My Vibrating Finger Friend

Do not let the size fool you. When used properly this little stimulator will definitely make your hair curl (all of it). This is better than any Government stimulator package you can get.
Nice,small, and efficient.
Makes you want more that a vibrator.
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Not too big, however not too small. Not too long, but again, long enough. OK lets get to the point. The OMG G-Spot Stimulator is just what it says it is. It is not a dildo. If your looking for something to fill that cavity between your legs and think this will do it… well then you have a bigger cavity between your ears. But it does very well what it is designed to do. Let me tell you a bit about it.

First off, I received the Soft Pink one. I just love the color. For me it just seems to be a non-glaring color. If I put it in my purse and forget to tuck it down on the bottom, when I open my purse to get something out that is not this screaming neon colored vibrator screaming out look at me. The pink color just sort of blends with other things I carry.

Size: well, my husband is 6’2” tall and weighs in the neighborhood of 275. (Yup it’s a big neighborhood), his hands are rather large and his fingers rather thick. For me this is about the size of his index finger. OK for those of you still not sure what that might mean let me try again. If you go to the office supply store and pick up an average size glue stick, the part you would actually slide inside of you is about that thick and about that long. Then there is just a little hook on the end that makes it very special. All together counting the gem covered area, it is about 4.25 inches long.

Construction: It is very velvety soft to the touch however it is a hard plastic. The manufacturer says it is made with Velvet Touch. I would say that is a good description. It also has a waterproof rubber ring in the battery compartment that makes it waterproof… (OH YES!!!). Then there is just a little hook on the end that makes it very special.

Vibration and Sound: I am not a vibration nut. What I mean by that is I really do not want my crotch numb from a vibrator that is humming at super sonic speeds. It just does not feel right to me. I personally like the gently soft vibrations. Especial when I am trying to massage my own g- spot. I also do not want people in the next room to think I am drilling teeth in the bathroom when they walk by.

This little friend allows for almost whatever you want. If you want that numbing humming, and the sound of dentist drill going off between your thighs, crank that baby up. However if you just want a soft soothing g-spot massage with very little sound, then let it shake along on the lower speeds. (P.S. if you use it under water there is hardly any sound at all.) And I might mention there is just a little hook on the end that makes it very special.

The Fun: Ok I have mentioned the little hook in every paragraph…. Why? Because without it this would be a very small bullet vibrator that you could stimulate your clit with, but would do little else. However, the little hook at the end allows you to get just far enough inside yourself and then touch that very special little spot that makes you EXPLODE! Oh YES… there is a little hook at the end that makes it very very special.
Follow-up commentary
This little friend goes with me on almost all my vacations... A real little treat when a quick trip is planned. It works well and has held up well too.
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  • Contributor: Naughty Student
    I don't think the hook would be prominent enough for me, though. Good review, this toy sure is cute Smile.
  • Contributor: Butterkups
    hey naughty... its not really the size that works its the ability to place it where you want ( and need it). thanks
  • Contributor: SadoMas
    Thanks for the review.
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