Sway Achieves Automated G-Spot Stimulation Perfectly

While the clitoral portion of this rabbit vibrator feels very lacking, the g-spot portion of the Sway makes up for it. The Sway's internal g-spot movement works perfectly to hit the g-spot, over and over, without locking up as the muscles tense. If you're thinking of this rabbit vibrator to mostly enjoy the internal movements, you'll likely be well-satisfied, but the clitoral arm needs more improvements to call this rabbit vibrator the "total package."
Powerful shaft doesn't lock up, Body-safe, Rechargeable, Good size for many bodies, Hits g-spot
Control buttons are hard to differentiate, Clitoral vibrations extremely soft, Toy slides itself out
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Have you never found your g-spot? Know where your g-spot is and want an effortless, solo way to stimulate it? That's where the Sway vibrator comes in. Equipped with a shaft that mimics the perfect "come hither" sensation for g-spot stimulation, this rabbit vibrator goes a different way than the stereotypical rabbit vibrators that attempt to thrust or rotate. This one goes directly to the most effective g-spot stimulation movement for many bodies.

As the clitoral arm attachment is flexible at the base of attachment and can be pressed further back towards the base as anatomy requires, this toy is designed to fit different anatomy types. With some creativity, it may also work for anal p-spot stimulation for some users.

As the vibrator isn't waterproof, the Sway is best used in non-aquatic environments. As it also may require some external lubricant, this toy is likely best for home, relaxed environments.

The toy can be used solo or with a partner.
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    • Everyone
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    • On a bed only
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    • Clitoris
    • G-spot

Material / Texture

The Sway sex toy is made entirely from silicone. This silicone is odorless and tasteless. As the majority of the Sway is made from silicone that covers an interior, plastic core where the vibrations and motor are housed, the majority of the Sway vibrator is rigid with very little plushiness to the toy. The only flexible part of the vibrator is the soft, moveable "rabbit ears" of the clitoral arm attachment.

The silicone that this toy is made from is extremely smooth, however. The fingers will glide over the surface nicely, and with a good, thick application of lubricant, the toy will glide against and between the thighs very nicely as well. There is no texture to the shaft nor the clitoral arm. The entire toy is smooth in every part aside from the crease joint of the shaft's movement and the control buttons at the base.
    • No odor
    • Rigid
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The Sway vibrator has a streamlined design specifically crafted to put g-spot sensations at the center of your experience. The insertable shaft includes a noticeably-curved design with a small area of folded silicone to allow the vibrator's material to stretch and move as necessary when the toy is turned on. The shaft and the body of the toy are entirely rigid with very little plushness or softness in the silicone material. This will lend itself well to high pressure on the g-spot.

The shaft is also a reasonable size at less than 1.5" in diameter. This is a size that will likely be smaller than most biological penises, and partnered with external lubrication, will likely slide into many bodies with minimal problems - which, again, allows for a focus on the Sway's "come hither" g-spot movement that it was crafted for.

As a secondary addition, the Sway also comes with a clitoral arm attachment. This attachment follows the stereotypical "rabbit ear" design with a small clitoral nub attached to two, smaller, free-standing silicone "rabbit ears." The clitoral arm is very flexible at the base of the arm - allowing for a fit for different body anatomies. The rabbit ears are also extremely flexible with no interior parts outside of the silicone material. All of the motor and vibration capabilities feel like they're contained in the shaft itself.

The base of the vibrator is where the controls are located. The buttons are covered with the outer silicone material with an etching into the silicone material to show the function of each button. The buttons are located right at the base of the clitoral arm - which will be relatively close to the body during use.
    • Beginner

Functions / Performance / Controls

The vibrator controls are located at the base of the vibrator right near the base of the clitoral arm. This includes three buttons: a power button, a shaft control button, and a clitoral arm button. The power button will turn the vibrator on and off. That's it. The shaft control button turns on the shaft's movement, and it will increase the speed of the arm as the button is pressed multiple times. The clitoral arm button will turn on the vibrations, and each button press will cycle through the 7 patterns including three steady-state vibration modes.

