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Twisted hearts seduction reviews

57 reviews
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57 reviews

'Twisted Hearts Seduction' unique shape is one of it's downfalls. It's better used as a paper weight than a sex toy.

All in all, it's a pretty nifty little vibrator that's fun to use. The design is interesting and it is reasonably priced.

The Twisted Hearts Seduction vibe's shape was such an odd shape that it didn't work with my body at all. It also really isn't powerful enough for me.

While I do think that this vibe is made of good quality I did think it was a little overpriced. I also found it to be best used as an all around body massager.

I wasn't really a fan of this one. It's not an attractive vibrator, and it's way too loud for my liking. It's also pretty awkward to use. I've used it a couple times, and just can't bring myself to like it.

This was an awesome free gift while it lasted and certainly made my purchase worth it. It's a higher quality toy that most of my beginner ones and works like a charm.

This toy failed to excite us. If it wasn't free I don't think I would ever have picked it up. It's quite understandable why Doc Johnson discontinued it.

This item is great if you just want a toy for foreplay. It works great at stimulating the clitoris, I could see using it in stimulating a mans genitalia also.

The nubs make it impossible to use the Twisted Hearts for penetration without pain and it lacks the strength to hold it's own as a clitoral vibrator.

If you are beginning your vibrator collection, I would highly recommend the Twisted Hearts Seduction. The smooth texture and the variable speeds are great, while being both quiet and discreet. However, if you have a wide variety of vibrators, this is going to be just another 'me too' in your collection. Good product, good design, but nothing really 'great' about it.

An acceptable toy for beginners, the Twisted Hearts by Doc Johnson offers a whimsical answer to the vibrator with nearly pinpoint stimulation. But those funny points are almost too much, and you can probably find better elsewhere for a similar price.

This is a fun and creative toy! It forces you to think outside the box a little bit. It's great for couples looking for a fun way to explore each other. Just don't expect an earth-shattering fuck-machine.

They tell me that this toy was designed for women by women -- I wonder what woman helped design this. The overall shape is awkward and makes inserting this nearly impossible. The vibrations are okay, but they're really not that strong. All in all, this is an okay toy -- it's just not one that I would grab for often.

I had great hopes for those protruding flares but in action, they just fell flat. The vibrations aren't strong enough to pick up where the design left off.

The Twisted Hearts Seduction was surely made by people with twisted hearts and a complete lack of understanding when it comes to "seduction". The unique design, while pretty, fails as a sex toy. The vibration to noise ratio is unacceptable. There are quieter, stronger and cheaper toys out there. This toy is best suited for beginners and VERY sensitive people who aren't looking for an insertable toy and don't mind loud noise. Everyone else, look elsewhere.

Get your heart twisted with this toy!!! Great multi-speed toy that anyone can enjoy!!! Hey, did I mention it's waterproof?!!

This overall really isn't a great toy, it may be better for somebody looking for a clitoral stimulator with mild vibrations, but just wasn't the toy for me.

This is an OK toy, nothing to write home about, but it does the job if you enjoy lower powered toys. Overall, I probably wouldn't buy this again because it can't be sterilized, it did have a slight smell at first and it just didn't do the job for me.

Don't be mislead by the the description, it really is only for a select handful of people that are into having more of a pain ratio involved in their routine. Not much of a vibration, and definitely have the lub near by.

It simply doesn't make sense that this vibrator was 'Designed by Women for Women,' as DJ claims. There's just no way a woman would create something like this for her pleasure. Twisted Hearts Seduction isn't good for insertion, and its weak vibes aren't good for clitoral stimulation either. It would make a pretty good cat toy, though.

The Twisted Hearts vibe is a nice waterproof vibe that is soft to touch and easy to use. It is rather big but fun to play around with regardless if you are in the bedroom or shower!

Best for advanced users, but I feel that advanced users would prefer something of higher quality. The vibrations are not strong enough, and for me this toy was painful and too large in girth/circumference. The battery compartments are loose, making it difficult to wash and use. Material itself has a low lifetime, so why waste your time? Cute idea, but needed more thinking.

Twisted hearts seduction is simply the greatest clit stimulation go-to vibe! I plan on recommending this vibe to anyone who will listen!

This vibrator looked promising, but the nubs are painful and make it very difficult to use. Very disappointing. Definitely too thick for a beginner's toy.

This vibrators pretty darn cute, and it does what it says it will. But in all honesty, this vibrator isn't the greatest one ever. Will it do the job? Yeah. I think, for the money, you can definitely find better vibrators. If you're getting it free as a gift, you'll probably find it good enough. After all, who's going to look a free vibrator in the battery compartment?

The Twisted Hearts Seduction vibrator is a very cute toy that would be great for a first vibrator. It's made of body safe materials and is a nice massager for external stimulation. It has milder, buzzy vibrations and wouldn't be for those looking for strong vibrations.

