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Nexus Chloe

Traditional vibrator by LB Trading Ltd

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I Always Found Chloe to be One of the Sexiest Names...

The Nexus Chloe is designed to give you three areas of stimulation throughout it's 9 inch, dual sided shaft. Vibrations are powerful and deep, very throbby with useful patterns that pulse between the motors. Silicone, santizeable, rechargeable, the Chloe is almost everything a luxury toy should be... with too many glitches to make it truly luxurious or lasting.
3 vibrational pleasure points, flat oval shape is filling & girthy, small end cups the vulva nicely.
Rattley, leaky, adapter fits loosely, buttons are glitchy.
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The Nexus Chloe is the type of vibrator that should work for everyone. It's shaft has three vibration points; two in the insertable end and one in the shorter end intended for external use. It's a sleek, gorgeous vibrator crafted of 100% silicone with a nice curve and a thickness to the longer shaft that is stimulating to the g-spot and a heavier curve to cup the vulva and hug the clitoris on the shorter shaft. It's firm with some give and very easy to control due to it's shape and length.

Material / Texture

The Chloe is, as mentioned, a silicone vibrator. As such, it has no smell or taste and can be shared without worry, due to silicone being sanitizable.

The silicone covering the Chloe is matte, which gives a nice drag against the skin though that drag can be minimized by using a bit of water based lube. It's velvety to the touch and most of the shaft feels like silicone over plastic, although the tip of the larger end is quite squishy if you squeeze it. It's firm, which allows for a good bit of pressure, yet is not hard or ungiving.

There is no real texture to this toy. The entire shaft, both usable ends, is sleek and silky smooth. There are a few seams in the smaller end and a pink metal band in the center, but none of these can be felt during use.

Design / Shape / Size

The Chloe is designed to be used in multiple ways.

Penetration? You bet. Insert the larger end with it's dual motors and you have vibration at both the tip and the base, stimulating both g-spot or the walls of your vagina as well as the entrance.

Clitoral stimulation? Oh yes. Not only can you use the larger shaft against your clit but you can also use the smaller end with it's cupped, curved design to really nestle your vulva and clitoris.

The Chloe is a large-ish vibrator; it's 9 inches long from tip to tip with a 5 inch insertable length. Its 1.5 inch diameter is also nicely girthy and feels even more so because of it's oval shape. The Chloe is not round but rather like a smooshed circle so that it is wider horizontally than it is up and down. This leaves you feeling quite full and satisfied but may feel too large to those who prefer a slender toy.

Nexus has made the Chloe non phallic, obviously, making it a fairly discreet toy in both appearance and noise level. It would be an excellent travel companion since the control panel is lockable; no turning on in your carry on!

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Chloe really gets it right with it's multiple pleasure points. The vibrations are useful and moderately strong, very thuddy and deep compared to many vibrators. They're located in the tip of the shorter shaft as well as the base and tip of the longer shaft.

Vibrations are controlled via a press pad quite like those on a gaming controller (and much like other high end vibrators). A press to the + button on the right turns vibrations on in the longer tip. Even at this first speed they're quite strong. Subsequent presses to this button increase them to a nice, strong buzz. Pressing the - button on the left decreases them. The top and bottom parts of the button are arrows. A press up turns on the vibrations at the base of the larger shaft, another press begins patterns between the two. A press to the down arrow turns off the larger shaft and starts vibrations in the smaller shaft. Intensity levels for all can be adjusted with the + and - buttons. Turn the Chloe off by pressing the - button repeatedly.

The controls are fairly simple to use but are easily nudged in the head of the moment.

The Chloe is very quiet though it does have a thuddy, rattley sound to it. It is not waterproof due to it's control pad and charging port. Chloe is rechargeable and comes with a European plug and a US adapter. The adapter fits loosely and must be positioned carefully or the Chloe will cease charging.

Lights glow blue behind the control button when it's charging and when you press the button.

Care and Maintenance

The Chloe should be wiped down with a wet cloth, a toy wipe or sprayed with either toy cleaner or a bleach solution to clean it, depending on if you want it clean or sanitized.

Care should be used when washing with soap and water due to the charging port and control panel. Water will ruin your Chloe.

Use only water based lube with Chloe (or do a patch test if you want to try silicone) and store it in the included satin drawstring bag or the box it came in.

Personal comments

Doing this as a descriptive review means I had to be objective through out the review. However...

The Chloe, though it appears to be a luxury vibrator, is riddled with issues and problems and glitches.

The manual is quite insane and uses three different names for the toy as well as claiming things that just aren't true -- such as the buttons glowing white at times when they don't.

The buttons themselves are quite glitchy and do odd things at unexpected moments. Occasionally the buttons to modify vibration levels will change functions. Occasionally you will have three vibration patterns, most of the time two. It's almost like they bred a massager with Christine the demon car and came up with Chloe the vibrator...

The Chloe, while quiet, sounds unbelievably rattly, especially on the pulsation functions. Like it might rattle apart in your hand.

It's just...

Pretty crappy. It wants to be good. It could be good. In fact, if it worked properly, Chloe would absolutely be in my top five toys ever. Unfortunately, it doesn't. I have no doubt this toy will not last another 5 uses, much less long enough to outlast its warranty. Which... um... it doesn't have.

I would definitely get another Chloe if Nexus improves them but they definitely need a LOT of work.
Follow-up commentary
The Chloe was a product I was so excited to get. My expectations were unbelievably high. It looks amazing and could have been amazing with more care and quality control.

Unfortunately, it ended up being the luxury vibe that wasn't and there is nothing that could redeem it other than a complete redesign of the multiple flaws.
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