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iTap'd That!

The iTap is a powerful yet small vibrator that can tickle the fancy of everyone who uses it. It's settings range from the tame to the powerful, so you are bound to find something you like at the tip of your finger.
Multi-speed, multifunction, easy to use, great for beginners, great for the experienced, powerful.
Somewhat noisy, uses up batteries quickly.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
In the Age of the Touch, the world is at your finger tips with the latest and greatest electronics. You can get directions or check your email while in the car or on the beach. You can experience convenience and instant gratification. So why should your pleasure be any different? It was only a matter of time before sex toys joined in the touch technology. Today I bring you California Exotics’ iTap Bullet, which has officially taken #1 in my toy collection.

This small but mighty bullet vibrator is sleek and sexy in design, featuring a slim ABS plastic body, a 3 foot cord, and a 2 ¼ inch ABS plastic bullet with a 3 ¼ inch circumference. I ordered it in white, which had a shiny and slightly pearl-like quality for the battery pack, with a silver bullet. This little vibrator uses two AAA batteries, which you will go through quite quickly if you love this vibrator as much as I do. Even though it only requires AAA batteries, this bullet is quite powerful. Big Os can come in small packages.

The iTap bullet is activated by a small spot that says “touch me” near the tip of the control pack. All it requires is a slight touch to cause pretty powerful vibrations. The first setting is low vibrations, followed by high vibrations. The middle setting is a mix of high vibrations and quick pulsations. The fourth setting is quick pulsations, with the final setting of slower pulsations. You have to cycle through all settings in that order, which can be annoying at times. However, each setting is quite amazing and will suit a variety of tastes. The higher vibrations and quicker pulsations are powerful enough to satisfy more experienced individuals, while the lower settings are great for beginners who want to work their way up. Every time I have used this toy, I have come quickly and powerfully. Literally, your orgasm is right there at your finger tips.

Because the iTap is pretty touch sensitive, I wanted to find out exactly how sensitive it is. I didn’t want it to accidentally hit something and turn on when I’m not using it. Thus, my battery of tests came about.

What I learned:

1. The iTap is both pressure AND heat sensitive. It would turn on at the touch of my finger, my leg, and even my dog (no animals were harmed in the testing of this product!) It would not turn on if it rubbed against the bed, hit the bed, touched my desk, or if I used a pencil eraser to touch it. Cold hands can be a toss-up. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about it getting turned on in storage.
2. It is very sensitive to the touch of a finger. Quick taps can cause it to jump quickly between settings, which gets irritating. However, stroking the “touch me” spot works well because it does not skip settings as easily. Plus, it just feels sexier! Wouldn’t you rather caress something rather than tapping or poking it?
3. The “touch me” activation does not stick like buttons. The problem with my old bullet was that the buttons got stuck and I couldn’t change the settings. That’s not a problem with this, since there is nothing to stick.

The iTap is also fairly easy to clean. It’s not waterproof, but you can clean it with warm antibacterial soap and a wet wash cloth. Just don’t immerse it in water, or else you’ll fry the electrical system. Water-based lube is recommended by the manufacturer for “maximum pleasure”.

I found the bullet to be great for vaginal use as well as external clitoral use. The size made it pretty nice for vaginal use since it is strong enough to really rock your socks off, and sits right around the vaginal opening near the majority of nerve endings. It’s also great to really hit that perfect spot externally with it’s concentrated vibrations and pulsations. I enjoy using it on my clit while straddling pillows since I can rub against it in that position. It also would be good to use during partner play by giving them the controls to drive you crazy with pleasure. Use your imagination with it, since it’s so easy to use and so effective at pleasuring you. The only thing I would not recommend it for is anal play, because the cord might break.

When used internally, the iTap was virtually silent. However, externally it’s fairly noisy and can be heard from underneath the covers. You can’t hear it from behind a closed door though. It’s meant for pleasure at your slightest touch, not necessarily discretion.

Overall, I will touch this product again and again. You should try tapping it.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • LicentiouslyYours
    This seems like a much better concept, design wise, than the bullet with no cord or control. Given the issues others have been having with accidentally tapping and changing the controls, it's great to see at least one version of the iTap product that is working well without annoyance!

    Nice review!
  • Femme Mystique
    The tap design definitely seems to make more sense for a corded bullet than on the base of a traditional vibrator. Thanks for the review!
  • Dark Muse
    Licentious: I did notice right away that it was pretty sensitive, so I tried to find the best way to change the settings. There is something to be said for a nice caress and a long stroke Smile

    Playful: It does make much more sense, and it works well. My favorite bullet died because the buttons got stuck, so having a tap/touch sensitive spot makes sense to me on a bullet.
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    loved the review! Big smile
  • Blooddragon
    Great review, thank you.
  • melianofvalinor9
    Thank you for adding how loud it was because I find that people don't focus too much on that and I need discretion sometimes
  • OrangeKushBB
  • Zombirella
    thanks for the review
  • kawigrl
    nice review
  • Peres2013
    This toy looks great. Thanks for the review.
  • rpmast3r
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