Jenna's vibe with attachments - vibrator kit by Doc Johnson - review by Aliki

Jenna's vibe with attachments sex toy review

A nice toy to have handy near the bath or shower for those times when getting wet makes you a little wet. It is small, and has a minimal noise similar to an electric shaver so no one will know what you're up to!
Waterproof, comes with battery and warranty. Also includes Jenna's Favorite Lube.
Some of the attachments are a little too pointy. Hard to turn on with one hand.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
Holy climax!

This lil' toy is freaking sweet!

First off, I must start with the fact it comes with a battery, 90 day limited warranty, a little packet of personal lubricant AND is waterproof! In my opinion, any toy that comes with a battery is great, cause it saved me time going to the store to pick up more little AA's!

Since the warranty is included (but must be sent off, with free postage!), I decide to just plunge right into the bathtub and see for myself how "waterproof" it is. It held up with ease (p.s. I take hot baths) or wearing down the battery any faster compared to other toys of the same nature being used outside of water. Next stop: the hot tub!

It is slim enough to carry in a small purse /make up bag/pencil case or whatever; super portable. I took it to my boyfriend's house easily; it looks like a mini plastic flashlight. You probably won't be stopped while being searched at the airport.

Each individual attachment connects on very sturdily, and stays where it should while playing, which for me is a big deal as I'm usually all over the place. Of the attachments, I found of particular interest two of the pieces. The tongue shaped piece, which was very nicely curved, and the tip of the piece wasn't too pokey or sharp. The backside of it contours nicely to stimulate my clitoris. I also enjoyed the piece that looks like a chess pawn; this was highly stimulating; rubbing the length of  it over my clit made me wet fast, and made cum in around a minute or two.

Noise wise, I score it 5/5 bees. I mostly used it under water, and it didn't make sound. However; I also had the water running at the time. Under the covers, I would also score it a 5/5 bees, none of the roommates caught me this time! That's always great when a toy reliably delivers without people knowing what you're up to, and leaving you uninterrupted. Unless of course you'd like to share.

I was impressed for something of this size, how quiet it is, and the fact that it's waterproof. With that being said, as far as the vrooms factor for this little baby, I'd like to give it 5/5.  As mentioned above, several of the pieces (for me) are more stimulating that others, as I'm sure you will find different ones to your taste. After all,  the best part of the toy is its variety, and enjoying the exploration of all the parts until you find the right one to suit your best interests.

Of the Jenna line toys, I've not played with a single one that has yet to disappoint me, and not get me off properly. Jenna's vibe (with attachments) certainly lives up to the rest. 5/5 stars for the above mentioned "bonus" inclusions (lubrication, battery, warranty) and because of the product itself.
Follow-up commentary
I use this every day!

Either by itself, or with another sex toy I own. I like to use it in conjunction with a vibrator just so I get the penetration sensations and the clitoral stimulation that I'm so particularly fond of.

I mainly use it in the shower and the bath, and after a few weeks of ownership, I'm glad to report that it still remains in working order, and has had absolutely no problems with it whatsoever!

Still 5/5 stars; the power has not been lost; vrooms when I get a newer battery in is still 5/5 and the bees is still quiet at a 1/5.   
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Nicole
    Thanks, both for the original and follow up review. This is definitely going on my wish list! :)
  • Nashville
    Sounds like a lot of bang for the buck!
  • Oggins
    Thanks for the review! I own this one too and I was wondering if the attachments for yours are also really stiff. Mine seem to almost be plastic. Since it's listed as jelly I was expecting something softer. It could just be mine though. Is yours that way too? Thanks!
  • Aliki
    Heya oggins! sorry itt ook me so long to respond... yes my pieces are really stiff... I too was expecting something a little more playful... but I am happy with my alternative monopoly pieces.. they make people laugh. ( ok I don't bring around the two I mentioned... just the ones I don't use, like the finger one, which cracks me up the most!) Enjoy!
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