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Key For Texture Lovers!

If you're more sensitive to vibrations and love a lot of texture, this is a great option for you! With a variety of functions, high quality features, and beautiful design; you can't go wrong! However, if you need a lot of power or don't care for a lot of texture, I would look somewhere else. For the right person, this could be an amazing toy, it just wasn't right for me,
- Beautiful Design
- High Quality
- Great Materials
- Interesting Texture
- Battery Compartment Issues
- Could Be Stronger
- Texture Might Be Too Much For Some
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Key Ceres Lace by Jopen is a traditional shaped vibrator, but is draped in an elegant looking texture. The texture is designed to stimulate a woman's most sensitive areas. Depending on anatomy, it might stimulate your g-spot, but it doesn't have a specific curve to help reach that area.

While internal vaginal stimulation is the main use for this toy, it can also be used for clitoral play. The wider end of the toy covers a larger area and while it doesn't allow for pin-point stimulation, it still provides some nice external stimulation. The outer areas of the vagina, perineum, and anus are also safe for play, but anal insertion is strongly discouraged since there's no flared base to prevent the toy from slipping inside of you. There's a wide variety of anal vibrators here at Eden that are safe for that type of play, so skip the embarrassing ER trip and grab one if that's the type of play you're looking for.

Though this toy is obviously geared toward females, it can be used on the male anatomy as well; stimulating the penis, testicles, and perineum. It can also be use on any gender for nipple play, teasing sensitive areas on the body, and even can be used on sore muscles.

Solo play and mutual masturbation are great ways to use this toy, as well as letting your partner use it on you. If you're planning on using this on a partner or having a partner use it on you, please do keep in mind that there's only a slight give to the toy. Vigorous thrusting could potentially cause some discomfort, so be careful when using with a partner.

This vibrator is pretty medium sized, but the texture makes it feel a little larger than it is. While some beginners might not have a hard time with this, the size and texture feel more suitable for a more advanced user. If you know you like a lot of texture and you know that the size will work for you, than great. But if you're unsure, you might want to try out something else first, especially if you think you'll prefer a smooth toy or one that is a little more trim.

Key Ceres Lace is waterproof and can be taken out of the bedroom and used to help make a bath or shower a little more fun! There's no concerns about water leaking into the battery compartment whether you're cleaning the toy, or 'cleaning' yourself.

This vibe is on the quieter side which makes using it worry free! There's little concern about sound issues, even if you have a roommate and paper thin walls.

Though this vibe is fairly quiet, it isn't the most travel friendly option. It would fit inside a larger purse, backpack, etc. but wouldn't do so discreetly. Eden also carries a large selection of travel friendly vibes for exactly this purpose, including others in the Key line.
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    • All over body
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    • G-spot

Material / Texture

Key Ceres Lace is made out of three different materials; silicone, plastic, and stainless alloy.

The silicone makes up the insertable portion of the toy, and rates a 10/10 on the Eden Material Safety scale for being made from food-grade material, being hypo-allergenic, latex free, phthalates free, non-porous, and for having anti-bacterial properties.

The silicone is silky to the touch and has hardly any drag to it. It does pick up a small amount of lint, but not much, and certainly not like most silicone toys I own and have used. The velvety surface has no tacky or sticky feeling to it that some silicone toys tend to have.

Though the feel of the toy is silky, this toy is far from smooth. The silicone has an amazing raised pattern on it that reminds me much more of fence net stockings than any lace I've seen. The diagonal lines cross each other and have small circles at each spot the lines meet. It almost feels ribbed while in use, though the lines aren't horizontal. If you prefer smooth toys, this isn't a good choice for you. The texture can easily be felt while in use, and creates a stimulating sensation. I'm not as sensitive as some, so this didn't make me go crazy, but I can understand why someone more sensitive would really appreciate the feel of the 'lace'.

