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To Tap or Not to Tap...

This toy has a lovely, high-quality design and is made from a material that adds significantly to the experience! It's a dramatic curve and hard material make for excellent vibrations and good G-spot stimulation - if you can find it with that narrow tip! New control system is finicky, unpredictable, and inconvenient. Being that the cons outweigh the pros, I've given it three stars. It's an enjoyable toy and a good shot at an innovative new technology, but it just slightly missed the mark.
Perfect material choice, powerful, hypoallergenic, innovative controls.
Narrow tip, not waterproof, loud, touchy/unpredictable controls. Must remove batteries between uses.
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The iTap G Vibe is a powerful, multifunction contoured vibrator. It is intended to stimulate the G-spot with its dramatically curved tip. The G is an excellent toy for solo play, but it's shape would also be ideal for partner use due to size and shape. It's slim enough to fit where you need it and the curved tip will help you reach what you need to reach without holding the toy at awkward and interfering angles. Unfortunately, I think the touch technology may detract from partner use, due to all the bare flesh around that might accidentally cause the controls to react...I'll discuss the touch controls further in the Functions / Performance / Controls section.

In discussing a toy's use, we must also discuss how NOT to use it. I would not recommend using this item for anal stimulation. However, if you choose to use this item anally do so only with a condom and extreme care as it is not flared at the base.

Furthermore, there is a small oval-shaped gold sticker on the side of the base of the toy that says, "WARNING: This device should not be used over swollen or inflamed areas or skin eruptions. Do not use on unexplained calf pain. Consult physician. Made in China." Now, I find the calf pain portion to be oddly specific as it implies you can use it on other unexplained muscle pains. Also...I laughed at the fact that they included "Made in China" on the warning label ;) At any rate, please don't use this item on swollen, inflamed, broken, or otherwise damaged body parts. Do not use it to soothe any mysterious soreness. Be sure to consult your doctor instead!
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Material / Texture

This vibrator is made of hard plastic, which is odor-free and tasteless. The shaft is covered in a material called Velvet cote, which is more tactile and skin-like than typical slick plastic. It has a bit more "grip" or "resistance" to it, thought it's still smooth. This increased "feel" helps the toy to increase stimulation as it tugs ever so slightly at the flesh when you move it, rather than sliding right over your skin without providing much sensation. Velvet cote is non-porous, hypoallergenic, and latex- and phthalates-free. I imagine that the velvety material and smooth texture are both suitable for anyone, from beginners to advanced users. The toy comes in soft pastel pink or lavender or white! :)

Design / Shape / Size

The iTap G is fairly long and slender at 7 1/2" long, with 6" insertable length and a slim 1" diameter. It curves sharply at the tip to provide stimulation to the g-spot. I tend to like a thicker, shorter vibrator, personally, but my tastes definitely developed that way as I became more experienced with toys. If the tip of this toy was a bit broader, I think that this would be a great, non-intimidating toy for someone who is beginning to explore g-spot stimulation. It was difficult for me to locate my g-spot with the extremely narrow, pointed tip of this toy. Once I did locate it, it was a chore to keep that pinpoint pressure on the right spot. There is no physical indicator on the base of the toy to tip the user off as to whether or not the tip is pointing in the right direction, so I kept feeling the need to interrupt my play to check that the tip was still oriented upwards. It would be a great improvement to have a little groove or something the user could feel in order to know which way is up without pausing to look.

This toy is not discreet. It quite obviously is what it is! ;) It's not suitable for travelling unless the batteries are removed beforehand as it is prone to turning on randomly.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The iTap G has an innovative control system. The end of the base has a removable window-sticker type of label on it that says "Touch me!" By touching the end of the base, you activate the touch technology (similar to that which is used in iPods and laptop mice), turning on the vibrations. Unfortunately, the touch controls are extremely sensitive. I feel that the controls detract significantly from my enjoyment of the toy. Because of the controls, it is rather tough to maneuver the toy the way you may need to in order to hit your g-spot. The base is not very conducive to being gripped, since the sensitive touch technology reacts to lightest brush of flesh. I've accidentally changed settings with my inner thighs! I find myself using this more often on my clit because I can hold it on the shaft and use my free hand to tap the touch controls, which are far enough away in that position to not be accidentally touched.

