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Nice set!

Jenna's vibe with attachments is a nice little set to have. It is best used for clitoral or nipple stimulation and the five different attachments are great for that. It is waterproof and fairly quiet. This would be a great set for a beginner, but really anyone can enjoy it!
Fairly quiet
Decent in strength
Variety of attachments
One speed
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Jenna's vibe with attachments is a nice little pocket rocket set meant for clitoral or nipple stimulation. The vibe has decent power and comes with 5 different attachments for the tip. This is a good set to use alone or with a partner. While mainly for clitoral stimulation, you can also use it for nipple teasing, running it over your male partner's genitals during oral, or even tease each other's bodies. I do not recommend inserting this vaginally or anally. This set is good any user and would be a good beginner set. It is water proof so you can take it into the bath or shower with you.

Material / Texture

The pocket rocket is made of hard metallic plastic and doesn't have a smell to it. It has 3 metal nubs on it that are smooth.

The five attachments are all made of jelly. I expected the jelly to be softer and have more give to it. The pieces are actually a bit firm, almost like plastic. There is some give to the hand attachment with much pressure applied, but the rest of the pieces remain pretty solid. They are smooth as well with little drag, this can be fixed with some lubricant if it is an issue. There is a very strong smell to the attachments, it isn't overpowering but it's pretty noticeable. The texture is suitable for any user.

The box states that this set is phthalates free.

One review stated something about a seam on one or two of their attachments, none of mine had a rough seam on it.

Design / Shape / Size

The pocket rocket is designed just like any other pocket rocket and is 4" in length and 3" in circumference. It comes with 5 different attachments so you can switch things up for a different type of feeling.

The Tongue is shaped like a mini tongue with a little bit of a scoop. It is nice to turn upside down so the scooped part of the tongue can cup the clitoris or nipples.

The Baby G is a small, rounded, smooth nub with a slight bend to it. It states the names on the box can specifically calls this one the Baby G. I don't think that is an appropriate name for it because I don't recommend inserting this just in case the tip might come off while in use. Of course you could retrieve it from your vagina with your fingers and pushing, so it would be up to you if you choose to insert it. DO NOT USE THIS OR ANY ATTACHMENT ANALLY or the pocket rocket for that matter.

The Bullet is a longer looking rounded nub that is good for pinpoint stimulation.

The Probe is a rippled looking smooth shape. It has two bulges and sort of looks like a chess piece.

The Hand looks like a mini hand with the first two fingers bent in a "come here" type of motion. This is good for pinpoint stimulation or cupping the clitoris and nipples.

This set is not discreet at all and since it has loose pieces, it isn't travel friendly unless you put it in a bag.

The attachments and size are suitable for any user.

From left to right:
The Baby G, Bullet, Probe, Tongue and Hand.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The pocket rocket is pretty simple to operate. It has three options; on, off, or open. This means it has only one speed and is controlled by a dial. That one speed is pretty decent for a pocket rocket but it won't satisfy power queens. The vibration is buzzy feeling and can be felt throughout the entire vibe. The strength of the vibrations travels decently though the jelly attachments. This toy won't be heard outside of a closed door but it does sound loud in a quiet room but a blanket can help with that.
This vibe is waterproof, but I haven't tested it in that area.
It is powered by one AA battery which comes with it.

Care and Maintenance

This set is pretty easy to care for. For cleaning you can use mild soap and water, toy cleaner or wipes. It is safe to use this set with any lubricant. Jelly is porous so it is safer not to share this toy since a condom really isn't an option for the attachments.
The attachments all came in a bag together and that is how I store them after I completely dry them off. Some people say not to store jelly next to each other, but since it came that way and I dry them well, that is how I'm doing it. Storing all the pieces separately is just a nuisance to me. It would have been nice if they came in a plastic case with each one in its own place holder.


The packaging is not discreet at all. There are no directions with it. As I mentioned, the attachments all come together in the same bag, the pocket rocket, a battery and pocket of lube come in another. There was no information about the lubricant so I just tossed it into the trashcan. You could use the box to keep everything in if you wanted to.

Personal comments

I had this on my wish list since I came to EF and I finally decided to get it. I love the power of my luxury clitoral vibes but I just wish they had different attachments and that is what drew me to this set. I like the variety of attachments it comes with. The vibrations are no where near the strength of my favorite toys and is more of a tease, but with time, it will get me there. It isn't an instant gratification toy for me, but that is okay.
I was a little disappointed with the packaging and wish it would have been in a plastic tray with each piece having it's own little spot. I am storing them all together in an organza bag. If something happens with the pieces touching each other, I will mention that in a follow up review.
Follow-up commentary
I'm really sad that I ended up tossing this. I really liked the different attachments it had even though it lacked power. I used it once and a short time afterward, the outside of my vagina felt a little irritated. I didn't give it much thought though and got it out the next night to use it again, the same thing happened. The skin around the area I had used it was itchy and a little sore. It was the jelly. I know jelly can cause reactions but I thought it wouldn't hurt to use it externally all over the vaginal area as long as I didn't insert it. I had used one jelly vibe in the past before Eden and it didn't bother me.

I really wanted some different sensations then just the plastic slant of the Tango, pointed tip of the Salsa, and rounded tip of Mimi but this just wouldn't work out. I wish We-Vibe would make some sleeves for their Tango and Salsa, that would be wonderful!

So, no more Jenna's vibe. It left with the trash track last month.
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