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Impulse multifunction hyper bullet reviews

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This is good for starters or if you want something for foreplay or teasing. If you're looking for something to make you cum over and over, you might need to look elsewhere.

I'd suggest grabbing this toy if you want a powerful, small bullet. It is easy and simple to use even though it has plenty of functions. I love the bullet's smooth texture. This toy is not too big and easy to clean.

The Impulse Multifunction Hyper Bullet was not what I expected it to be. It had so much wrong with it, I am just sorry I got it in the first place.

There happen to be a few settings for this bullet that I really, really like, but that may not be the case for you. That said, if you can get it as a free gift, you may as well.

This toy was more than I expected it to be. It is one of the better Cal Exotics toys I have come across. It defiantly makes me want to order from them again.

The Impulse Multifunction Hyper Bullet is a great-corded bullet, with some power and fantastic patterns. If you’re looking for a corded bullet with some nice patterns and don’t mind buzzy vibrations or a bit of noise this toy may be perfect for you.

This bullet is a little on the pricey side, and seems cheaply made, but it did surprise me. I actually do love it, and would recommend it to other bullet users.

The Impulse is a great little bullet to get and to enjoy. It offers a lot of varied functionality and ease of use so everyone will be able to enjoy it.

I am very pleased with the hyper bullet! While it has its flaws (the cord and the high-pitched vibrations) it feels durable and the vibrations are quite strong! A solid 3 stars!

If you like it loud, this is the cat's meow. If not, please, run away and never return, unless you have learned Hakuna Matata and have lost all worries. If anyone is asleep while you play, they won't be with this toy on.

The design, portability, multiple features of the bullet are a positive for the product but the massive amount of batteries required for such a small toy and the bad design of the battery pack turn me off. Not to mention the toy has no on/off switch which means leaving batteries in the pack is inadvisable. It does its job, but too much hassle to make it worth the effort.

We got this bullet as a free gift with our order, it is the first bullet we have had and it is an excellent toy to add to our collection.

This is one of my favorite free gifts ever! The fact that it has 10 vibration speeds and 5 pulse patterns makes it great for almost anyone. I love it!

I got this toy as a free gift when I placed a order over 79 dollars and am I glad I did. This is a very powerful bullet and gets the job done fast and done right. I would recommend to everyone!

Overall I have to give this toy a high rating because of the quality we received for the price we paid ($0). If it was full price I would opt for a cordless or more waterproof toy. As it is this toy is a valuable addition to our collection.

At 35 dollars I would assume this would be a lot more than average. The only innovative thing I saw was its controls and good vibrations only at its highest. For the price I wish I saw better design to make use of that good vibration. Get it only if it's free because otherwise it's not worth it.

They say you should never look a gift horse in the mouth. I saw there are better gift horses out there. This is nothing special: loud, buzzy and just all-around annoying. I can only recommend this bullet if you haven't already got one or if you've ever wondered what Carpal Tunnel feels like. While it's powerful enough to get you off if you like vibrations that feel like mild electric shocks, people who like even the tiniest amount of rumble to their toys will want to look elsewhere.

This is listed on EF as being $35.99. Do NOT pay that. As a free gift, this is a fine bullet. It is better for beginners because it is not very strong and advanced users will likely be bored and dissatisfied with this buzzy bullet. It is also very loud and takes 3AAA batteries.

This is a battery hog, 3 AAA batteries is a lot for a bullet. The buttons are super touchy. The battery cover looks like it broke already. The toy is loud. Do not pay more then $10 for this, or stick to getting it for free.

If this wasn't a free gift, I wouldn't have even thought about getting it. It's way too weak for me and is very loud. If you don't need many vrooms in your toy and don't care how loud it is, this toy might be for you. If you want a strong and quiet toy, run far away from this one!

Give the Hyper Bullet to my husband for his cock rings. The many functions allow him to experience the fun of many of my toys that have multiple settings and the buzzy vibes are a perfect match for his preferences. Using this as a teaser, cooling it off and playing and adding sleeves for texture adds much to the versatility of this bullet making it a good option for those who like to play....

This bullet is a decent one for a first time bullet (second or third) or for someone that doesn't require a lot of power and doesn't mind the buzzing noise. It has multiple speeds and patterns for a diverse range of pleasure.

