The Little Egg That Couldn't

A great idea, but nowhere NEAR what I would expect in this price range. Personally I would look for an alternative, but if you are dead set on a rechargeable egg, and you have the money to blow on something you might not like, go for it. In my opinion, it was nothing short of disappointing.
Aesthetically pleasing
Holds a charge for days when not being used, or hours when in use
Weak vibrations
Porous pull string
Battery in remote dies fast
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


This is ideally used in a foreplay situation and can be rubbed against any external erogenous zone, as well as being inserted vaginally. The vibrations are pretty weak, noticeable but unimpressive. This is a toy meant to be used with a partner, the remote signal caries from room to room up to a distance so it can be used in all kinds of public situations. Though it is meant to be used by a couple, it functions perfectly well in solo situations, just don't go expecting mind blowing orgasms. You wont get them.

This is best used by somebody who A: is already slightly turned on, and b: has VERY sensitive lady bits. I would NOT recommend this to anybody tempted to insert it anally, the only thing keeping it from being lost in the Brown Sea forever is the string, and unless you are tying it to an anchor, it really wont do you much good. If you are obsessed with rechargeable toys then yes, the egg is rechargeable, but no the remote is not .
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Material / Texture

The Bliss Egg is made out of a PU Coated ABS Plastic, this has a smooth, almost velvety feel to it, has no odor and no flavor once washed. It is solid, has no give, and is reletively resilient to breakage. It also carries vibrations rather well. The thing that irks me about this material is that the coating isn't all that difficult to scratch. I have scratched more than one toy just bumping it against the plastic packaging that it comes in. Luckily the Bliss Egg does not come in a sharp plastic package, but that does not make the coating any less delicate.

PU coating is made of Polyurethane, it is Non Porous, Phthalates free, easy to clean but not sterilizable. It requires a bit more lube than straight plastic, but less lube than a UR3/Cyberskin type toy. The material is compatible with both water and silicone based lubricants. If you use a silicone based lube, it is still important to be careful if using other toys. Make sure that you are either VERY careful about not transferring the lube to any non silicone compatible toys.
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid

Design / Shape / Size

I love the design of the egg, the fact that it is rechargeable is fantastic, the charger is cute and easy to use, the indicator light on the on off switch is a great feature, and I like that it has patterns and not just straight vibrations. I HATE that the vibrations are so weak, and I dislike that they attached a pull cord that is made of something highly porous and difficult to thoroughly clean.

The size of the egg is fairly substantial, 2,1/2" in length and 1,1/2" in diameter. This makes it about the size of a real egg probably somewhere in the small range of large sized eggs. It is comfortable to insert and stays put rather well, the cord serves its purpose and makes it easy to remove. The button on the egg is fairly small, but not really difficult to push, you might have trouble if you have long fingernails or thick fingers, otherwise you should be good.

The remote is small, comparable with the remote keychains used for locking car doors and the like. The buttons on it however are large and therefore easy to use. In and of itself it is very discreet, but combined with the egg, not so much. Luckily the egg is usually squirreled away in some sort of orifice and not visible.
    • Beginner
    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Bliss Egg has multiple patterns and vibration settings which include, low vibration, medium vibration, high vibration, escalating/roller coaster which starts slow and works up to the high vibration before repeating, short bursts or pulses, faster short bursts or pulses, and 3 short bursts followed by a longer steady vibration. As mentioned above the vibrations in the egg are fairly mild and thought they can work in a foreplay situation, will not likely bring you to orgasm. It IS possible if you are either insanely aroused already, or have VERY sensitive lady parts.

The motor is fairly quiet, externally the vibrations could be heard through covers but probably not through a closed door, definitely not with any background noise, internally the vibrations can be heard, but not through a heavy blanket, and not with any background noise occurring. The vibrations are not high and buzzy, but don't quite make it to low and rumbly either. I would say they are a softer type of vibration than most products provide.

The Egg is rechargeable and takes roughly 4 hours to charge fully from a dead state, it sits well into the charger and therefor is not easily knocked off of the base. The fact that the egg is rechargeable is wonderful, especially considering that it means it is not only waterproof, but you will not be constantly changing batteries. There is also an indicator light on the button of the egg, this will let you know when it is fully charged and also when the power has been turned on and it is ready to be accessed by the remote. Unfortunately the remote uses batteries and not only that, but they are an uncommon sized battery, and therefor not as easy to come by as the standard AAA's and watch batteries. Not only that, but the remote drains the batteries far more quickly than the eggs charge drains.

