iTap G-vibe - sex toy by Cal Exotics - review by J's Alley

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Proof of the Loch Ness Monster

The iTap technology is awesome. The vibrations are strong, and the design is basic. The iTap g-vibe will be timeless. The touch pad could be less sensitive, but still, it is so worth having around. If you are into's your toy!
Cool technology. Body safe.
Plastic. Touch pad can be sensitive.
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The iTap Vibrator is something special. I can say that with honesty. It is meant as a G-Spot vibrator, but it took me a little bit or work to even find my flippin' g-spot with it. The curve is great for g-spot stimulation once you get it there, assuming you don't accidentally turn it while playing (I did that a lot and had to take it out to figure out what went wrong). The tip of the iTap is great for clitoral stimulation if you are one who likes pin point vibrations (I'm not, but it was still fun to try out). You can go for penetration or just outside fun, or back and forth and drive your senses WILD. For g-spot stimulation I didn't really enjoy the vibrations (but everyone is different), I did like the thrusting, and I tilted the tip forward to better hit my spot.

I didn't find the iTap to be so amazing on the nipples. I think it was because of the small tip; it was a bit better when I laid it on its side and used that rather than the point at the end of the vibrator. Play with using more than just the tip with this one. I laid it on its side against my girly bits and vibration drove me wild. You can use it on your back, or neck, or belly button (ok, that was for fun... but if you like it, go for it!). Just DO NOT use on swollen or broken skin, or unexplained calf pain... it was a distinct warning on the vibrator from California Exotics (who said to consult a physician for the calf pain). They care!!! That is so cool, and I have never before seen that warning on a toy.

I bet you boys would like this toy too. You can use it while you are having sex and he can feel your vibrations, or you could place it on a low level and use it on his scrotum (I might not recommend using the tip though) or use the tip on his perineum (the area between his scrotum and anus...girls you can try this too).

Please do not...I repeat do NOT use this as an anal toy.
1. Non sterilizable
2. No flared base...I don't want to hear you had to have an iTap removed from your ass by a doctor.

**If you choose to do it anyway...well, I warned you. So be careful and use a condom.
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Material / Texture

The iTap line is made of plastic with a velvet cote. While plastic is safe with any lubricant, velvet cote is not; please take care to only use water or silicone lubricants with the iTap. The velvet cote gives a beautiful smooth and silky texture to the toy, and is super easy to clean (I will go into that later). Because it is plastic it cannot be sterilized, so if you share...use a condom. If you choose (against my advise) to use this toy anally...USE A CONDOM please :)

The very tip of the iTap is curved, and because it is plastic it is a hard curve. Well, the whole toy is hard really. No give at all, which is fine by me since a little bit of give can cause some girls to not get the stimulation they want/need. There is the slightest seam on it, but it is hardly noticeable even with your hands, so it does not take away from the beauty of the toy.

No taste. No smell... but my hands did smell kinda odd after playing for an who knows. I will have to update that later. They smelled latex-y.

Having said that ~ No latex, phthalates free, and hypoallergenic. A whole ball of awesomeness for anyone with sensitivities. Non porous...but still cannot be sterilized.

Design / Shape / Size

The design, well... she looks like freaking Nessie. You know, the Loch Ness Monster? Really. I played for about ten minutes just having her bob up and down and go side to side. J (my hubby) even made some pics of the iTap with a face :)

Straight and narrow. The iTap is 7.5 inches long and 6 of those are insertable. The iTap is only one inch in diameter. The very tip is curved for g-spot stimulation, and the whole vibrator is hard. The size makes this a good vibrator for anyone. Beginner users that are newer to toys will not be intimidated by girth, and the length is good for more experienced users. Unless you are all about the girth of the toy, I see no reason this wouldn't appeal to you, size wise. The g-spot curve might be intimidating if this is going to be your first vibrator, but don't let it be... welcome it. The curve opens doors, and will make clitoral stimulation easier on you.

The motor is located low in the vibrator, so the vibrations are strong. I was very impressed with the vibes and how well it worked. NOTE: If you install the batteries upside down the vibe will go on, but not off.

Is it discreet? Uh, no. It looks like a vibrator. If your friends see it, they will know what it is. Sorry, this one is meant to be put away. I wouldn't say you couldn't travel with it though, but then again, I wouldn't think twice about carrying condoms in my pocket and lube in my purse.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The iTap has five functions...low, high, and three variable settings (a pulsating and two variable really). The vibrations are strong, even in the tip (which I assume is because the motor is so low). As far as controls go...well if you are technology geek get yourself all excited. This baby is touch controlled. Like your iPod, your Chocolate phones, your MP3 players, and so much more of today's technology. This is so cool. I was all giddy and excited when I played with it.

The controls are rather kept changing functions while I played...but only to touch. Anything that touched it set it off. I set it on my bed and the sheet moved and the iTap turned on. Although the touch pad is a little overly sensitive, it wasn't sensitive to movement. I tossed it, I shook it, I freaking slammed it against my bed HARD, and no change in function at all!

Now, you will know if you accidentally (although if you aren't using it you should remove the batteries) turn it on. It's loud. Not crazy, super loud like your neighbors will hear it, but it is loud. I could hear it through the bedroom door. Once I laid my comforter on it, though, I couldn't hear it anymore. If you are looking for really discreet, this might not fit your needs...maybe you can look beyond that?

You will need 2 AA batteries, but hey, most of us have those around anyway, right? I used my vibe for over an hour and no sign of it slowing down. I did put in an old set and noticed that even movement turned it off or changed the settings, so there's your warning that you need new batteries. Since we are talking batteries. Well...oops. I was curious and I accidentally popped the casing out of the vibe. The batteries go into a plastic case that can (I am sure you shouldn't take it out) come out with a little work. Once I figured out how the hell I got it out I was able to get it back in with no side affects. The battery cap is tight, but there is no ring to protect it from water.

