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It's not the size of the wave, it's the motion of the ocean!

Corsar is a vibe that shows you that good things can come in small packages. Yes, he's short. Yes, he's kind of thin...but he can really deliver. Heck, he's the only vibe that has me calling it a "he", so he must be doing something right! Corsar offers variety in vibrations, with both deep steady vibes and patterns of pulsation. I can't say enough good things about fact, maybe I should stop writing before my husband gets jealous...
Flexible, smooth silicone shaft, nice variety, strong vibrations
Cap makes true waterproof abilities questionable
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The Corsar is a mini-vibe from Fun Factory. The tip is curved and would be great for someone who has a shallow g-spot. Mine is pretty far back so it didn't serve as a g-spot vibe for me. It does offer really nice shallow vaginal insertion though. You can also use Corsar for great clitoral stimulation. My favorite way to use the Corsar is to kind of rock him (Yes, this is my first vibe that actually gets a gender! That's how in love with him I am.) back and forth rubbing from my clitoris and then down for some shallow insertion. His small size works out expertly for this and in this way out performs bigger vibes. And as much as deep penetration is nice sometimes I'm not in the mood for all that, sometimes I want some nice quick clitoral stimulation with just a little bit of added vaginal sensation. The Corsar delivers this and then some. I also like the Corsar as part of foreplay because he can get me really revved up. He's also small enough to be travel friendly so Corsar can easily come along on trips!
    • Anywhere

Material / Texture

I am in love with the texture of Corsar. He's made of this really nice silicone that doesn't have much drag to it at all. This is nice since I am wanting to be discreet and quick in my solo sessions. I have three young kids..sometimes 10-15 minutes of peace is all I get! I don't like to have to bring out the lube and all that, with Corsar I don't need any. Corsar's mainly just smooth textured but there is a band that wraps around that offers a slight ridge and a slightly smoother, kind of shiny area of silicone. It's very subtle and can't be detected much while using it, but I am willing to believe that it does add something to the experience. It's just so subtle that you don't realize that it is. Corsar just does his job and does it well, he doesn't brag about it.

He's also non-porous and really flexible. He can bend in any direction you'd like him to bend in. He is pretty small; though, as I said, so his bending abilities are slightly limited by that. Corsar doesn't smell, doesn't really taste like anything. Only down side I can see is that he does pick up lint and any kind of particles lying about. It's just because he's so soft, everything is attracted to him...just like I am. But in all seriousness, I just keep him in the little plastic casing that he came in and we have no worries.
    • Flexible
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

Corsar is a one of the little guys. But don't's not the size of the wave, it's the motion of the ocean baby! I was a bit skeptical when I first received Corsar in the mail. I was thinking he wasn't really going to offer me much vaginal stimulation and that I'd be mainly using him as a clitoral stimulator.

But even though Corsar is not very girthy, he's not very long. He does a great job of stimulating me internally because of the little curve of the shaft. It's kind of like an enlarged finger; just as a finger can easily hit all the right spots, Corsar can too. But, unlike a finger, he can vibrate too!

A beginner could easily have a lot of fun with Corsar, but I think he can be beneficial for more advanced users too. For me I found that his smaller size actually made me more in tune with my body while I was figuring out how to use him best. I found my hands weren't so far away from my body as they normally are while using a vibe and that was nice. It was great for exploration.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Corsar has two buttons, a + and - on the base of the shaft itself. These are nice because they're easy to reach and control while using Corsar, but they are kind of in the way since he's so small. If you are using the base for some clitoral stimulation sometimes the button will get pressed by accident and the vibration will change. It's easy enough to put it back where you want it. But I did have some times that I had some surprise changes of intensity and pattern. I think it was just Corsar trying to keep me on my toes!

There are multiple levels of solid vibration that you can change gradually by holding down the + or - buttons. You can also do a quick press and change them in a step formation, but I think the beauty of these kinds of controls is you can customize it to be the exact amount of intensity that you want. Once you've reached the maximum intensity you can press the + button again and that starts cycling you through the patterns. There are three different patterns of pulsation to choose from. If you keep hitting the + button you'll keeping going through these patterns until you hit the - button. Hitting the - button will take you back to the solids. It does take a bit of getting used to since the way that the controls work is slightly different then some other vibes, but once you get the hang of it they're really nice. I really like the choice of vibrations that the Corsar offers.

The vibrations are also nice and deep. They're not buzzy. They’re nice and strong. They can be felt through the entire shaft and they are really quiet. Corsar knows how to be discreet, he can't be heard through a closed door and I doubt he can even be heard across the room. Corsar is also waterproof; I have to say though that the cap has me a bit concerned. The cap does lock into place and the booklet states that Corsar should then be waterproof but it just doesn't look completely sealed even though there is an o-ring. It doesn't really screw into place, it's just a turn and lock type cap. I would be comfortable using Corsar in the shower, but he won't be coming with me into any bubble baths or anything.

One other thing I wanted to note is that when you first go to turn Corsar on you need to hold down the + button for a few seconds. The first time I used him I just pressed it once and I thought I had a dud. But, you just need to hold it for a few seconds and it works fine.
    • Easy to use
    • Lots of variety in function
    • Strong patterns

Care and Maintenance

Corsar is made from silicone. Silicone is easy to take care of and it can be sanitized. You can clean with a mild soap and water or use toy cleaner. You can also use a 10% bleach solution if you'd like.

One thing to be careful of is lubricants. Make sure to use water based as silicone may react poorly with Corsar's silicone. Also be sure to store Corsar not touching any other silicone toys. Corsar needs his space and might melt into another silicone toy if he's left touching it. Such a naughty boy, he is always trying to get with others when you're not watching!
    • Easy to clean


Fun Factory has really nice packaging. Corsar came in a cardboard box, in which you can see him from the outside. If you flip over the box there are two flaps held together with a magnet. If you open the flaps you can see the other side of Corsar along with some key points about your new toy. The packaging is a cream and red color. I think it complimented Corsar's red quite nicely!

Inside Corsar has a little plastic pack that he can be stored in, great for keeping off all the lint and such. There's also two little booklets; one tells you about Corsar and the other is a little pamphlet that shows you all the other Fun Factory toys.
    • Good for storage
    • Very informative
    • Would make a nice gift
Follow-up commentary
I use the Corsar mainly for clitoral stimulation. Corsar is great to use in a stroking/rocking motion going from my clit down for some shallow vaginal play, but when I'm in the mood for some actual vaginal stimulation and want to feel full Corsar just can't deliver. I still believe that good things come in small packages and Corsar does a great job at being able to offer awesome clitoral stimulation, and sometimes I really don't want to fully insert a toy and Corsar is wonderful for those times. I think if it was a little bit longer though there would be more situations where I wanted to use this one.
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