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Lace Lost the Race with Me

For a traditional style vibrator, the Lace isn't all that bad: she possesses many qualities that I look for in a toy. If you are more of a traditional-style person who loves textures, I would say check this one out. I really wish, though, that Jopen would have made this rechargeable like they have with their other toys. The upside for it not being rechargeable is that it is decently priced for being a Jopen product.
Silicone, waterproof, multiple patterns, texture, reasonable price for being a Jopen.
Weak, girth for some, texture for some, not rechargeable.
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The Lace by Jopen is a part of their new Key Line; this is going to be your traditional style vibe with a twist. Lace is available in three wonderful colors that I wish the other lines of Jopen were made in as well. You can get Lace in blue, raspberry, and lavender.

The Lace is best used by women vaginally. Lace doesn't have a clitoral arm, but you can use her on your clit, labia, and nipples, if you wish, during foreplay or solo play. While Lace is designed for women, you could use her on your male-bodied partner during foreplay to tease the nipples, shaft, or testicles. Since this doesn't have a flared base, I would NOT recommend using this anally.

You could also use Lace as a microphone, like you did as a child with a hairbrush. I mean, all jokes aside, I have caught myself doing just that while typing out this review.

With the texture and girth, I believe that this would be more of an intermediate to advanced user toy; that is just personally me. You can use Lace either solo or with your partner.

If you like having your toys warmed up, you could soak your Lace in hot tap water for a few minutes to warm up the silicone.
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    • Couples
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    • Campus/roommate living
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    • Clitoris
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    • Vaginally

Material / Texture

Lace is made out of three different materials: silicone, ABS Plastic, and stainless alloy. I will break them down below by part and material.

The massager part of Lace would be the part you insert; it is made out of high quality silicone. Silicone is one of the very few materials that can be fully sterilized. Silicone is described as a food grade material that is smooth, nonporous, and retains heat well. The silicone that Lace is made of is latex free, hypoallergenic, nonporous, phthalates free, and has an antibacterial property to it. With all that said, if you are allergic to a lot of materials that are often found in sex toys, Lace could very well work for you. Love the fact that your vaginal fluids will not seep down into the material, causing bacteria to grow or deteriorate the material. Silicone is one of the very few materials that will hold up over a long period of time with lots of use.

*Controller/Battery Cap*
The controller on Lace is made out of ABS Plastic, which is know for being nonporous, smooth, latex free, and phthalates free.

The button is made out of stainless alloy, which is a smooth, nonporous, latex free, and phthalates free material.

When I opened up the Lace, I really didn't notice a smell to it; with most silicone toys you won't find a scent. Once I placed the vibrator closer to my nose, I smelled a faint scent. The scent was nothing overpowering, by any means, it had just your typical "new item" scent to it. The scent could have easily come off of the foam cradle it lay in, inside of the box. I believe after a few washes the scent will go away; mine has been used and washed and, to be honest, I mainly smell the clean scent of my toy cleaner left on the surface. I could only smell the "new item" scent on the silicone part of the Lace; the smell wasn't present on the controller.

How it Feels
With each material that the Lace is made of, there are many different textures and feels. I will touch on the controller feel just a little; my main focus will be on the insertable part of the massager.

The controller is smooth to the touch, with very little texture. Down the front of the controller you can see and feel a small seam, but it's nothing too major. The button has indentations on it with a stamp of a key, with the word key stamped into it as well.

On to the actual insertable part; this is where ALL the texture of this gorgeous vibrator is located. Up and down the shaft you will find bumps and lines that are weaved across each other, making this texture seem like it is a lace-type design. While the silicone is smooth gliding, you will definitely be able to feel the weave of lace and the little raised bumps. There are smooth square shapes in between the weave, but you don't feel the non-textured squares at all. The lace texture on this vibe is wonderful for stimulation; if you work this just right, you might be able to get the texture to rub against your G-Spot just the right way, depending on where yours is located.

