This one's a model - just for looks, not performance

Because of its innocent appearance and subtle vibrations, this would make a great toy for someone new to sex toys. It would be a lovely little starter toy. The vibe is also good for a beginner, or a very sensitive person. It's very discreet and easy to hide, and quiet enough that it would be good for play anytime.
Pretty, very smooth to the touch, discreet.
Weak vibrations, and g-spot stimulator is disappointing.
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The omG G-Spot stimulator is for, well, G-Spot stimulation. The tip of it curves a little to better get to the g-spot, making it the widest part of the toy. This would make a great toy for someone that's new to sex toys, and intimidated by the looks of many of them. The vibe is also good for a beginner or very sensitive person. It's very discreet and easy to hide, and quiet enough that it would be good for play anytime.

Material / Texture

The omG is plastic, but it feels great! The surface is not like regular Tupperware plastic. It's smooth and almost silky to touch. However, it is definitely solid, which means it is hard. It would hurt if you hit someone with it. It doesn't have a very strong smell, and the smell is just that of a new plastic toy. Mine is blue and, with the pink, white, and purple rhinestones, it almost looks like some part of a child's toy. I like that it's colorful, but the rhinestones are almost too much for me.

Design / Shape / Size

At only four inches of insert-able length, and just one inch wide, the omG is a discreet little thing. It's small enough to carry in a pocket, therefore making this a great travel toy. Besides maybe the rhinestones, there's nothing on this toy that should call attention in an airport.

The size is good for users of all experiences; the only slightly tricky part might be the tip, where it curves a little. I noticed that the tip can be a little uncomfortable to insert and a little bit of maneuvering helps.

Functions / Performance / Controls

On the omG the bottom of it (under the rhinestones) is a dial for the vibe. The rhinestone part unscrews and opens to the battery area. I was impressed that there is a rubber stopper in the seam there the rhinestone cap connects to the toy, ensuring that it water cannot leak through. Inside the battery area, the toy came with one little rolled up slip of paper indicating how to put in a battery. It takes one AA.

The vibrator was not strong enough for me. It's about as strong as my phone vibrating, if that. It gets slightly stronger if you turn the dial up more, but even at it's top speed, it's just a little added pleasure. Unfortunately, the g-spot stimulation is also not enough for me. It barely puts some pressure on my g-spot, and it's almost too small to angle right and apply more pressure.

However, the toy is waterproof. It performs fine underwater so far.

Care and Maintenance

The EdenFantasys guide to plastic states that plastic "Can easily be cleaned with antibacterial soap and hot water, or by wiping down with isopropyl alcohol" here is the link. I have washed it with antibacterial soap as well, and it comes out fine. This toy can be stored almost anywhere. I keep it with my other toys, in a plastic bag. It can be used with water-based, oil-based, or silicone-based lube. I have tried it with water-based lube, and with the smooth surface of the omG a little goes a long way.


The omG came in a clear plastic box. There was no additional paper (other than the one inside it). I was a little sad to see that the box was not recyclable. On the top was a little plastic attachment for hanging a number of these vibes on one of those stick-attached-to-the-wall displays in a store. Personally, I don't like seeing those tabs on gifts I'm giving, but otherwise it would be an easy to wrap gift. Because of its innocent appearance, and subtle vibrations, this would make a great toy for someone new to sex toys. It would be a lovely little starter toy.

Personal comments

Just something to note... I found the colors and rhinestones to be kind of cute, but at some point in one of our play sessions, my boyfriend asked me why it has rhinestones on it. He found it a little tacky, and is fond of sex toys that look like Barbie accessories.


Sadly, the omG was disappointing to me. I had been hoping to get a very good g-spot stimulator and this didn't do the job. I tried it a few times in a few different ways, but wasn't happy any time. The vibe barely stimulates my clit, too, which sucks. For now, it's back to my or my boyfriends' fingers.
Follow-up commentary
Unfortunately, after less than a month, this toy is already in my "retired" group. It just didn't have the power I needed or wanted. The material is very smooth, and that's great, but even as a clit stimulator, it was pretty weak. It's a shame, because I really like the design and look of it. Oh well!
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  • Contributor: Luscious Lily
    Too bad this was a dud, it's so cute!
  • Contributor: Sammi
    Too bad the vibrations are so weak on this!
  • Contributor: Valyn
    Yeah, I was so hopeful for it too!
  • Contributor: Not Here Anymore f/k/a Happy Lady
    I've found that, for me, anything powered by just one AA or less is not going to be strong enough.
    thanks for the review.
  • Contributor: Valyn
    That's something to think about. I guess I need more vibes to test that theory! Smile
  • Contributor: spicywife
    I like the lovely blue color but not the rhinestones. The low vibrations might not be a bad thing for some people, though. I actually don't like strong vibes. It could be a good choice for people who are timid about vibrations perhaps? Thanks for the informative review!
  • Contributor: Valyn
    Oh, definitely! I'm learning that my g-spot likes strong vibrations, but for someone that's not a fan of real strong vibration, this toy would be great. I really liked how discreet it was. It's also smooth silicone, so it's not sticky in its platic bag. Smile
  • Contributor: Nashville
    Have you tried this since your disappointing follow-up? Sad face Has it grown on you anyway?
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