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G-spot rabbit vibrator by PicoBong

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Mahana Not (do do, doo do doo)

The Picobong Mahana would have been a great, affordable, versatile toy... if it wasn't so dangerous! If you have sensitive bits or just love your bits, keep them away from this. The edges were rough which made it impossible to enjoy. Better luck next time, LELO.
Color, silicone, can control motors independently
Rough edges makes difficult to use, be careful
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The Picobong Mahana is a C-shaped vibrator. Its shape makes it easy to conjure up a variety of uses. It can be inserted into the vagina and the other half can rest on the vulva. It can be carefully used to simulate double penetration since the C-shape prevents it from becoming lost (so long as you don't snap it). The tips of the motors can be used for teasing or clitoral stimulation. If you're going to insert this anally, it would be best to put a condom on the toy. There are seams where the motor joins the center of the toy. This could make fully cleaning the toy more difficult. Again, be gentle if using the Mahana for anal play.

The Mahana would have been a very versatile toy... if you could use it easily. I would not recommend this for beginners because it has rough edges that could cut, nick, or irritate. I don't recommend this to advanced users because it is clunky, unfinished, and overall doesn't perform as well as it should. If you want something wish a C-shape, you may have better luck with the much acclaimed We-Vibe toys. In sum, the Mahana looks good on paper, but it just doesn't deliver. Unless you want to be extremely vigilant on protecting your bits during use, run away.
    • Nipples

Material / Texture

The Mahana is a mix of silicone and plastic. Both materials are hypoallergenic and have long shelf lives compared to jelly and rubber toys. There are 3 parts to the toy. There are two motors that screw off and there is a plastic piece that joins the motors. The toy offers a small amount of flexibility with resistance. I would refrain from stretching the toy too much since it could snap.

The toy opens enough to use for most possible situations. You can easily see the seams where the motor screws in. Here is the biggest issue with this toy: the seams are sharp. I wish I got a more detailed picture, but the motors are not flush with the plastic. The overlapping is not smoothed out. Thrusting for this toy could be painful. Slowly inserting it could cause discomfort. If you run your fingers around the edges, you'll feel the roughness. It reminds me of when your nails are rough and unless smoothed they can snag clothes. Imagine that in the vagina.

It is possible that not all Mahanas are created equal. It could be possible that the one I got was much more unfinished around the seams than other toys. If you don't count the seams, the motors are mostly smooth. There are buttons on each motor that are slightly raised along with the indented "Picobong" name. There is no overt odor the the Mahana.
    • No odor
    • Sharp and rough

Design / Shape / Size

The Mahana is on the smaller side. I also find the measurements in the product page a bit misleading. I suppose the toy has in insertable length of 4 inches, but I would not recommend inserting it beyond the motor (which is over 2-3 inches). It is not too wide and if you're just looking at the width it would be non-intimidating and beginner friendly. It is 4.75 inches long with a circumference of 3.25 inches at its widest point (the motors are slightly tapered, probably to aid in insertion). For comparison, the average circumference of a female-oriented toy is 4.25 to 4.5 inches.

In terms of noise, the Mahana is discreet. It does get louder when both ends are vibrating at the same time. I normally would say to insert the toy first and then put it on since this would decrease the volume. However, the controls are located on the side of the motors, so this is impossible. If traveling, it is best to remove the batteries for the toy does not accidentally turn on.

Functions / Performance / Controls

This is where it gets interesting. It is also a bit mind boggling. The good news is that you can operate each motor independently. Each motor has its own control panel. The bad news is that the control panels are on the side of the motors. Thus, you need to put your Mahana on the desired setting before you insert it. This does not make the toy quick to turn off if you need to power down in a hurry.

The buttons are located where the "Picobong" logo is. You'll see both the plus and minus buttons inside the lettering. Press the plus button to turn the toy on the lowest setting. Press it again to raise the intensity. Press the minus to lower the intensity and eventually turn the toy off. The motors are pretty strong and can deliver 4 vrooms of power. There are also patterns on the toy. They can be accessed after you cycle beyond the standard vibrations. The Mahana has pulsing modes at different speeds. If you like to cycle through settings then you may want to look elsewhere. You can cycle through settings easier if you use the toy externally.

The Mahana is waterproof so long as the motors are screwed on tight. It can be submerged safely in the tub or sink.
    • Lots of variety in function

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning the Mahana isn't too difficult. You can use soap and water, toy wipes, or toy cleaner. Be sure to pay extra attention at the seams. Debris can collect where the motors join the center of the toy as well as on the lettering on the side of one of the motors. It's not too insane to clean, but can take an extra couple of minutes compared to a more seamless toy. A toothbrush could facilitate cleaning.

Only use water based lubricant with the Mahana. If storing for long periods of time, remove the batteries. Once clean and dry, keep from direct contact with porous toys and silicone toys. Porous toys can harbor bacteria and cross contaminate. Silicone toys can possible interact with one another and create a color transfer for an unattractive change in the coating.


The Mahana came in typical Picobong packaging. The card-stock was the color of the toy. It was a relatively small box with a clear plastic window. It was not raunchy with naked people, but it is not discreet since you can see the toy inside. The Mahana is inside the box situated like an upside-down horseshoe (for good luck). At the center of the toy is a little Picobong die.

There are instructions included with the toy. The instructions are in multiple languages. It is informative. The box is on the flimsy side and is not really intended for long-term storage.


My partner has been wanting the Mahana for over a long time. He finally got it not too long ago. It was so sad to see how disappointed her was with it. It spent more time with me than with him, and not in a fun way. Instead of trying it out on me at first, I saw him in his chair messing with the toy. He kept screwing and unscrewing the ends. He was feeling every nook and cranny, and had his eyebrows in a V. I didn't get a good look at it until he relinquished it, but the first thing he said about it was that he was returning it. When I finally got to look at it, I realized he was right.

Sure, I could have used this as an external stimulator (and it wouldn't have been a favorite since I already have dedicated clitoral vibrators), but it was not able to serve the purpose we had in mind. The sharp and unfinished edges on the toy made it impossible to insert after only a couple of inches. It wasn't going to work how we wanted and it's almost defective. Maybe ours was sharper than the average one, but this one looked destined to hurt one's bits. My partner never returns a thing, but this time he did. If you can't use a toy how it's designed, it is a good reason to send it back. Better luck next time, I guess.
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  • KrissyNovacaine
    Thanks for the review!
  • Beautiful-Disaster
    Thanks for your review.
  • Silverwinds
    Thanks for the review! It seems like a lot of people have had difficulties with the seems being sharp :/ I think I'll stay away.
  • Pumpk1nPatch
    I really love the idea of this toy, but it's sad that Lelo couldn't execute it well. Thanks for your review!
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