Though a lot of this toy is made from silicone, it doesn't have much give to it. It's not plushy and can't easily be squeezed. It can only slightly be bent about 2" from the tip, but it doesn't have any other give to it. It's fairly firm, so keep that in mind also when considering the size and texture of the toy.

The battery cap and compartment are the parts that are made from plastic. The plastic rates an 8/10 on the material scale for being made from food-grade material, is hypo-allergenic, latex free, phthalates free, and non-porous. The cap has a very glassy look to it, shiny and smooth. It obviously has no give to it since it's plastic, but does have the stainless alloy power button in the center of it that presses down slightly.

There was only a 'new' smell when I opened the box. Nothing overpowering and certainly not offensive. After using and washing, there is still a faint 'new' scent to it, but I imagine as it's washed it will go away.
    • Bumpy
    • Light odor
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

Key Ceres Lace comes in three vibrant colors; lavender, blue, and the one I'm reviewing; raspberry.

The plastic battery cap on this toy is slightly darker in color than the silicone shaft, but they compliment each other very well. The surface of the cap is shiny, while the silicone area has a matte appearance to it. It really makes the toy that much more appealing to look at. The power button is a silver color and has the word 'Key' imprinted on it as well as a small skeleton key which is the logo.

This vibrator is a texture queen's dream come true! While it has a tradition shape to it, the texture brings it to a whole new level! It's very straight, but has a wider end and a narrower shaft. The end of the toy is rounded, which might cause a problem for some people since it may be a little more difficult to insert, but a little water based lubricant helps a lot with insertion.

This is a pretty medium sized toy. Size queens may be disappointed, while newer users or those that prefer smaller toys might find that this is too large for them. A vibrator like this is really one that works well for those that know what they want and like. If you like a lot of texture, are used to penetration, and only need moderate vibrations to climax, than this will be the perfect fit for you!

Nothing about this toy is discreet. If someone were to see it, you wouldn't be able to pass this off as anything other than a vibrator. Though the only wording on it is on the power button; the shape, texture, and size give itself away. It's best to store this one out of site if you prefer your privacy.

While this toy isn't huge, it's not the most travel friendly option in the world. It's not exactly light weight, though not heavy, but would take up a good amount of space depending on what you're carrying it around in. It could fit into a large purse, backpack, suitcase, etc., but better travel vibes are available at Eden, including more from the Key line.

Length: 7"
Insertable Length: 5 1/4"
Circumference: 4 3/4"
    • Whimsical / artistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

Key Ceres Lace requires 2 AA batteries in order to function. The cap turns easily and reveals the battery compartment where there's a small image imprinted in the plastic showing you how to insert the batteries. When the cap is off, it's easy to tell why this vibrator is waterproof. At the base of the cap is a ring that prevents any liquids from accidentally leaking into the battery compartment. Unlike a lot of toys, this ring can't be removed, it's made to remain in place. Also inside the battery compartment is a plastic sleeve. This sleeve is there to prevent the batteries from rattling around in the toy while it's in use. It specifically states that this piece shouldn't be discarded.

On the top of the battery cap is the only button this toy has. This button turns the toy on, changes the function, and turns the toy off. The button is easily pressed which is nice in one sense, and a pain in another. While it's not flush with the top of the cap, a little bump is all it takes to change function. There's no light indicator showing that the toy is in use or showing you which pattern you're on, you'll have to keep track of that on your own.

There are seven different functions that go along with this toy, but there's no way to change the intensity of each. They are between 3 and 4 vrooms, but are closer to the 4 vroom mark. There's only one function that's steady, the rest vary in strength and pattern.

The patterns are:

The vibrations can be felt throughout the whole toy, but seem to be the most powerful in first three insertable inches. Though they do travel up to the cap, it doesn't have enough power to make your fingers tingle, even after prolonged use. Though the vibrations could be more powerful, they are deep and rumbly, not light and buzzy. That makes up for the fact it's weaker than I would like for it to be, at least to some degree.