Care and Maintenance

Since this is plastic you will not be able to fully sanitize it like silicone, but you can clean it with a sex toy cleaner or wipe. You can also wipe it down with isopropyl alcohol to disinfect it. Do not boil this toy or place it in your dishwasher.

I strongly suggest you use a condom if you share this toy as well as if you, for some reason, decide to try this anally (I still think it's a bad idea) because you will not be able to sterilize it fully.

I store mine in a toy case I have, but if you don't have one you can just slip it in a drawer without the batteries and you are set to go. If you want you can wrap it in a cloth to protect the touch pad.


Cal Exotics is on the ball. I get so sick of seeing tall women with legs for days. I look nothing like that and after seeing the perfect freaking human on the box, well, I feel less than sexy. Just the iTap g-vibe, a pretty orchid and some pretty writing.
Warnings included:
Do not immerse in water
Wash before and after each use
Remove batteries when not in use
Use a rubber compatible lubricant
and...not for internal use? Really? I am not sure how I will hit my g-spot, but ok.

The iTap came a plastic wrapper inside the box, along with a set of instructions. Instructions were for battery installation. Well, I would like instructions on how to put the batter casing back in when we accidentally pop it out (but hey that's just me).

"Tap me, I vibrate. Tap me twice, I pulsate!" Um, no you don't. Tap twice and you vibrate harder...silly iTap. Other than that, I love the packaging. You could store your vibe in there to keep it from getting damaged if you like, but it is a little bulky for my taste.


As I used the toy and fell in love with it's smoothness and softness I was thrown off constantly. The culprit, the touch pad. I kept tapping it on accident and changing the damn function. I would move my hand and the function would change. Sometimes it was a nice surprise, others, well, it wasn't so welcome.
Follow-up commentary
Ok, so I used my new iTap vibe today and well, it was less than stellar. You know, vibrators should, well vibrate. It didn't. Not at all. I put in the batteries and the touch sensor was insane. All over the place. I couldn't get it to stop changing functions. So I opened new batteries and put them in. Nope. Same issue. After about thirty minutes of the worst vibrator experience ever it just quit on me altogether. I wasn't sure what to make of it at all.

I can say I did get some major g-spot stimulation with the thrusting because I no longer had to worry about touching the touch pad. However, I could just buy a [ dildo ] if that was what I wanted.

After I cleaned the toy and put it away (it had been in the drawer for about 15 minutes) I heard a LOUD vibrating sound. My iTap had turned itself on and cycled through the cycles on its own. What the hell?!?! Apparently I had forgotten to remove the batteries (for once this was a good thing).

I really think this could be a GREAT vibrator if the controls were more controllable and it didn't just die. Overall I would would only give this a 2 star rating if I could do it over again.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Kmonkey
    Sounds like a tricky Vibe to get the hang of. But it seems worth putting in the effort.
  • J's Alley
    Well, I had to rethink my whole freaking review today Sad face
    The vibrator broke. 100% BROKE.

    I have put in an update, so be on the lookout for that one. Until then I will leave you with the thought that I would only give this a 2/5 stars because of what happened.
  • Sammi
    I think the touch pad sounds too sensitive for me - there's nothing worse than changing vibrations by mistake!

    Sorry to hear this broke!
  • J's Alley
    It was awful, I was so upset. Not just because it broke, but because just a few hours later my review went live Sad face Otherwise I would have asked to re-write the whole review.

    I certainly think this has the potential to be an amazing vibrator if Cal Exotics can get the touch pad to work right and for it not to break. I am not certain why it broke, but the battery casing came out for me and another reviewer, so that may have helped it along some. It's too bad.
  • Darling Dove
    J, I think something was wrong with yours to begin with since my iTap egg was not sensitive to touch in general but only touch from something living. I tried to demonstrate that in my video by tapping the touch end on a bunch of things in front of the camera- maybe theres something I missed? hmm.
  • J's Alley
    No, it was fine up until yesterday and then it went all psycho on me. It was bad. The battery casing came out and I am wondering if that did it because with the casing comes the little metal strips inside and they are a BITCH to get back in. This seems to be a design flaw.
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Sorry this stopped working properly! That'll happen with new technology lol. You could totally add a sleeve to this and you as a regular dildo.
  • J's Alley
    That may be what I wind up doing. I really really like the overall design of the toy. Honestly, I would still love this even if it only worked randomly simply because it is a new technology.

    If Cal Exotics can make this really work and get all the kinks (no pun intended) out, WOW. I would easily recommend this to everyone. I have to hand it to this company, they are coming out with some AMAZING toys!!!
  • LicentiouslyYours
    What a bummer! I think this toy sounds really cool, but I've read several reviews that indicate there are some kinks to work out in this touch-sensitive feature. On that note, Cal Exotics seems to really be interested in reviewer feedback as a source for how to improve their toys, so who knows, maybe iTap 2.0 will be awesome!
  • J's Alley
    I sure hope so because I really want another one. I just won't buy it until a few reviewers have no issues.
  • Miss Cinnamon
    Nifty review! I agree that the iTap tech is really cool, but could use some further development.
  • J's Alley
    It's especially awesome if you love technology. I hope they can get it perfected...and maybe add a lock on the functions or something.
  • Purple Foxglove
    Here is a link to my video on that weird inner-battery-cradle-but-don't-take-it-out-thing. Big smile
  • Mommy2
    good review...thank you
  • AlaskanBeauty
    nice review!
  • ace.eric.pollen
    thanks for the review!
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