My vibrating wand massager postmortem... (I loved it to death!)

My four-year-long relationship with my current favorite vibrator is now at an end... Until I decide I can expend the cost to possibly buy it again.

Like precision? No clicking through a cycle of presets, just flick your thumb up, and you can increase or decrease the intensity as you please.

In the end, the demise of the toy was its cord, which frayed around the start of the cord, at the base of the wand. Reluctant as I was to retire this toy, I'm not keen on gambling with electrical fires.
I love the dial. Lots of speeds/intensities. Long-lasting.
The cord felt short at times, and eventually frayed near the base of the wand. Learning curve.
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First impression

As stated in the title, I'm actually reviewing this toy after having lived a long, over four-year masturbation campaign with me. I have to look back in retrospect quite a while to remember what I felt about when I first received this wand, compared to how I feel about it after four years strong.

I do remember being very happy with its arrival! The packaging was nice and inviting, the toy itself is a pleasant purple that I've grown fond of, and it's a sturdy, hefty thing, in a good way. It's not necessarily some sleek, modern thing, but fun and classic looking toy, with lots of grip and texture and color.

First Use

At first, the dial style of control, the little wheel you spin to increase and decrease its intensity, was tricky. And a slip of the finger meant the possibility of flinging it from a lower and milder level to a VERY INTENSE, OOH OUCH, YIKES level of vibration on accident. At first, this seems like a flaw in the design, and I can see this being a problem for some users.

For me, all it took was a little learning curve to master the dial, and now, I prefer the dial over any button-based interface anymore. I immediately found the dial far more intuitive and precise, as very much a control-freak in bed, especially when it comes to making myself orgasm. I was able to turn the wheel in small increments to reach a huge range of intensities, instead of clicking through limited options (where jumps in speeds/intensities can happen, thus missing that perfect sweet-spot of "oohhhhh yeahhhhhhh righhhhht theeeeere"), and was able to ramp up the intensity by small increments, very steadily. This ability to so granularly control the wand meant long, careful build-ups and precise teasing and edging into... really bomb orgasms.

I definitely hit a pretty Big O, that first night!

Further Experience

I'm a fan of the simplicity of this wand. One control. Simple round head, with a slightly pliable neck. It became like a fifth limb, after enough time. Plug it in, lay back, and go.

I'm a person who cannot achieve orgasm through penetration alone, so penetration paired with external vibration creates the best combination of sensation for me. Using this toy with a dildo or other insertable was never a problem, and gave me some of my best orgasms so far. There's a lot of talk of 'buzzy' versus 'rumbly' vibrations, and in my experience, this one has a little bit of both. The lower settings have that deeper rumble, while the higher you get, the more it turns into a 'buzzy' type. The lower-to-mid ranges felt great for warming up, creating a sensation in almost the entire vulva, and even internally to a fair degree. The higher ranges become a little more focused.

It's hard to sum up four years (FOUR YEARS!) of consistent, and in a cyclical kind of way, constant use of this toy. Maybe that speaks for itself. It really kind of shaped my masturbation habits, honestly! Cleaning it is simple enough, never had problems storing it or packing it, though it's not a small, little thing. In its recent, uh, expiration, so to speak, I've been jokingly lamenting 'my boyfriend's death.'

The sadness I feel at having it die is quite real, regardless.

Vibration Map

There is some vibration transference from the head into the handle, but this did not bother me very much. This wand is fairly strong! So some extra vibration was to be expected. All the good vibes are where it counts most, and that's what mattered to me.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

This toy has been key to me achieving my strongest, longest, most consistent orgasms. A night where I use another form of external stimulation over it was completely rare and did not create the kind of full-sensation, deep, pulsing 'O' that I love best.
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Follow-up commentary
Even having upgraded to a new, really fantastic wand since this one finally met its maker, I still believe many will find this to be a powerful and decent wand massager. I never once worried that it would wear out or lose any power until I made some easy mistakes regarding its cord.
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    Absolutely amazing review; was a pleasure to read. Thank you for sharing, & I'm so happy it served you well for a lovely 4 years. I do hope that you find a love similar to this!
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