Mega mite - pocket rocket by Cal Exotics - review by Innocently Masturbating

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Tiny vibe saves the day.

The Mega Mite is a basic, yet powerful, vibrator. While not the most extraordinary vibe on the market, it makes pleasure easily accessible for a tempting price.
Strong for its size. Cheaply priced.
Louder than I like. Overheats quickly.
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useful review
This one of my first vibrators, and I'm still new to the world of these delightful tools for exploration of myself. Regardless, I'll try to give a thorough review.

I currently live with my family, so my need for privacy plays a HUGE part in what toys I buy. They have to be relatively quiet. Until I get a place of my own, no wall-rattlers.

I chose the red version as a companion for my Waterproof Turbo Glider Blueberry|Sex toy reviews: Waterproof turbo glider blueberry.

The Mega Mite is compact and not threatening. It quite powerful for its size, and some people may find it too intense for direct clitoral contact. Also, it has only one intensity of vibration. While many people may like varied speeds, one very strong vibration is good for indirect stimulation, as through under-things as I like to do often.

It has a low frequency vibration, which seems to penetrate the skin deeply. The Mega Mite|Mega mite - Pocket rocket vibrator is designed for deep stimulation. Those light, buzzing vibrations annoy me to no end. Maybe light is good for thee, but not for me.

"Quiet" is a relative description. Quiet, for me, means barely discernible. Quiet means not attracting curious people investigating that "buzzing" sound coming from the room. Paranoid toy users know what I'm talking about. Yo to my peeps out there.

So, how quiet is the Mega mite? It's loud enough that I feel safer with a buffering noise running in the background like my air filter, when people milling around the house. The sound is easily muffled by heavy sheets, so I'm not as afraid to use it at night when people are sleeping.

Another cool feature is that it's waterproof! Take it into the shower with you! All sorts of buffering sounds are in there: running water and fan. I haven’t tried submerging the Mega Mite vibrator in water yet.

It's quite easy to clean, too, as it's mostly plastic. Though, you might want to pay extra attention to the rubbery head since debris likes to cling to it.

There is *one* downside, however, and that is that the Mega Mite overheats fairly quickly. I'm not sure how I would measure it's battery consumption, as I used it erratically. I'll tell you that it uses only one AA battery, though. I drool at the idea of a rechargeable one of these babies. Of course, then they might cost more than $10.99.

I'm glad I found another option for masturbating other than just using my hands. My poor hands get tired too early. Feeling like I have to quit in the middle of a session is absolutely frustrating!

Would I buy another Mega Mite in the future? Yes. Yes, I would. In fact, I plan to buy another in the near future because my red Mega Mite "vroomed" its last "vroom". I would not regret buying another one of these, though. Maybe I'll choose black this time.
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  • Innocently Masturbating
    Thanks to my friend for helping me formulate my review.
  • Dame Demi
    Good first review, and welcome!  I hope you'll review the Blueberry as well--it's one of (if not my #1) personal favorite!
  • Nice review! How quickly does it overheat, and how long did the toy last altogether?
  • Jimbo Jones
    If you want a rechargeable, you could try a rechargeable (NiMH) battery. These are very common in AA size and work well for many applications. Thanks for the great review.
  • Innocently Masturbating
    Thanks, everyone. :-)

    Cock Wrangler: I suck at grasping the concept of time . . . :-p Maybe with the next one I'll set a timer or something. I would get it started overheating between 5 and 10 mins. I'm too busy concentrating on use me toys to look at the time. XD
  • Oggins
    This is a good first review!  Welcome to Eden!  This is a great price on this toy!  I'm glad you are enjoying it!
  • Epiphora
    Let me tell you, rechargeable batteries are SO worth it. Yeah, you have to shell out the cash up-front for 4 batteries and a charger, but you will save so much money in the end. I even upgraded to a $50 charger recently because all I use is rechargeable batteries!
  • Nashville
    I wonder why it overheats.
  • Mine never overheats.
  • Totally LOVE IT. I am on my fifth Mega Might in about 8 years. We enjoy these very much..... just wish they made one that would plug in the wall and tolerate more use before over heating. You can get a lot of use out of one.... I use mine almost daily and they last a long time. I recently bought something that looked like a Mega Might and it only lasted about 3 months of very light use.......I LOVE MY MEGA MIGHT and would buy them by the cases if I could!
  • TheirPet
    I wonder if you got a defective toy if it's overheating. How long are you using it?
  • Apirka
    Thanks for sharing
  • alayamae
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