If you aren't used to texture or unsure if texture is for you, I would take careful consideration when making the purchase of Lace. I personally was able to feel every bump and line along the shaft, which was an amazing sensation.

I didn't find there to be any type of drag when using, even when running the Lace over my clit or my arm. Lace glides easily with or without lube.

Most silicone has some type of "give" to it. Lace herself isn't very giving; she is very firm in every way possible. So please keep that in mind if you like your toys to have give or to be plush, as Lace isn't plush at all.
    • Bumpy
    • Light odor
    • Rigid

Design / Shape / Size

It’s a toss up on this one: the design of Lace is very simple and very traditional, which is something I haven't used in a very long time since I found my love for rabbits. You will find that Lace has a bulbous and somewhat girthy head; that may be a problem for some but not for others. Since there is no give in this silicone due to the design, please make sure that you are going to be able to handle the girth. The bulbous head, even being a little on the girther side of things for myself, was easy to insert, and I love that it was bulbous instead of a pointed tip. Lace's head starts out at 1.5 inches in girth and slowly slims down.

The measurements may work for some and may not work for others. I found that many of the measurements just didn't work for me personally, but hey, being that we don't all have the same vagina, it could work for you. The measurements could work for a beginner if you are used to being with a bigger male partner. If you aren't used to being with a thicker male partner, I would make sure you have something to be able to work up in size to this one. Advanced users would be able to use the size, no problem; I don't believe this is for true size queens, though. As for length, if you like shallow penetration, then this would work out just fine; if you are a lady who likes deep penetration, Lace may not work for you.

There is no actual weight of Lace mentioned anywhere that I was able to find, but with batteries inserted she does have a noticeable amount of weight. She isn't extremely heavy, but you can tell that she isn't just a few ounces, either.

I can be the first to tell you that Lace isn't very discreet; if you leave her lying out, or someone comes across her, they will know what she is for. Lace shouldn't be too hard to store or hide, given that she isn't very big at all. You can store her in the sleek, silky drawstring storage pouch that she comes with, if you choose to store her that way. If you store Lace in her pouch, you can easily slip her into the back of a drawer under some clothes.

Traveling with Lace can be done, but before doing so you MUST know that you will want to remove the batteries out of her, because you can easily turn her on when you don't mean to. You know, like accidentally turning your partner on – yeah, her button is that sensitive. Once you remove the batteries, it is best to store them away from Lace as well, in case you have a battery leak; that would be disastrous if you got battery acid on this beauty. If you are traveling by public transportation where they search your bags, it will be known what Lace is if she is discovered. If you are okay with the security people knowing you use sex toys, then toss her into your luggage and go. I do all my traveling in my own car but, if you choose to travel that way as well, I would still remove the batteries since the controls are easy to push.
    • Partner play
    • Whimsical / artistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

Lace is battery powered; unlike the other Jopen products that are rechargeable, she is not. Lace is powered by 2 AA batteries. There are seven different vibrating patterns, which is always a plus if you don't like steady vibrations. I noticed with this particular vibe that there aren't low, medium and high steady vibrations, which I found odd; I thought all multi-speed vibrators had that. I personally would say that Lace is a battery guzzler, but then again I used her on high the whole time for about 20-30 minutes; I would say I could notice the vibrations getting a little weaker as the time went on. This time frame could be different for each and every person who uses her, depending on the speed you choose and the type of batteries. I used Rayovac in mine.

Below you will see the pattern types

I think it is weird that the Lace starts out in High Speed. The variations in the patterns are noticeable, so it isn't like you are feeling the same thing over and over, like with some vibrators that are suppose to have 7 different patterns.

