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Strong vibrations, unique design

The Wish-bone is perfect for a woman who likes very strong vibrations on her clitoris during masturbation, but doesn't mind a somewhat noisy toy.
Very strong vibrations, waterproof, clever design.
Loud, could use some improvement.
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The Wish-bone is a hard plastic vibrator intended for external stimulation. It's primarily designed for clitoral stimulation, with a unique shape which is supposed to make it easy to hold in place. The shape is good for stimulating the entire vulva (by holding it parallel to the body) or for targeting vibrations on the clitoris (by aiming the point of the vibrator exactly where you want it).

While clearly designed for women, this toy can be used by men as well. The vibrations feel good when it's held against the scrotum, or stroked up and down the shaft of the penis.

Material / Texture

The Wish-bone is made from hard ABS plastic, with a smooth glossy texture. ABS is a nonreactive, safe material (used for many children's toys) which conducts vibrations very well, although it also tends to make for a noisy vibrator. The smooth texture is good for sliding it around and rubbing it against sensitive areas.

Design / Shape / Size

The Wish-bone's basic design is a very good idea. It makes it pretty easy to hold while pressing it against yourself. The size of the toy is good for its intended use. It's about four and a half inches long, and just under an inch in diameter. That's just the right size to be able to stimulate your entire vulva at once, but it's short enough that you can aim it just at your clitoris without having your hand at an awkward angle.

My only concern is with the handle which makes this vibrator unique. The U-shaped bit where you put a finger to hold it is too big to grip your finger well enough, and the hard plastic can dig into your fingers. Also, it seems like it should be mounted at a slightly different angle in order to be more comfortable. The toy designers should should rethink the size and angle of the handle to come up with a better design in future models.

Functions / Performance / Controls

This is one powerful vibrator. For some people it may even be too strong. There are three settings, but there is not much of a difference between the three. Even the lowest was stronger than my girlfriend likes. Switching between the three levels is easy; pressing the single button switches between levels. The button is pretty well positioned so you can press it with the same finger which is holding the toy in place.

The vibrating emanates from the center of the bulbous shaft, but the hard ABS plastic transmits the vibrations well enough that it's hard to tell exactly where the vibrating motor is located. Every part of this toy vibrates intensely. This strong vibration, combined with the plastic case makes it a rather loud toy, like most hard plastic vibrators. It can also numb your fingers and make it more difficult to hold. I would have liked to see a softer handle, to make it more comfortable for your fingers as well as to dampen somewhat the vibrations which reach your fingers.

The Wish-bone is waterproof, and seems to have a pretty good O-ring to keep moisture out of the battery compartment. I'd trust it in the bathtub.

Care and Maintenance

ABS plastic is very easy to clean, and this toy is even easier to clean than many due to a good waterproof battery compartment. As long as the battery compartment is closed properly, it's no problem to wash the Wish-bone with soap and water in the sink. You could also wipe it down with alcohol, if you wanted.

ABS is compatible with both water-based and silicone-based lubes, so you should be able to use your favorite lubricant with the Wish-bone.


I was pleasantly surprised by the Wish-bone's packaging. It comes in friendly, non-threatening packaging which is completely inoffensive (as long as you don't object to an overload of pink). No photos of porn stars, no vulgar text. The toy is targeted at women, and their package is designed appropriately. I'd be very comfortable giving it as a gift.

The package had simple instructions in several languages, clearly pointing out the battery requirements, materials, and the fact that it's waterproof. There was also a simple diagram showing how to hold it. No complicated instruction manual, but the toy is simple enough not to need one.

Oh, and the best part? The two required size N batteries are in the box (and prominently displayed, so you can see that they're in there.) While N is a somewhat uncommon battery size, it's not too hard to find. Any store with a large battery selection should have them. They're traditionally used in cameras, garage door openers, and so on, but lately they're being used in an increasing number of sex toys.


My girlfriend and I tried this toy out together, and while we liked the idea behind the design, she found the vibrations a bit too strong. She also found it a bit uncomfortable to hold for more than a few minutes, due to the vibrations; and due to the fact that it seems to be designed by someone with bigger fingers. I tried using it on her, and found that this toy is really meant to be used for solo play. It's hard to hold up against someone else, as it's designed specifically to hold against your own genitals. We also tried using it during intercourse, but it isn't especially good for that, either.

I think someone who likes strong vibrations could find this toy great for masturbation, and while it's not my girlfriend's first choice in toys, I think a lot of other women will like it quite a bit. I think this will become my vibrator, not hers, as my larger fingers can hold it better, and I like the strong vibrations more than she does.
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  • Sammi
    I like the design of this - looks like it would be easier to hold than a standard bullet.
  • tim1724
    Yes, it's definitely easier to hold. It could still use some improvement, but the idea is great. The U-shaped part seems designed for giant fingers, and it could use some padding (the plastic digs into the skin of your fingers after a while) but it's still much easier to hold than a bullet. Smile
  • Naughty Student
    I don't know that I would consider this vibe very strong for myself since I usually need something that runs on minimum 2 AA batteries, I am curious about this one. How do you think it fares compared to something that runs on different kinds of batteries?
    Thanks for the review.
  • tim1724
    It uses 2 N sized batteries, which is about the same as a pair of AA batteries in terms of the amount of power they can put out. N batteries put out the same voltage as AA (1.5V) and a comparable amount of current. The main difference (besides the size) is that they don't last as long as AAs would, so you have to replace them a bit more often.

    It wouldn't be possible to fit two AAs in this vibrator, and in my opinion the N batteries are a much better choice than button cells.

    The hard plastic conducts vibrations much better than softer materials such as TPR, Jelly, or even most silicone materials. So even with just two batteries, the vibration is pretty strong. Not the strongest I've felt, certainly, but it was definitely stronger than I had expected.
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  • Missmarc
    Great review, thank you for sharing your experience! I don't like anything without standard battery sizes though, so I'll have to pass on this one.
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