no other massager is even splash proof, so this massager is one of a kind.

Care and Maintenance

According to a paper insert in the manual you shouldn't scrub your massager with a rough or scouring material, don't boil it, don't store it in sunlight, don't clean it with alcohol or silicone based solutions, and don't use when plugged in and charging. It does tell you that you should apply cleaning solution directly to silicone, ensure the control are unlocked prior to using, and charge massager monthly.

Silicone is an easy material to care for. You should wash it with warm water and anti bacterial soap before and after each use. Toy cleaners and toy wipes can be used as well. If you want to sterilize your massager for sharing you should wash it in a 90% water and 10% bleach solution. Again, don't boil this or put it in the dishwasher, this will kill the motor.

This massager needs space for storage. It does come with a really nice padded pouch for storage. You should store it inside the pouch and away from sunlight. Otherwise it can go anywhere it fits. Be sure not to store it next to materials that can't be stored with silicone. These materials are those that aren't compatible with silicone based lubes. They could damage you silicone massager.

Silicone is only compatible with water based lubes. You can use oil based lubes if you wish. Be sure that your lube doesn't contain any silicone based ingredients prior to using it because this could damage the silicone on your toy.


The packaging is very nice. It comes in a box that has some useful information of it. The massager is pictured on the front of this box, but when you remove this box a lovely white box is underneath. This box is great for gifting. It's very discreet and presentable! When you open this box there is placement for your massager and a flap to hide the pouch and charger. Lelo was also generous enough to include a small gold pin that is the shape of the three buttons. I am assuming this is the Insignia symbol. There is a manual to explain your massager to you. (I recommend reading it!) Inside this manual it also explains the 1 year warranty and the 10 year product quality guarantee.


I am a fan of this massager, but more as a massager then a clitoral vibrator. I find that this massager is just too bulky for use. It's fun to use solo, but not during intercourse, which is when I use my toys the most. The large head applies a broad sense of vibrations that just don't focus on a small area such as the clitoris. I tend to prefer pinpointed vibrations right to the clitoris, which is why I like my Salsa vibrator so much.

If you enjoy the Hitachi, but think it's too powerful, the Smart Wand might be what you are looking for. It's packed with vibrations that are powerful, but not as powerful as most massagers. However, this toy does have more power then usual vibrators.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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