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Such a cute little guy with good power!

The Muse massager is such a cute, uniquely powerful, 100% body safe silicone, water proof, dual motored clitoral vibrator. The motors are located in the two little "ears" of this cute little guy. It is surprisingly quiet for the dual motors and power that it has. Definitely a great toy to have around if you love pinpoint stimulation.
Dual motors
10 functions
No storage bag
No instruction manual
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The Muse massager is designed to be a unique clitoral vibrator. It has dual motors located in the "ears" of the massager and this is where they are felt. The part you use is made of 100% body safe silicone and the base is made of plastic. Muse is rechargeable so you can forget the batteries! You could also use this toy on your nipples. I don't see the point in trying to insert one or both ears because they are so slim and short. It has 10 functions so there should be something for everyone here. If clitoral stimulation isn't your thing then you probably shouldn't purchase this toy because you won't be happy with it. It has pretty strong vibrations but it isn't nothing like Uma, the popular powerful clitoral vibrator. If you need a powerhouse you won't get it here, but for everyone else it should be fine.

Muse is great to use alone or with a partner letting them be the one in control of the speed/functions and placement. It is fairly discreet in that it doesn't look like a typical sex toy. It is small enough to travel with and is waterproof allowing you to take it into the bath/shower.

Material / Texture

Muse's "face" and "ears" are made of 100% body safe silicone which rates a 10 on Eden's safety scale. The silicone is super soft and velvety. There really isn't any drag to it and you could use it comfortably without applying any lubricant. It glides nicely over skin on its own. The "face" is sold and firm. The "ears" are firm yet flexible; you are able to bend the ears forward and backward a little bit as well as spread them apart a good ways; they can be pushed together too.
Muse is also hypoallergenic, non-porous, latex and phthalates free.
The base is solid, hard plastic and rates an 8 on Eden's safety scale..
There is no texture, just smooth silicone making it great for any user.
There is visible seam up the sides but it isn't noticeable to the touch.
Muse doesn't have any apparent smell to it at all.

Design / Shape / Size

Muse is such a uniquely designed vibrator. What exactly it is supposed to be shaped like is left unknown but many people here at Eden compare it to a bunny head. It does have the ears and when it lights up it appears to have a mouth, eyes and eyebrows. It is an overall totally cute little massager and that is what caused me to keep coming back when new reviews went up and ultimately make the decision to get one for myself.

Muse is designed with women and the clitoris in mind. There are two motors in this toy, one in each "ear". You can press the ears down on the clitoris, separate the ears to slip your clitoris between both ears for a rather different experience that is very nice having those motors on each side.

It is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. It weighs about .6lb and is heaver that the Mimi. It will sit up on it's own on the base because that is where the weight is, it does wobble a little but doesn't fall over on a flat surface.

The size makes it great for its intended purpose, the measurements are:
Length: 3 1/2"
Circumference: 6 1/4"
Diameter: 1 3/4"

It so cute that it shouldn't intimidate anyone and be good for most users. It is discreet enough that it wouldn't cause any embarrassment if you left it out. It is small and easy to travel with.

Compared to JeJoue Mimi:

Functions / Performance / Controls

Surprisingly this toy didn't come with an instruction manual. The only instructions are located on the back of the box.

To turn Muse on you can press either "eye". To turn it off you can cycle through all 10 functions (pressing the left "eye") or hold down on either "eye" for a few seconds. The left "eye" increases intensity and switches to the next mode. The right "eye" decreases intensity and switches back to the previous mode. The strip along the base lights up when turned on and forms the "mouth". The "eyes" light up as well that the "eye brows" when turned on. The lights will blink in sync with the vibrations (ie, the pulses).
There are 10 different functions.
1) Low vibrations
2) Medium vibrations
3) High vibrations
4) Pulsation
5) Two pulses and one long drawn out one (repeat)
6) Same as 5 but a bit stronger
7) Escalating pulses
8) Revving followed by two quick pulses (repeat)
9) Escalating rev, one pulse, de-escalating rev, two pulses (repeat)
10)Escalating rev, 7 pulses (repeat)

Having the dual motors makes pinpoint stimulation great. It is also unique from any other toy I have tried and I have found that I enjoy the different modes with this toy when I normally just like steady vibrations with others.

The vibrations to me feel deep and buzzy; they are very satisfying. They are located in the ears and barely travel to the base. I mean your hand isn't going to get numb or buzzy holding onto the base, you can't really feel it but you can tell it is on.

It is fairly quiet for the power it has and won't be heard outside of a closed door.

There were no instructions so I had to get mine from reading other reviews. There is small circle located under the words DC on the back of the "head", this is where you stick the charger in. I would be careful and easy when removing the charger. According to other reviews, it takes about 2 hours to fully charge the toy. While charging the lights blink and when fully charged they remain steady.

My toy came already charged. I discovered this by accidentally pressing the "eye" before looking at the back of the box and it turned right on.

Care and Maintenance

To clean up Muse you can use warm water and mild soap, toy cleaner or wipes. It doesn't collect fibers as well as some other silicone toys but I would still store it somewhere protected. You could use the box since it fits down in between some foam formed to cradle it. I don't have room for boxes so I keep mine in an organza bag (you can get in bulk on eBay and they are great for toys!).

Since most of this toy is made of silicone you should only use water based lubricant with it.


Before tossing out the packaging I would take a look at the back of the box. This explains how to turn it on and off and how to cycle through the functions/speeds.

Personal comments

This is a really great vibe. I like the unique dual motors and the ears. It really provides for a different clitoral stimulation experience. If you love pinpoint stimulation of the clitoris then I highly recommend this toy
Follow-up commentary
I still like this cute little guy, but he doesn't get used as often because it isn't as strong as Mimi or the We-Vibes. I haven't had any problems with it.
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