This toy has turned on a couple of times in my drawer, seemingly of its own accord. It shouldn't turn on without being in contact with skin. This problem is solved by removing the batteries. I find toys that I need to remove the batteries from after each session to be an extreme nuisance and to detract from my enjoyment of them considerably. If I have to get up and root around in my bag for batteries before I can get down to business, I'm FAR less likely to use the toy on a regular basis. This is one that you can definitely count on to constantly be turning on unexpectedly unless you remove the batteries. It even states on the package that batteries should be removed when the toy is not in use.

The G has five vibrating functions, with the vibrations being centralized at the tip of the toy. This toy is quite loud, no matter which function is in use. Even though lowest setting makes a fairly noisy, slightly "rattling" sound, while the higher one sounds more similar to the buzz of an electric razor. The first function is a less powerful, but deeper, constant vibration. The second is a higher pitched, significantly more powerful, constant vibration. I would say they are "low" and "high" settings, with no "middle", really. The third setting is my favorite, two short pulses and one long pulse, at the same level as the high constant. The fourth is a steady, short pulsing function, also at a higher level of vibration. The fifth is a sort of wavering pulse, reminiscent of the sound of a washing machine cycle or an emergency vehicle siren...Wee-oo, wee-oo, wee-oo...The emphasis is on the first "syllable" of the pulse, with the second half being less powerful. Unfortunately, it's a drop down from the previous settings and is more similar to the lower constant vibration. It would have been nice to have something a little different for the fifth function. Since the user's only choice is to cycle through the functions in one direction, it would be a great improvement to have the fifth function as the most intense one!

Although the toy does not have an off button to quickly stop the vibrations, forcing the user to cycle through the settings in order to shut it off, holding your finger against the touch control will cause the vibrations to halt, restarting on the next setting when you remove your finger. This may pause the vibrations long enough to bide you some time if you find yourself in a compromising situation!

Care and Maintenance

This vibrator can be cleaned with warm water and anti-bacterial soap, isopropyl alcohol, or many varieties of toy cleaners/wipes. Do not boil it (and, for that matter, do not boil any toys with electronic or vibrating components.) You cannot sterilize it, so you may wish to cover it with a condom if you plan on sharing, but the shape is not ideal for that. It is not waterproof, which makes this easy-to-clean material a bit difficult to wash with soap and water unless you're very, very careful. The box cautions users to always use a rubber compatible lubricant with this product, which would include both water- and silicon-based lubes.


The toy is packaged inside of a thin plastic wrapper in a tasteful, recyclable cardboard box, featuring an image of the toy on the outside and a lovely, simple floral backdrop. I find this to be a refreshing deviation from California Exotics usual tacky porno-type models. "iTap", the box says, is a "Touch activated 'G' vibe, just tap'n'go! Innovative touch activated 'G' vibe with 5 functions of vibrations, pulsation, & escalation. Revolutionary touch-sensitive technology! No buttons, no switches." The box claims that the iTap G is "Sleek & seamless", which is fairly accurate - see the Material / Texture section for more information. It also says, "Tap me, I vibrate. Tap me twice, I pulsate!" This is inaccurate - see the Personal comments section for more information. :) The side of the box warns you against immersing this toy in water, lists the material ("ABS with PU Cote"), advises you to wash the item before and after each session, and to remove the batteries when not in use. However, the box also states that this item is for external use only, which I find confusing as it appears to be designed to stimulate one's g-spot. I consider that to be internal use, but perhaps there are some legal boundaries there that they're trying to accommodate. Overall, the packaging is tasteful, but not quite gift-giving quality, not to mention some of the written aspects of the packaging are somewhat misleading. I do use this box to store my iTap G and a number of other small items, just for the sake of organization.

There is a small tri-fold instruction pamphlet in the bottom of the box which has numbered images depicting how to remove the battery cap and insert the two required AA batteries. The instructions are a little cryptic, so battery insertion was a process of trial and error for me. I did not find the included instructions to be very useful and I had a bit of trouble with it at first. They would be much more helpful if there were some written instructions included, rather than just pictures with arrows going every which way. See the Experience section for a detailed explanation.