My breakdown of the Vrooms on each setting
1.)High: 3 vrooms
2.)High2: 2.5 vrooms
3.)Wave: starts at a 1 an escalates to a 3 in vrooms
4.)Pulse: 3 Vrooms
5.)Throb: 1 vroom and goes to about a 2.5 vrooms
6.)Flutter: 2 vrooms
7.)Tease: 1.5 to 2 vrooms

When it comes to the sound of Lace, I would say her noise level is pretty high for what she really is; I would rate her buzz as 3/5, which is okay for some but not for others when they are wanting to be discreet. I noticed that even the sound wasn't all that muffled when this was fully inserted into the vagina. On one of the inserts there is a list of technical specs, including a sound level of 30 dB (whisper quiet); I didn't find it as such.

You will notice when you remove the battery cap that there is a round plastic tube inside. You will want to remove that and insert your batteries into it. Do not throw away the plastic battery holder, as that helps cut down on the noise that your Lace is capable of making. The battery cap is an easy twist off and twist on style; you don't have to line anything up for it close just right. Once you put the cap on and start turning, it will pop into place and close. I have talked with another contributor, and she mentioned having a hard time getting her batteries back out of the battery compartment; I had very little issues getting mine out. They do fit pretty snug in there, so if you notice they don't slide right out, hold your Lace by the head and sling in a downward motion. When I did this technique of removing the batteries, the plastic tube slid out with no problem. If they don't slide out right away by doing this, try doing it a few times to force them out.

Please make sure that your battery cap is closed tightly before submerging your Lace into water; with that said, Lace IS waterproof!! Normally, I don't test out the waterproof feature on my waterproof toys, but for the sake of this review I did. I am always worried that the waterproof feature will fail me like it has in the past, yet I still order waterproof toys, mainly to help in the cleaning process in case it were to get wet. I am happy to be able to report back that Lace is indeed waterproof. I took her to the bathroom and turned on the water in the bathtub, rubbed some awesome toy cleaner on her and washed her down in the pouring water! I even changed patterns while doing this; when I was done I dried of Lace with a wash rag and opened her up away from the water, and there was no moisture or water present in the battery compartment.
    • Easy to use
    • Multiple settings
    • Weak

Care and Maintenance

Caring for your Lace is all in all pretty simple for the most part; note, though, that with all the texture it can be a small hassle to clean all the little corners. With Lace being waterproof and silicone, there are a few different ways to wash her up. Make sure that you clean Lace thoroughly before and after each use to avoid causing an infection. Pay close attention to the crevice between the battery cap and the toy itself, I had to remove the battery cap to clean in there. Use a damp cloth, do not submerge that part into the water.

Scrubba Dub Dub
Here are the ways you can clean your Lace:
1.)Warm/hot water with an antibacterial soap; rinse thoroughly
2.)Spray down with antibacterial toy cleaner, let sit for 30 seconds to a few minutes, wipe clean
3.)10% bleach/water solution, make sure you rinse thoroughly

With any of the above, you can either set out to air dry, or you can simply pat dry with a lint free towel.

Since Lace contains electrical components, I don't recommend boiling or putting her in the dishwasher.

I touched on storage some earlier in the review but I will go further in detail now. Mentioned earlier, Lace does come with her own silk drawstring sleeping bag; that would be one of the best ways to store her. Jopen recommends removing batteries before storing; if you do this, do not store the batteries in the pouch with your Lace in case one of the batteries leaks. By storing her in her own little sleeping bag, you can tuck it away in the back of your dresser drawer or in your nightstand. I don't really use storage bags; I like to keep things in their boxes if they are sturdy enough to be used for storage, and the Lace box is. I put my Lace back in the box the same way she came to me, and I store her on my headboard with a few other toys I have.

Always make sure that none of your toys touch; materials, whether we realize or not, can cause chemical reactions with each other and destroy one or both of the toys that are touching. I wouldn't want to be that person who was super hot and bothered, ready to take care of business, to open the drawer to find all my toys melted together.

Match Maker/Compatibility
When it comes to lubes, water based lubes are the way to go when it comes to silicone; using a silicone based lube can cause a reaction and damage your toy. I know I wouldn't want my toys destroyed because I used the wrong lube. If you wish to use a silicone based lube, I would recommend spot testing at the base of the toy before slathering it up.

