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Bubbly toyfriend

G-spot vibrator by Toyfriend

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This Ray Gun Sends Me into Orbit

With it's fun, spacey look and great vibrations, the Bubbly Toyfriend is a winner! It seeks out your g-spot and zaps it with its ray gun line of bubbles!
Cool Design
Body Safe Material
Nice Rumble
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So many vibrators out there have the same basic look, especially ones designed for g-spot play. When I first saw the Bubbly Toyfriend, I thought to myself, "Well, that's something different.". It's playful, unique and it works well. I'd recommend it as a first toy if you're looking to try a vibrator, as it's cute and harmless looking, but it also has enough power to satisfy even the most advanced toy user. It works great for couples play, and it's quiet and waterproof. It can go from the bedroom to the shower, and no one will hear you through the door. There are so many positives about this toy!

The Bubbly Toyfriend could be used externally to stimulate your clitoris or any other erogenous zones. The three stacked bubbles fit nicely against my body, and really stimulate my clitoris along with the area surrounding it. It feels nice to lay that stack of bubbles against your body, or use the tip for pinpoint stimulation. I have used the Bubbly ToyFriend with success on my nipples, as well.

This toy is great for vaginal stimulation. The bubbles are situated at an angle and seem to seek out my g-spot. The shaft is slender, which enables you to really play around with angles and find a position that works for your body. Even those new to toys or penetration would enjoy this toy, as it's size isn't very intimidating. Although there is no texture on the shaft, you do get some texture from the bubbles and the neck below them. This toy is less for thrusting and more for directed stimulation, but you could thrust it is you preferred. The neck below the bubbles is nicely flexible, so it will give as you thrust.

You could use this toy to tease anally, but it isn't designed to be inserted anally. There is no flared base and the shaft is a uniform diameter, so there is nothing to stop it from being inserted too far and getting lost. If you do choose to use this toy anally, please use extreme caution.
    • Couples

Material / Texture

The Bubbly Toyfriend is made of silicone, which rates a 10 out of 10 on the Eden Safety Scale. It is smooth and not porous. There is no smell or taste to the toy. The surface is matte, not shiny, and has a velvety feel when you run your finger along it. The surface of the Bubbly Toyfriend is uniform and smooth. The silicone surface covers a plastic housing, so the shaft has no flex or give. The neck of the toy is very flexible and can bend in any direction. The bubbles themselves are entirely silicone, but has a firm feel. They cannot be squished or flattened easily.

Silicone retains temperature well, so this toy could be used for some light sensation play. If the tip is placed in a cup of warm water or cool water, it will hold that temperature for quite a while and can be used to tease your partner.

It wasn't an issue for me, but the end cap that unscrews to allow you to insert the batteries is a slightly different shade of pink than the rest of the toy. It obviously doesn't change the functionality or performance of the toy, but it is a noticeable difference. I don't know if the cap for mine was just from a different batch of silicone, or if they are all like that, but I wanted to mention it.

    • No odor
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

The basic design of the Bubbly Toyfriend is: a round shaft, a skinny neck, and a cascade of bubbles. It's futuristic and modern looking, with a sleek and spacey feel.

The total length of this toy is just shy of 8", The shaft is smooth with no texture, and measures 4 1/4" until it starts to narrow and become the neck. As the shaft narrows, it also get the hint of a ridge on the top, where it would contact your clitoris. the neck flexes and bends with ease, and could be used to reach any angle you like. It continues to narrow until it reaches the bubbles. At its most narrow, the neck measures just 1/2" wide.

The three bubbles that make up the g-spot arm are stacked on top of each other like a snowman. The largest bubble measures 1 1/4" in diameter. The middle bubble measures 7/8" in diameter, and the smallest bubble measures 5/8". The stack of bubbles itself resembles an spacey sort of ray gun, ready to shoot some sort of laser beam right to your g-spot.

If you intend to travel with this toy, be aware that it's pretty obvious what it is. I can't see anyone going through your luggage and thinking it was something other than a sex toy of some sort. I'm thinking they won't believe you if you try to tell them it's a toy ray gun, no matter how much it may resemble one.
    • Beginner
    • Futuristic
    • Whimsical / artistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Bubbly Toyfriend delivers vibrations that can be described as a rumble, not a buzz. There is a single button on the bottom of the toy. To turn the toy on, you press the button once and it begins on the first setting. Subsequent button presses cycle you through the vibration settings. To turn the toy off you press and hold the button until the vibrations stop, which takes a few seconds. The button is soft and easy to press, but it isn't likely that you'll press it by accident and disrupt your fun.

There are five vibrations settings:

1- High steady vibration
2- Low steady vibration
3- Long pulse
4- Medium pulse
5- Rapid pulse

There is no way to lock the Bubbly Toyfriend, so be aware that if you travel with the toy you'll want to remove the batteries to ensure it doesn't get turned on in your luggage. The vibrations are localized in the bubbly tip, and can be felt most strongly there. They can also be felt mildly in the shaft of the toy. The Bubbly Toyfriend is quiet, and the noise it does make isn't distracting. On the higher settings you can hear it over covers, but you can't hear it through a door. It works using 2 AAA batteries. Not a battery guzzler at all, you can get hours and hours of use from each set. Installing the batteries is simple; you unscrew the end cap, place them inside and then replace the cap.

Excellent for the shower or bath, or even the pool or hot tub, the Bubbly Toyfriend works well underwater. After multiple swims, it still works well with no issues. The vibrations aren't dulled or diminished underwater, and it wasn't too slippery to hold on to.
    • Discreet sound
    • Easy to use
    • Multiple settings

Care and Maintenance

The Bubbly Toyfriend, like most silicone toys, is easy to care for. A simple rinse with soap and water is all that is needed. You could use your favorite toy cleaner if that's what you prefer. Because it has a motor, you can't boil this toy to sterilize it, but you could wipe it with a 10% bleach solution.

Please avoid silicone lubes, as they will react with the silicone in the toy itself and cause damage. Any water based lubes would be safe to use. When you store the toy, please be careful to not store it touching any other silicone toys. The toys will react with each other and cause damage. It would be find stored in a toy pouch or placed in a plastic bag.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


Who wouldn't love this spacey little vibe? It's unique, which is refreshing among all the other penis shaped ones out there. I really think this vibrator lends itself well to couples play, as the flexible neck and smaller size make it forgiving in terms of angles. It has enough pliability to find your g-spot even if the handle is rotated a bit, or it's pointed a bit too far down.

The fun color and design also make this a great toy for introducing toys to your boyfriend/girlfriend if they are new to toys. It's benign and charming, and so quirky that you feel compelled to check it out, hold it and play with its functions. Also, when we're involved in a spirited, playful conversation, I have been known to point this at my husband and make space gun noises!

I really love to use this toy in the bath. Sometimes with larger or longer toys, I have trouble reaching the angles I like when I'm in the tub, but this one always hits the spot. It's quiet enough that even in a room that's prone to echo, it can't be heard outside the door.
Follow-up commentary
Although other toys get used far more often, this toy is still working well and getting some use. I really enjoy the fun design.
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