These buttons become difficult to differentiate during use while the toy is so close to the body (when inserted) that it's impossible to see the buttons without removing the vibrator. As such, you may accidentally turn off the vibrator when trying to increase the vibrations - or accidentally turn on the vibrations when trying to up the intensity of the "come hither" motion. More textural difference or different spots for the control buttons would have solved this problem.

The shaft only makes the "come hither" motion, and it does not vibrate. The clitoral arm only vibrates. The shaft and clitoral arm can be used separately with one turned off while the other is turned on as well as on different power settings independent of one another.

As the main draw to the Sway vibrator, the g-spot shaft moves in a "come hither" motion designed to stimulate the g-spot. The motor that powers this "come hither" motion is particularly powerful, and no amount of internal squeezing seemed to stop the movement in any way. This is impressive for a toy! Many rabbit vibrators can't stand up to that test, and the motor might catch if internal muscles are clenched around the toy. That does not appear to be the case for the Sway vibrator.

The secondary attachment to the Sway are the clitoral vibrations. The vibrations for the clitoral arm are clearly based in the base of the shaft and less-so in the arm of the vibrator. The vibrations that effectively reach the clitoral arm, even on the highest setting, are soft at best. They are much softer than most vibrators, and they are very surface-buzzy. The vibrations alone will likely not be enough stimulation for a clitoral orgasm for most people. In fact, as the buzzy surface vibrations are very high-frequency and can start to feel numbing, some people may prefer to turn off the clitoral arm entirely.

Due to the internal movement of the arm, be aware that a hand needs to be kept somewhere on the Sway on a regular basis to push it into the body into the proper place. If the toy isn't held into place by a hand, the toy will begin to "wiggle" its way out of the body with the continued "come hither" motion.

The toy is not particularly quiet. It isn't overly loud, either, however. It can be heard in the same room - even with noise on, but it likely will be quiet enough to be undetected through a closed door with noise playing.

To power the Sway, this vibrator comes equipped with a rechargeable battery. The toy comes with a USB cable that can be attached to any USB port to charge the vibrator. The charging port is at the base of the vibrator, and the cable fits snugly with no concerns about the cable sliding out.

Care and Maintenance

Made from silicone, this vibrator is simple to clean. However, keep in mind that the Sway is not waterproof, and as such, you'll want to avoid getting any direct water or soap in the charging port at the base of the toy.

For cleaning, warm water and anti-bacterial soap will clean up the majority of the toy. Make sure to pay special cleaning attention to the ridges at the crease of the shaft as these ridges are small areas that will likely stay dirty unless you specifically focus on the spot. Covering the shaft with a condom may eliminate some of the cleaning required on the shaft, but due to the regular motion of the shaft, the condom may begin to slide off during use - which makes it an imperfect solution.

If not using lubricant, insert the Sway slowly and spend time allowing the vibrator to become coated in the body's natural lubricant for a comfortable insertion. Using external lubricant will expedite this process, however. When choosing an external lubricant, make sure to choose a water-based lubricant to ensure the toy's material safety.

For storage, the Sway can be stored in its original box for the most safety and discretion possible. However, it also comes with a drawstring bag that will fit the toy and the charging cable comfortably - though it's also see-through.


The Sway vibrator comes packaged in a sturdy black box. This black box is covered in a slipcover that shows off the toy's name and lists the toy's features. The box does not show a photo of the toy itself.

Inside the box, you will fit the Sway laying in a plastic tray specifically cut to hold the Sway. The toy also comes with a USB charging cable in addition to a see-through, mesh drawstring bag. The toy does not appear to include instructions, but most of the use is straightforward once you remove the toy from the box.

The box itself is sturdy, plain black, and discreet. It can be used for long-term storage of the toy - even if there are discretion concerns.
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Good for storage

Personal comments

The Sway probably has the best g-spot, auto-stimulation I've ever tried in a sex toy before - and I've tried a lot of different sex toys. It doesn't jam up like many toys do - even with really strong pelvic muscles. This toy would likely never leave my side if the clitoral vibrations were anywhere near the intensity level that I require.

As it stands, the clitoral portion just gets in the way because the vibrations are soft enough to be useless. The internal sensation is pretty fantastic, but it just needs more power in the clitoral arm.
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