Some tips found inside of the Owner's Manual are:
*Store product in cool dry place
*Do not use with silicone based lubricant
*Avoid exposure to direct sunlight
*Do not store in or at temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit for prolonged periods of time
*Storage in high humidity or heat environments can cause defects in batteries
*This product should be kept out of reach of children
    • Easy to store
    • Somewhat hard to clean


I found the packaging to be very pretty, but not discreet at all; the box comes wrapped in plastic, so it is sealed inside. Once you remove the out layer of plastic, you will find that the blue part of the box slides up and separates from the bottom part. Once you do this, you will see a flap that you will lift, and inside you will find Lace laying in a foam cradle. At the top of the cradle there is a little black satin ribbon; you will want to slightly pull on that. Pulling on the little black satin ribbon will reveal your owner's manual, instructions on how to put batteries in, warranty information, and the silky satin drawstring storage pouch.

One the front of the box you will find a picture of the Lace; across the front it says: Hello, Gorgeous... below that you will find the Jopen Key symbol. On each side of the box are the specs of the Lace; this is listed in five different languages - English,Spanish,Dutch,French and Russian - so if English isn't what you are comfortable reading and understanding, then you have 4 other languages to choose from. The outside of the box is just about as informative as the 2 pamphlets found inside.

On one of the inserts it has the warranty information. It states that you have a 1 year warranty that starts from the original date of purchase. The warranty covers the product if it is defective, but not against cosmetic damage caused by normal wear and tear. The warranty also will not cover damage caused by accident, misuse, or neglect. If you try to take apart the toy other then to put batteries in it, you will void out your warranty.

It states also that this item should be used at the purchaser's own risk, and that neither Jopen nor other retailers will be held responsible for any damages that are caused by this item. This is marked as a novelty item only.

I believe that the packaging of Lace would be great for gifting if you weren't gifting in front of a whole group of people. If you were going to be gifting to your girlfriend, fiance, wife, or friend alone, then yes this is perfect for gifting. You can easily wrap it since it isn't oddly shaped, or you could toss it into a gift bag, with pretty tissue paper and other sensual goodies.

The packaging, as mentioned before, is great for storing as well; if you do take the batteries out of your Lace, you can simply toss them under the foam insert that she lies in. If you choose not to keep the box itself and you would like to toss it, since it is made of cardboard you can recycle it if you have a recycling bin at your house.
    • Good for storage
    • Not discreet
    • Very informative



My experience… where shall I begin? While the Lace isn't a bad toy at all, the design just isn't for me. I won't toss her or give her away, as I am sure I could put her to use somehow, some way. I personally love lots of power, which is something Lace was lacking in for me. I also prefer rabbit style vibes, so I was stepping out of what I normally use, which isn't always a bad thing: while I love the texture that she has, I would love if Jopen came out with a rabbit style of her. I honestly think the only way I will use her again is if I am with a partner and it is used while receiving oral, so they don't have to use their hands on my lady bits - they will be free so they can use them elsewhere on my body. I ended up pulling out a bullet for clitoral stimulation, but that didn't do it for me. Sadly I didn't reach orgasm with Lace: I came pretty damn close, but just didn't make it to the big O. I had to move on to another toy to finish.

Even though the diameter on this is 1.5 inches, I found that it was a little girthy for me since there wasn't any type of give to the material. I found that I got most of my pleasure from simply using Lace to do kegels on. While doing kegels, to me the sound still wasn't muffled, but I can state that the motor didn't let up at all: it still went steady without struggling.

Hopefully, I can incorporate a partner with oral next time and see if that makes me like this toy any more.
Follow-up commentary
While I didn't really like this toy much when I wrote the review it does have several qualities I look for when getting toys. If you like lots of texture and weak vibrations this might work for you. I need deep rumbley strong vibrations. Overall it is still great but it just doesn't do it for me either.

This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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