This could easily be a nice addition to any toy box, but because of the potentially unsafe cord it isn't suggested for insertion. If you are looking for something powerful for clitoral stimulation without having to shell out a lot of cash, this may be the toy for you.

I got this solely because it was a free gift with my order a few months ago. I never actually bothered to take it out until now, just out of curiosity. Well, it's not something I would typically go for and I have more issues with it than things that I like about it. I don't think this will be in my toy collection for very long.

It sounds kind of like a Yeti at times, but the multi-speed, multi-function hyper bullet is worth the noise. The five functions and ten speeds are really what set this bullet apart from other bullets. I can say with almost certainty that there is a setting for almost anyone with this bullet...beginners or advanced users alike. Minimal packaging is an added bonus.

Bullets are great foreplay items and this is no exception. It’s vibrations probably won’t get the job done but they will at least help warm things up and there are some included patterns to keep things interesting.

Holy Hyper Bullet!!!

You want power without spending a ton of money this has it. Do you like a ton of power with little battery drain this has it. This little purple bullet has everything you could possibly want. Function, simplicity, ease of use, for running on only 3 AAA batteries it really has more power than I ever could have hoped.

This is a great concept. There are many, many uses with lots of vibration settings. It didn't do anything for me. Maybe it's just me, but the hard plastic bullets seem, well, like hard plastic. The hyper bullet didn't feel good on my lady bits, or any where else on me for that matter.

This toy turned me into Goldilocks. It was too big for me to comfortably use externally and too small for internal satisfaction. It was not intense enough or too intense. It does offer a lot of variety, but it just wasn't working out for me.

If you like different speeds, if you like different vibration patterns, and if you like changing things up while your are in the middle of things, this is a great toy. It makes both foreplay and solo play an amazing experience, and certainly something to look forward to.

This is a great toy! I am so happy that I have mine and I would recommend this to anyone looking for a bullet that is good for heavy or light play. It doesn’t matter what mood you are in, this toy is great and you can easily choose any function you want with the amazing remote control that comes with this set!

The hyper bullet is a great toy with multiple patterns and vibrations settings. It is great for beginners or advanced users alike. Although if you demand a lot of power from your toys this might not be a good choice for you.

Not as Powerful as Eden's Other Bullets...

The Impulse Multifunction Hyper Bullet (Whew! That’s long) is a beautiful purple bullet. It is fairly strong, has lots of patterns, and is easy to use. For someone who loves lots of power, this bullet didn’t have enough oomph for me. I prefer Eden’s basic bullet. It’s much stronger and cheaper. However, this bullet has a lot of great things to offer! Most people will probably love this bullet, I just didn’t.

If you need a simple bullet with lots of vibration patterns, the Impulse is great. But if you need something discreet or a toy that will knock your socks off with power, look elsewhere.

I would actually recommend the Basic Vibrating Bullet over this one simply because of the price, however if you need patterned vibrations then this maybe a better choice for you.

This multifunction bullet vibe is amazing and is worth every penny! It's a great addition to foreplay and adds major intensity to orgasms during steamy solo sessions, as well as oral, anal, and vaginal sex. With it's multiple vibration patterns and intensity levels, it is equally great for new and experienced users.

If you're looking for a very strong bullet with multiple functions, then look no further because this is a great bullet to add to any collection.

Veteran toy connoisseurs and doe-eyed newcomers to the sex toy scene alike will find something they like about this toy. It has an impressive variety of vibration patterns to choose from and an easy, mostly intuitive remote control. Single, taken, somewhere in between - this versatile toy will play nice with other toys in tandem.

Again I use this toy more than any other I own. It just gives me the best pleasure I have experienced for a toy.

It's a great product and hardly no cons. It's worth while for anybody that likes to get themselves off quickly or for couples that like to masturbate together or even extend their play with their toys.

The Impulse hyper bullet is a versatile toy good for a speedy delivery or a lie surly romp with a powerful ending. Very quiet,offering multiple settings and choices this toy is a great addition to the beginners toy box as well as a seasoned toy lover.

I'd highly, highly recommend this toy to a novice or an expert. Although it's a $44 vibe, it's worth every penny. The vibrations on the toy are strong and it the different pulsations settings kept me guessing as to what would happen next.

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