omG G-Spot stimulator - g-spot vibrator by Doc Johnson - review by Mamastoys

OMG - It's cute but weak!

The vibrations are quiet, but weak - even at the highest setting. It is waterproof and withstood about twenty minutes of submersion, without any water getting into the battery compartment. The overall appearance is cute, dainty with the embedded crystal sparkling in the light. This might be a good vibe for someone who can easily reach G-spot orgasms, or for someone new to vibes. It is a great toy for teasing and playing around.
Small, compact, waterproof, quiet, and cute.
Vibrations were weak, even at the highest level. The overall length was a little too short.
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The OMG G-Spot Stimulator is designed to be a cute, and quiet, G-spot stimulator- thus the name. However, I found it to be a better clit and nipple teaser instead of a G-spot stimulator. While it is cute and quiet, it was a little too short to reach my G-spot. It is small and compact, making travel easy. It is also waterproof which adds to the possibilities of where and when to play with it. It is phthalate free and is compatible with silicone or water based lubes. This toy can be used as solo play or with a partner. It should not be used for anal play as it has no flared base.

Material / Texture

This toy is made of a velvety rubber coating. If it is going to be shared among partners, a condom should be used, as with any toy. However, since I don't share toys, I did not use a condom while using it. There was no smell when I first opened the toy. The texture is smooth with no ridges or nubs. There are two rows of studs embedded in the base of the toy, but they do not add any extra stimulation.

Design / Shape / Size

The overall length of the toy is about 4 inches. Towards the base of the toy are two rows of crystals embedded in the toy. There are a total of 16 studs, and while they add to the appearance of the toy, they do nothing for the functioning part of it. I ordered the purple vibe, and when it arrived it was a light hue of purple, and the studded gems added to the appearance.

My stimulator has a small knot at the curved end on the underside of the curve. I think this is a flaw in the product, and is not normally there. I noticed it when admiring how smooth and slick the toy was. However, it was not noticeable enough to ask for a replacement. This toy is small in size, making it easy to travel with and it is quiet so it could be used without being heard.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The vibrating controller is located at the base of the toy. It increases by twisting the end of the vibe. It is a gradual increase in intensity. The beginning level is really soft and gentle, hardly able to be felt. Even at the highest level, it is gentle and does not provide much stimulation from the vibes. The toy operates off of one AA battery that inserts through the bottom of the toy. This toy is extremely quiet, even at the highest level so it can be used discreetly.

The toy claims to be waterproof, so it was submerged for about 20 minutes. When it was removed from the water, the compartment was opened and the battery was dry. There is s small ring that seals shut when the compartment is closed securely. While having it turned on while underwater, there was no great change in the vibration intensity but the vibrations could not be heard above water.

Care and Maintenance

Since this toy is waterproof, cleaning it with antibacterial soap and warm water was a breeze. If lube is going to be used, a silicone or water based lube should be chosen. While the box it arrived in, is small enough to store it in, I prefer to store all of my toys in bags that I made. I have not noticed that this toy attracts dust bunnies or hair.


It arrived in a red, white, and blue box with a clear plastic front covering. On the back, there are six languages displayed saying "rhinestone vibrator-4" multi speed, waterproof vibrator with decorative crystals. There were no instructions enclosed but really, none were needed. The battery compartment did contain a piece of paper instructing the insertion of the AA battery. The package can be used for storage but I prefer to use other means of storing my toys.

Personal comments

This toy might be ideal for the person new to vibes, or for someone who reaches G-spot orgasms easily. However, for me, it was a little too short and a little too weak in the vibrations department to work for me.


When I first saw the G-spot stimulator, I thought it might be a little short. When I put the batteries in it, I knew the vibrations weren't going to get the job done. However, I was willing to give it an honest try. Using it solo first, I could not reach my G-spot with it. It did feel good on my clit but the vibrations were still weak there.

Later, hubby got into the act and began teasing my nipples and clit with it. He attempted to find my G-Spot with it but failed. A couple of days later, we tried it out in the hot tub to test the waterproof-ness of it. I really couldn't tell any difference in the intensity or noise level. While we probably won't use this toy for the G-spot, we will use it for foreplay.
Follow-up commentary
This vibe just isn't strong enough to get the job done. We have worked with it several time and while it works as a good warm up toy, it doesn't get the job done.
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  • spicywife
    Great review! IT is a cute toy Smile
  • Sammi
    It is cute - too bad it's not very strong!
  • her.royal.redness
    Oh this IS cute!! Thanks for the review!
  • Mamastoys
    Hey guys, It is OMG so cute!!! and so soft...and so quiet..and so waterproof...why oh why couldn't it have been OMG so powerful?!?!!?
    It would definitely been at the top of my vibe list if it had..guess we can't have everything every time!
    Thanks for the comments!!!
  • ......
    Great review! Sorry it was so weak. I had considered getting one but I need power.
  • Mamastoys
    newme21- I need power too! thanks for the comments
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