Silicone softees waves of euphoria - traditional vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by CaptainBunnyKilla

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Take-Home Message: Squishy

This is a pleasant-feeling vibrator that is tragically marred by its plastic-y smell. It consists of two pieces: a REALLY squishy outer sleeve and a hard plastic core vibrator.
Pleasantly squishable, outer sleeve has a lot of give while inner core vibe is firm.
Strong smell, volume, can't feel studs.
Rating by reviewer:
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The first thing I noticed when I took the Silicone Softees Waves of Euphoria (hereafter SSWE) out of the packaging was the smell. It's a pretty strong smell, and not the almost-pleasant rubber smell, either. It's hard to describe: it's just very chemically and off-putting. It freaked me out a little.

The second thing I noticed is how squishy the outside of the vibe is. Based on the description, I expected it to have a little bit of give, but it's squishier than skin-like material. Does anyone else remember Nickelodeon Gak? Both the texture and the smell reminded me of that, which, needless to say, isn't the best association for a sex toy. This freaked me out a little more and made me a little uncomfortable for sanitary reasons. But the description on Eden says that the SSWE is made of TPR Silicone and is phthalates-free, so I threw my misplaced caution to the wind and got down to business. (I've put a video up on my blog demonstrating the SSWE's squishiness and volume link.)

The SSWE consists of a traditional vibrator covered by a very squishy sleeve. This sleeve has half-inch diameter studs all over it. It's loud, but in all fairness, this is noted by the description. The SSWE gets louder if it's pressed up against something, say, a cunt, or it's got something wrapped around it, say, a hand. I've taken to storing it in the plastic packaging it came in, since it's a little sticky and picks up absolutely everything: hair, lint, dust, dirt, you name it. I can't even set it down on my bed without it picking up a million tiny pieces of fuzz. The photos on Eden accurately portray the color of the SSWE: it's weakish lavender. It's kind of big, which didn't turn out to be a problem since the sleeve is so very squashable.

So: I turned this squishy lavender monstrosity on to its lowest setting and took it for a spin. Vibration levels are controlled by a dial on the base of the vibrator, and I didn't have any trouble accidentally changing the setting or turning it off or anything like that. Two things I immediately noticed: first, although the SSWE isn't entirely soft since it's got the hard plastic vibrator core, the soft sleeve feels pretty nice. Second: I couldn't feel the studs at all, probably because of the oft-aforementioned squishiness. They undoubtedly would have been more noticeable if the material had been firmer. Oh well. The vibrations on the highest setting were actually too strong for me; by the time I'd cycled up that far I could only handle it for a few seconds before I had to turn it back down to a mid-range level. The SSWE made me come quickly; I liked it for insertion since there was a lot of give, and while not so good for pinpoint clit stimulation, it felt nice when I rubbed it along the entire length of my vulva.

Cleaning was pretty easy: I've used toy wipes and spray-on toy cleaner. I've also taken the entire sleeve off the vibrator and scrubbed it thoroughly with soap and water. The entire thing is waterproof, so it can be used in the shower or totally submerged, but make sure the seal is tamped down tight enough first.

It has to be said that the SSWE is not safe for anal use, as there is no base. The material seems, from the texture alone, to be pretty porous, so use a condom if sharing. Since it's not pure silicone, the sleeve can't be completely sterilized. All in all, the SSWE is losing a star for volume and a two stars for the smell. It should be noted that I'm insanely sensitive to smells, so it's possible the smell won't bother other people. Like I said, those two detracting factors are a shame because the SSWE actually feels pretty good. And, even if you hate the sleeve, you can always get rid of it and just use the traditional vibe core.
I've washed the sleeve a few times and aired the entire vibe out (in separate pieces, even) but I can't get rid of the smell. I can't smell it when in use, but the chemical smell from the sleeve sticks to the vibrator itself and to hands. It's kind of a turn off, which is sad since I enjoyed the actual use of the SSWE. I'm going to keep washing it incessantly to see if I can wash the smell out.
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  • Victoria
    It sounds like you couldn't get past the squishy smelliness of this toy! How was the battery life? If it made you come quickly, does it really only deserve 2 stars?
  • CaptainBunnyKilla
    I'm giving it two stars because I'm really not sure if I'm going to be able to get past the smell and use it again. There are other toys that have made me come quickly that didn't have a smell that gave me a headache, so... Battery life seems OK so far, but I've only used it a couple of times.
  • CaptainBunnyKilla
    Like I said, it's kind of a shame. I'm hoping that washing it a bunch more times will get rid of the smell. I'll write a follow-up review and let everyone know.
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    Uhhh I wouldn't be able to get past the Nickelodeon Gak either.......
  • Miss KissThis
    I saw the video on your blog before reading this, and I must say I was intrigued. Not really in a good way- but intrigued none the less.

    Kudos to you for trying it out. I don't know if I could have. (Does it remind anyone else of an octopus tentacle?)
  • ~LaUr3n~
    So you wish the material were harder to feel the bumps?
  • Dame Demi
    I was intrigued by the idea of a toy with so much give, but your review will definitely make me think twice about getting this one. Too bad you can't feel the bumps--the texture looks great!
  • Backseat Boohoo
    At the risk of sounding like a jerk: how can you call rubber's smell "almost-pleasant?!" Every time I get rubber toys, the smell almost blows me off of my feet! I only have, like, 1 where the smell isn't totally oppressive!

    I'm funny about loud toys, too; I don't think I could get off on something that was this loud AND smelly AND common-place.

    Great review, as always!
  • CaptainBunnyKilla
    @ Lauren: yeah. As Dame Demi said, the texture really does look great and it's disappointing that you can't feel it.

    @ Backseat Boohoo: lol. I only have one rubber toy and the smell is very faint and reminds me of erasers, so it doesn't bother me too much. Hopefully I'll be able to avoid stronger rubber-smelling toys (insha'allah!).
  • CaptainBunnyKilla
    @ Miss KissThis: This vibrator = not so sexy octopus tentacle. This vibrator = sexy octopus tentacle. Smile
  • tantric
    the Nickelodeon Gak comment was too much, damn that was funny. I was thinking about this toy for my Gf but this review makes me think twice. she doesn't own a single traditional vibe at the moment. So many toys, so little time. Oh yeah and then of course they also cost money.
  • Tragemony
    Watching your demonstration video of the elasticity of this toy just makes me uneasy. I don't think that it should be that stretchy. Great comparison to the Nickelodeon Gak. I remember playing with that stuff when I was a kid.
  • lamira
    Good review, thanks!!
  • cherryredhead88
    I'm not sure. It almost looks too squishy, and I'm not a fan of just vibrator core-y type things... but on the other hand I'm almost curious to experience it for myself! Thanks for the review
  • beemonkey
    Thanks for the review.
  • systematicweasel
    Great review ^^
  • darkkitty
    Nice review!
  • JGrey
    Nice review!
  • samanthalynn
    nice review
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