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I wanted you to bring me to my knees Layla!

Rabbits are great for those who need dual stimulation to achieve orgasm. Unfortunately it is not flexible enough to fit everyone's anatomy. Please make sure you read the dimensions to determine if it is suitable for your anatomy. The positive is that it provides nice amount of power for the clitoral attachment so even power kings and queens will most likely find it satisfying.
Battery Operated
Sticky silicone
May not fit all anatomies
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Rabbits are designed to provide dual stimulation of the vagina and clitoris so the user can achieve blended orgasms. Layla does this via separate controls. One can use just the rotating beaded shaft, the rabbit clitoral attachment, or both together. This can be appealing to those who prefer one stimulation over the other because you are not forced to have both controls on simultaneously.

Although rabbit vibes are intended for vaginal and clitoral stimulation that doesn't mean a more experienced user couldn't use it anally. The clitoral arm would prevent the toy from getting lost inside the anal canal.

This can be used solo or with your partner using it on you in many settings due to waterproof capabilities.

Material / Texture

Layla's shaft is made out silicone with 6 rows of 3 metal beads inside the core and has an ABS plastic handle and push buttons. Silicone is what will be inserted into your body and it is considered a food-grade material that is hypo-allergenic, non-porous, and free of latex and phthalates. The silicone is definitely a lint, hair, and debris magnet. I couldn't take pictures without getting something attached to it.

It is a very firm rabbit with only a small amount of flexibility in the tip of the head. However, the rabbits ears are very flexible.

It has 8 raised bubbles in the shape of a Y going down the back of the shaft, as well as a visible seam but I could not feel either when inserted.

The beads can be felt during use and would be better suited for those who like slightly textured items.

Design / Shape / Size

Layla is a transparent pink rotating beaded rabbit with a distinct phallic head and bunny eared clitoral attachment. The shaft rotates around and around and does not have any thrusting capabilities unless you do it yourself.

The total length from tip to base is 10" with an insertable length of 5." From the shafts tip to the top of the rabbits ear is a distance of 3 1/4". The head measures 4 1/2" around. At the beads the shaft increases to 5 3/4' around. Each ear measures 1" long. The clitoral attachment measures 4 1/4" around. In the handle where the buttons are located measures 5 3/4" around.

Here's what it looks like compared to Triple Tickler and Dancing beads dual vibrator and my hand.

As with any rabbit, it may not work with everyone's anatomy.

This is not what I call discreet due to its larger size. If discretion is important to you, I would not leave this out where others can see. I wouldn't consider traveling with it either unless you are not easily embarrassed. If you're not, it could fit into a checked suitcase, but nothing small like a purse or jacket. I suggest taking the batteries out before doing so to prevent the batteries from running down or accidentally turning on.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Layla is a battery operated rabbit that requires 3 AAA batteries to operate (not included). The batteries are located at the bottom of the toy in a designated battery housing unit. Insert the 3 AAA's, twist back on and your toy is ready to use.

Layla has independent controls for the beaded shaft and the clitoral attachment. They are an up and down button that controls the rotating beads, a rotation button in the center that controls if the beads rotate right or left, and a settings button that controls the clitoral shaft.

The beads rotate at low, medium, and high speeds. To use, press the up arrow to turn on and progress through the three speeds. To turn off, press the down arrow to the last setting and hold for a few seconds. The beads may stop working if you have strong kegel muscles.

To use the clitoral arm, press the settings button for a few seconds and it will turn on. Continue pressing until you find your favorite setting among the 7 settings available. To turn off, press the settings button for a few seconds and it will turn off. If you were using the beaded shaft at the same time, doing this will shut it off as well. The settings for the clitoral arm are as follows:

1. Low steady vibrations
2. Medium steady vibrations
3. High steady vibrations
4. Pulse-pulse-pulse
5. Rollercoaster starting on low increasing to high
6. Long drawn out pulses
7. 3 pulses with 1 drawn out pulse-repeat

I like that it can do either one or both at the same time depending on ones preference.

The vibrations are a mixture of buzzy and rumbly not extreme on either side. The vibrations can be felt in the ears, nose, and middle of the clitoral attachment where the bullet is located.

Although it does have an included O-ring for waterproof capabilities, I soaked mine in a sink full of water for 15 minutes and a few drops of water reached the inside. Due to this, I would consider this most definitely splash proof, but not 100% waterproof. Somewhere along the lines of mostly waterproof, but don't submerge. Whenever using in these situations, make sure the battery compartment is screwed on tight.

When you have both functions on it does tend to get loud. It can be heard through a closed door, but not through thin walls.

Care and Maintenance

Water based lubricant is recommended to use with this to ensure the longevity of the toy.

It is best to store this in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight, without the batteries inserted, and away from other silicone toys. This prevents corrosion of batteries, and melting of materials.

Silicone is very easy to care for, and should be cleaned before and after each use because it does pick up debris easily. Due to its mostly waterproof nature, you can easily wash this with antibacterial soap and warm water. You can also use your favorite toy cleaner or toy wipes if you wish. If you need to sanitize it, you can use a 10% bleach solution.


To minimize waste, this came packaged in plastic with no further information regarding the product.


Unfortunately, Layla's clitoral attachment overshot my anatomy and I could not maneuver it without sacrificing the rotating beads.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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    Excellent review. I will admit, had to read the title 3 times.
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    I was trying to go for a play on words with the old rock song Layla. *Brought me to my knees Layla*
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