The sound level is acceptable. You can hear it from under the covers, but not at all though a closed door. People with roommates will find that this is a good choice since it can be used so discreetly.
    • Discreet sound
    • Easy to use
    • Multiple settings

Care and Maintenance

This vibrator can be cleaned with antibacterial soap and warm water, sex toy cleaner, or a 10% bleach solution. Though this toy is silicone, I would steer away from boiling or putting it in your dishwasher to sterilize. Since this has internal workings I wouldn't imagine that being a very good idea.

This toy is rather difficult to clean. There are so many little nooks and crannies for fluid to accumulate that it takes a little more effort than some to clean properly. I would suggest using a soft bristled tooth brush (that's set aside solely for this use) to get into all the little spots that you otherwise might miss.

Since this toy is made from silicone, it's only compatible with water based lubricants. Other types could cause the surface to deteriorate and possibly ruin your toy.

Likewise, storing this toy away from other toys of similar materials is also very important. Jopen has provided a drawstring pouch to help keep your toy save. The pouch is all black with a little tag on it that says 'Key' and has the logo. The bag is a little stiff, but smooth on the outside. It fits the toy perfectly with a little breathing room. Should you decide to not use the pouch, you could always just store it in the box. No matter what you choose to store it in, always make sure it's not touching other silicone toys.
    • Easy to store
    • Hard to clean


The box this toy comes in is very luxurious looking, but does lack discretion. The box has an image of the toy it contains on both the front and back of the box, along with a lot of information about it. It's tasteful and would make a great gift, but instantly gives away what's contained inside.

The box first arrives in a thin layer or plastic. After removing that, you'll find that there's a 3/4 sleeve going around the outside of the black box. Once this is removed, there's nothing keeping the black box closed; so if you're planning on storing this in the box, keep the sleeve.

Once the black box is opened, your toy is revealed. The inside cover of the box reflects the color of the toy you've chosen. After you remove the vibrator, you'll see that the firm foam it was cradled in is the exact shape of the toy. This helps to prevent it from rolling around in the box during shipment and storage.

At the top of the foam piece there's a small black ribbon. When you tug on the ribbon it lifts up the foam and reveals the toy pouch and additional information about the toy.

There's a lot of information included with this toy; both on the outside of the box and contained within. There are two different papers inside; one that shows you how to insert the batteries and tells you a little information about the functions, and another that talks about the warranty that's included with this toy.

The package can be kept for storage, or you can toss it if you would prefer. It does take up more room than necessary for the toy, but it also protects it much better than the pouch alone would. Though the box had a lot of information, most of it is also contained on the paperwork inside.
    • Very informative
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

My largest complaint about this toy is the battery compartment. Jopen decided to add a plastic sleeve for around the batteries to prevent them from rattling around in the toy. On the two items I received, that meant the batteries would go in hard and take me literally hours to remove. After experiencing blood, sweat, and nearly tears; they finally came out. I would recommend replacing the plastic piece with a piece of paper the same size. The sound level isn't effected, and the batteries are much easier removed. Win-win if you ask me. I'm not sure why they didn't just do that in the first place, but that's okay. Additional information on my experience and that of others, along with what Al Bloom from Jopen has to say about this issue can be found here.


I was really excited when I saw all the new Jopen toys that were coming to Eden. I instantly grabbed two of them, not wanting to even have to wait for the reviews.

I have really mixed opinions of this toy. It's high quality, has an interesting texture, and is beautiful. However, the power isn't enough for me. After hearing all the great things about the Vanity line, I expected the same power to come from the Key line (even though these aren't rechargeable toys).

While the power wasn't enough for me, if you're more sensitive to vibrations, you might totally fall in love with this toy! Unless you're a total power queen like me, don't rule it out!!
Follow-up commentary
The texture on this toy takes it up a notch from others in the Key line from Jopen, but not enough for me to truly enjoy it. While there is added stimulation from the raised lines, the power isn't enough to make me feel satisfied. If you're someone who does well with moderate vibrations and enjoys some texture to your toys, this is one to consider; it just wasn't the right toy for me.
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