The controls on the remote are easy to use, there is a simple on off switch, and beside it a second button which allows you to cycle through the patterns. The egg has an on off switch as well, (hold 3 seconds to turn on or off) and when it is off it can not be accessed by the remote. The range of the remote varies from 16ft to approximately 30 ft, depending on both insertion and obstacles.
    • Discreet sound
    • Lots of variety in function
    • Weak

Care and Maintenance

The egg is easy to clean, mild soap and warm water should do the trick, you can use a soft cloth if necessary. An antibacterial toy cleaner can also be substituted for soap or used as well as soap, if you are really diligent. The cord on the egg is not quite as easy to clean as it is fairly porous, however if you are thorough, you can get it clean. The remote is not waterproof, so if it needs to be cleaned it can be wiped down with a damp cloth, and dried off to ensure no water gets into the battery compartment or anywhere else.

The egg can be stored in the charging base (sans adapter - you wouldnt want to drain the battery any faster than is necessary) or, and I would suggest this, in some sort of pouch or toy box with the remote. The pouch would help to prevent the PU coating from being scraped, and would keep the remote with the egg at all times. (Just make sure the egg is completely OFF.) The only problem with this, is that you would also have to find somewhere to store the charger and adapter, and as I state below in my packaging description, the packaging is not something I would recommend for this.

The PU coated plastic is compatible with all other toy materials, but again, if you use silicone lube with this toy, you want to be careful what other materials you are exposing to the lube.


Aesthetically, I am not really impressed with this packaging. I thought the box was pretty unappealing especially for a toy in the 100 dollar price range. Personally I expect a little more than flimsy cardboard with a blah design if I am going to spend that much money. However, it really is more about the toy than the box.

After opening the box I thought that the design was kind of neat, even if I didn't like the outside of the box. There is a little compartment for the instruction booklet and battery, there is also cut out space for both the egg (in charger), and remote, when opening the box this gives an almost display like characteristic to the set. Unfortunately, if you ever hope to pick up your box you better do it from the bottom, because once opened, the top half of the box is more like the glass dome over a cake, you can pick if up but don't expect to take the cake with it. This is great if your packaging is nice and discreet and will look good on a shelf, otherwise it renders the box useless for storage. I can not tell you how many times I dropped the bottom half (egg and all) out of the box, before I tossed the packaging.

If you are concerned about information, you will be happy, the box doesn't have much on it, but the booklet is nice and thick.
    • Recyclable


Well I have to say that my experience with this egg was disappointing. I turned it on, rubbed it across my clit a few times and inserted it, put on some of my favorite porn and played with the settings for a while. I was bored for about an hour. REALLY REALLY bored. I have only experienced this once or twice before, and both times it was with a cheap 10 dollar vibe.

Also unfortunate was the fact that I only got to try it out a couple times before the battery in the remote quit on me. Seriously, what is the point of making a toy rechargeable if you still need batteries for the remote? Sheesh. I have yet to replace the battery, as I have little interest in using the egg again anytime soon.
Follow-up commentary
I cannot help but feel let down by this egg. Such high hopes, such underwhelming results. On the lowest setting the vibrations in the egg are barely noticeable, and on the highest setting, the high pitched tone of the vibration goes up, but the noise level is not what I would consider to be indicative of the strength of vibration (or maybe it is, because the egg is relatively quiet). Aside from the simple lack of power, which in and of itself would not be enough to turn me off of a product completely, I find the remote to be a huge pain in the butt. Unlike the egg is is not rechargeable and it tends to burn through batteries like there is some sort of battery killing contest. Because the type of battery is such a pain in the butt to come across, I highly recommend stocking up if you plan on purchasing this egg. My last complaint is that the cord is fabric, which makes it quite porous. I can't say for sure that there is no way to get all of the bacteria out of it without washing, but I am pretty darned sceptical. I imagine you could saturate it in a 10% bleach solution, which can also be used to wipe down the egg for sanitization. Pu coating, while not porous, may still harbour bacteria if not thoroughly cleaned. So sanitizing is not such a bad idea.

Apart from all of these complaints, it is a functional product. It is waterproof, wireless, has multiple vibration patterns and the egg itself is rechargeable. In my opinion, it is overpriced, but would probably be worth just over half of it's price tag. A second generation product with corrections for all, or even most of these flaws would definitely be worth it though.
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