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Super twins

Bullet by WHK GmbH

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A fully waterproof set of egg and bullet vibrators that you can't really do much with due to short cord lengths. Though they pack a good strong vibration, you can get the same effect with another hard plastic vibrator in the same price range.
Strong vibrations, fully waterproof, velvety texture, easy to care for
cords not long enough to do anything super fun, smells funny
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
When I was asked to review this toy I knew that it would be fun to get creative and figure out just how to use it, and since I'm into experimentation I thought that my husband and I could have a great time discovering this little device. I did a little research on what other people were doing with similar devices by flipping through some reviews, and when my neighbor brought over the package which I had missed I opened it in front of her. Her reaction was "What the hell?"

That was my reaction at first, but I assured her that there were so many cool ways to use this toy! Only now I kind of take that back.

I liked the soft red color and the velvety feel of the plastic, but there was a new car mixed with ass smell and that I did not like. My husband read the package and found that it was fully waterproof so I had him go wash it really quick with soap and hot water before I got down to business with it.

At first I was hoping that this could be an "us" toy, and I suppose it can but not for our intended purpose of using it at the same time (one perhaps in his butt, one perhaps on my clit?) The problem is that the cords connecting the two vibrators are fairly short, measuring roughly a foot, meaning six inches for the individual vibes themselves, and the cord from the control to the vibrators being about arm's length.

But I wasn't totally bummed, because this set of bullet and egg vibes has four speeds which are controlled with the remote: low (not too impressive,) mid (about your standard weakest toy in the box strength,) high (sure to get the job done for some if not most people) and "Super!" which is a very powerful vibration for such tiny little capsules!

Now as for how I used them, I turned it on Super and rubbed one on my clit while my husband teased the outsides of my ass and vagina with the second one. Only I found the vibrations on my labia to be too powerful and actually ineffective since it tickled more than it pleased, and it distracted me from the good feelings in my clit (and yes, they were VERY good feelings, the vibrations were very stimulating and effective) so perhaps if you could make the bullets go at different speeds that would have been a better design. He pushed one into my vagina and even that really did nothing for me, I actually couldn't feel what was going on inside because I was so enthralled with the outside. Ignoring the second bullet, I brought myself to an awesome clitoral orgasm that seemed to be on the edge for about 30 seconds before it happened, and very long and intense while it was going on. But somewhere during the midst of my reckless pleasure I pushed the other egg right out of me, so there wasn't really much of a point to it for me, as I got the job done with just the one bullet.

My husband tried it out next, putting one on the outside of his anus and clenching it there between his cheeks and running one up and down the shaft of his penis. He also used it on Super speed. It felt good for a little while, but then his dick just went numb and the pleasure was lost from it, he says because it was too powerful. On lower speeds it did not feel as good though. So I guess if you want to add a temporary "kapow!" to a hand job this might be good, but I don't see that as having that as the sole purpose of this toy. Granted, it's only $11.99, so go for it if that titillates you.

We washed the toy again with hot soap and water, and I pulled it out to write this review and there is still the faint smell of ass, but the chemical "new car" smell has left. Though I think I would rather have the new car smell than the ass smell, but it isn't intoxicating or too terrible to deal with. You may not even notice it.

I definitely feel like a similar toy with longer cords would be more worth it if you are planning to use a toy like this with a partner, but for solo play it has a lot of potential.
Follow-up commentary
Never really got into using these much due to the short cords. Gave it to a friend and have no idea what has become of it.
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  • Carrie Ann
    The new car vs ass smell thing cracked me up!
  • Naughty Student
    Is the length of the cords the most major disapointment or the motors of both bullets being controlled at the same time?

    I guess this would be an awesome toy for a lesbian couple.

    Nice review!
  • jedent
    The short cords, because like you said a lesbian couple may enjoy it, but then again maybe not because if you move yours it might pull and move your friend's.
  • Darling Dove
    I have to say...
    Honestly, for this price, I have not found anything as strong as these.
    But they are really really not durable. When I got mine it was already broken, one of the bullets didnt work, and now the cord is going..

    so if you CAN direct me to something this price that is just as strong I'd really appreciate it. I loved these and now that they're dying I'm really sad.
  • darkkitty
    Nice review!
  • geliebt
    Thanks for the review! Dunno if I'm too into this one after all.. it's not lookin too hot for me. Thanks
  • jeangel246
    Thanks for the review
  • ViVix
    A temporary kick to a hand job is a good idea.
  • Tbanda
    Good review!
  • Peres2013
    Thank you!
  • purpledesert
    Fab review, thanks!
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