Personal comments

I would like to mention that this toy is described here on EF and on the packaging as having an "escalating" function, but in reality it does not have any settings that reflect that. It has two steady vibration settings and three pulse settings with various, repeating patterns. My Functions / Performance / Controls section was already super long, so I thought I'd mention that specifically here, as an aside. I was expecting an escalating setting, which is one of my favorites, but there wasn't one and that was fairly disappointing for me.


When I initially attempted to use the G, it was kind of a struggle to open the battery compartment. You need to use quite a bit of force to open it and to close it again. Twist it to the left slightly and it will come loose from the internal grooves. You then have to pull it straight off, rather than continuing to twist. Closing it is more difficult as the batteries press upward slightly on the lid. You have to match the arrows, match the protrusions into the notches, push down, and then twist it into place. When you fasten it on, you may think that it's already all the way on, but try turning it a little tighter. It will seal noticeably once you've got it all the way. Also, once you've got the batteries in and you need to remove them, it's difficult to open the battery cap without turning the vibrations on accidentally. I'm not sure that this really does any damage, but I always try to avoid doing it anyway...I don't think the batteries should be removed mid-vibration.

My initial impression of this toy was very positive. It's obviously high-quality, nearly seamless, and very lovely to look at and to touch. When I first played with it, I lubed it up, inserted it, and experimented with trying to locate my G-spot. It was a struggle. Even once I found it, it was difficult to maintain pressure on it because I couldn't get a good grip without activating the touch sensor and sending the toy rolling through it's various functions. I had a few moments where the hard, pointed tip shifted strangely and actually hurt me inside. Fortunately, that only happened a time or two. I shifted the angle to fix that problem and haven't run into it again. I was unable to reach orgasm with just internal stimulation, so I ended up using the toy on my clit instead, which was incredible. It's powerful and very enjoyable, with pinpoint accuracy for your specific pleasures. I'm making it a personal goal to learn how to use this toy well enough to be able to come with it on my g-spot. It'll take a bit of finesse, but I think it might be worth it ;)
Follow-up commentary
Well, I have to say...I was completely right when I thought that learning to use this toy would bring another dimension of pleasure to play! Having spent some time experimenting with it and figuring out just how to use it best for my body, this toy has earned a permanent place in my toy bag.

It is, unfortunately, one of the noisiest toys I own, which means that it doesn't get used nearly as often as I'd like. When I do use this toy, I often remove the batteries and simply use it as a dildo for intense, accurate, pinpoint g-spot stimulation. It seems to work much better that way since then I'm not randomly cycling through the vibration settings when I accidentally grasp the base wrong. However, when I have the privacy, I really do enjoy the powerful vibrations.

In the end, I think the innovative controls truly detract from the overall experience with this toy. The shape of it is enjoyable and it was fun to learn how to use it properly, but the touch controls are a constant source of annoyance and frustration. Eliminating that all together and using a different control system would make it much more enjoyable.

Update: I just want to note that I've noticed the toy heating up some with prolonged use. After about 15-20 minutes, the curved end of it tends to warm up significantly...Not to the point of being uncomfortably or dangerously hot, but it is definitely noticeable. If this toy had a different control system, it would be nice to be able to play with it with the vibrations off for a good amount of time, get warmed up, and then switch them on for the final minutes of play to finish with a bang...Too bad the touch system isn't very conducive to that :(
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  • Sammi
    Nice review! I've been hesitant to try this because of the control.
  • lexical
    Thanks, Sammi! The control is very unfortunate...I think it's a nice idea, but it's just not that effective to have a system be activated by bare flesh when there's SO MUCH bare flesh around, just waiting to come into contact with it, lol!
  • MuffysPinguLove
    Excellent review!
  • lexical
    Thank you, Muffys!
  • lexical
    Please note, I've added an update to the follow-up review. Smile
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Well I am glad you started to like this more Big smile
  • lexical
    Me too! Winking
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    Nice review, thanks!
  • lexical
    My pleasure!
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    Thanks for the review!
  • zeebot
    Awesomely detailed review!
  • lexical
    Thank you! It's my pleasure!
  • lexical
    I'll be receiving an itap egg soon. It'll be interesting to compare the two.
  • Tbanda
    Thanks, great review!
  • lexical
    You're welcome!
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