Jenna's vibe with attachments - sex toy by Doc Johnson - review by Darling Dove

An All-Inclusive Kit that gives everyone something to love

This toy is outstanding, for toy newbies or veterans alike. It's quiet, discreet, and powerful enough to get almost anyone off, as well as waterproof and quite pretty- what more could anyone want from a pocket rocket?
Strong, nearly silent, plenty of variety, and it comes with a battery and lube!
Softer attachments, though the firm ones are fine for me.
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extremely useful review
I was very excited to review this toy. As someone who has become more and more fond of pocket rockets, the thought of something with truly different attachments to provide very differing experiences from use to use, was intriguing to me. My enthusiasm was met, and surpassed. From the packaging, which was shiny and touted the toy's features, to the free lube and battery included, so you could play as soon as you opened the toy. All the components are packaged separately, rather than floating around loosely in the box, or simply put into a plastic tray.

The toy itself is very aesthetically pleasing, and the attachments are water-clear, but tinted a soft blue color. The battery matches the body of the toy very well, and it adds a lot of visual appeal when you're putting the toy together for the first time. The attachment pieces are a firm rubber, very firm, but soft enough to aid putting them on and taking them off the vibe. The firm rubber is excellent at transmitting vibrations, and doesn't dull them much at all. The attachments, however, are quite difficult to take off once you've got them on, and in my experience, I've had the most luck with grabbing the end of the attachment, and bending and pulling at the same time. This will release the vacuum that the piece seems to create, and it will come off with a somewhat loud "Pop!" noise.

Included are a small treasure trove of attachments, a tongue shaped attachment, a hand shaped attachment, an attachment shaped somewhat like a chess piece, and two nub attachments. The nubs are perhaps the most versatile, with the larger nub being good for vibrating a general area, and the smaller one giving you more pinpoint stimulation- For me, the smaller nub is easy to hold into position if I am using the vibrator alongside another toy, or during partner sex, this is because it sticks out significantly, and at an angle that somewhat extends the vibrator's reach.

The chess piece attachment is very very nice when rubbed along your clit so that each ridge will touch you, and the tip provides very nice pinpoint vibrations when you're ready to climax. The other two, the hand and tongue, are quite fun in their own way. The tongue has a bit of a sharp edge to it on the top of the tongue, and this may be a bit too much for some people, but it is fine for me. The backside of the tongue has a slick ridge which when coupled with the more intense top side of the tongue, can give you an incredible orgasm.
The hand piece is a little odd looking, but it makes more sense once you get it out of the box. It can be used in a way similar to the tongue, but the 'knuckles' of the two curved fingers will give you a more intense sensation than the tongue's ridge, which is rather smoothed out. The fingers themselves are a bit sharp- But this is the unfortunate result of having sculpted fingernails AND having the seam go over those fingernails. The seam is easy enough to simply shave off with some scissors or a razor, though, and it will soften the attachment.

The power and noise of this toy, in combination, are very nice. This toy is not my most powerful toy, but it is the most powerful quiet and discreet toy I own, and possibly the quietest toy I own, overall. It cannot be heard through a door, and can barely be heard through covers. A TV or radio turned on at a comfortable listening volume would cover it up easily and completely, and if you do choose to use it in the shower, nobody would ever know. It's actually very surprising in use, because for the noise you would never expect so much power.

Some last notes, the battery that I was provided with the toy has lasted me so far, with a few days of decent use, which already sets it above some of my other pocket rockets for battery consumption, and the seal for the battery compartment is very tight and secure. For some people, it may be hard to turn the toy on or off, since the waterproof seal is so tight. This toy is extremely quiet, powerful, and easy to clean. The attachments don't attract dust or lint at all, and unlike some pocket rockets, this one doesn't have grooves around the vibrating nubs at the end, so even the main unit is easy to wipe with some antibacterial toy cleaner and call it a day - and after a day with this toy, that's all you'd have energy left to do.
Though this toy is waterproof, please avoid submerging it, or any toy, for extended periods of time. In the case of this toy, and many pocket rockets, the round nubs at the end are metal, and if moisture became trapped within the toy or under one of the attachments, it could cause problems.

Since these are jelly rubber, although very very firm, please remember to use a barrier of some sort if sharing, or at the very least, clean it very meticulously and only use it with trusted partners. I'd also recommend cleaning it well after every use, since the toy is porous. A barrier could be used for solo use, but if you clean it very well it should not be a problem.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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