This vibrator is shaped like a heart cut in half and twisted around, which is nice for those of us that prefer non-realistic toys. It can be used for clitoral stimulation only and should not be purchased with the intention of penetration. However, its firm vibrations do a good job for stimulating the clit, nipples, or any other external surface.

While this is a very pretty toy, it isn't really functional for everyday use. The toy is to thick for clit stimulation and ok for internal, until you reach the little part that flares out. The flare is painful for insertion. This is a loud toy that gives better than expected vibrations.

This toy has weirdly placed nubs that don't appear to serve a function, besides destroying the possibility of comfortable insertion. It will work as a clitoral vibrator, but the vibration is weak and the soft, blunt tip prevents you from concentrating the pressure on the right spot. It is also made from TPR which can't be sterilized. If you can get it for free, I'd say it's an acceptable spare vibrator to have around. But I wouldn't part with hard earned cash for it.

The Twisted Hearts is an adorable vibrator that comes in romantic packaging covered in pink and red and hearts. Once taken out of the packaging, it proved to be a disappointment. The wide head and nubs made it impractical and even painful to use. Despite the strong, rumbly (and loud) vibrations, I wasn't able to achieve a clitoral orgasm because the head was too broad and flat to pinpoint my clit. I was not seduced.

I would say it's one of those items where you get your bang for your buck. It's not expensive, nor is it cheap but for what it's cost it's worth exactly that. There's not much to say about it, except that its fairly good quality for it's price and works well on G/P spots.

The twisted heart was an overall an okay toy. Yes it did hit the spot once it was in my vagina but getting it there was not fun. It hurts if you have a smaller vagina wall but I do have to say it was an easy clean up. And the vibration was great for me.

Try it out if you're new to this - it's not scary, it's cute, and it's approachable - but it will still float your boat.

Overall, I love this toy, but if you're looking for a toy for mindless drilling and insertion, this is not the toy for you. However, if you're looking for a fun, silent toy to use in the bathroom or shower, or a cute toy to put in and forget about, then the Twisted Hearts Seduction vibrator is your girl!

For a free gift option, this is great. I would not of purchased this otherwise. If you like girth, then this one is for you, but it lacks in power.

This is a good vibe for those who have no need to be discreet and prefer lighter vibrations. This comes in three-speeds, all of which aren't too intense. The design is very cute and whimsical, (a twisted heart). Plus you can bring it to the bath or shower with you, as it is water proof! However, the texture of the material leaves something to be desired and is difficult to clean and keep clean.

I was completely surprised by how much I ended up loving this toy. It has a great texture, and it's surprisingly strong for only requiring 2 AAA batteries. It's a great toy for bathtime, and it's pretty discreet. It's designed by women for women, and these women know what they're doing.

If you can choose this as a free gift, do it. It'll definitely knock your socks off from the outside in.

Getting a vibrator for a free gift seemed like a great deal, and for a free gift I can't be too disappointed. However, if I had bought it at full price I don't think I would be so happy. The words "snag" and "uncomfortable" come to mind when thinking about using this vibrator vaginally. The two notches on the top and bottom (I assume that is where the name "Twisted Hearts" comes from?) are not exactly cozy.

EF is currently offering this as a free gift. If you REALLY want a spare vibrator as part of your collection, and don't want much more than something that buzzes then get this. Otherwise, one of the currently free t-shirts would be more arousing. On the plus side, I imagine it would be quite good for a back or foot rub!

I would not recommend this to anyone. I got it for free, so I gave it a try and was disappointed. I liked the material is was made out of, but that was pretty much the only perk of the toy. I would use it as a clit stimulator, but it is to large.

I would suggest this item for extended foreplay or if you prefer clitoral stimulation as opposed to straight up insertion. I would not suggest that this replace your go-to vibrator, though on initial review that might seem like a good idea. Overall, I would have been disappointed if I had not received the toy for free. But I'm sure there will be occasional use for it.

If you have a larger-sized vaginal opening then this is the right toy for you; this little toy is fat around and has little nubs on either side of it. Not recommended for smaller vaginal openings. Nubs may be painful when inserted all the way inside.

I definitely don’t recommend this toy. I think the vibrations are a joke, and the shape is just too awkward for insertion. If you don’t need very strong vibrations to get the job done, then this toy is right up your alley.

The color and design are nice, but beyond that I can't think of anything really positive to say about the Twisted Hearts. The vibrations were too weak, the tip was too broad, and the pointy design made my insides hurt. On top of that, the material will collect every particle of dust in your entire house. I wanted to like this cute vibrator, but it just didn't happen.

This toy is adorable in its shape and size! I got it free with my order, but you can buy it on Eden Fantasys for $26.99.

I was super excited about how cute the toy was, but was very disappointed with the performance. If you don't need much vibration, I suppose it would work for you, if you have somewhere soundproof to use it.

Take a bath and bring your twisted heart! This toy was made for tub play! It failed the couples test, passed the solo test and aced the water play! I could not get it to make me squirt, which was fine, but the underwater vibrations really woke this toy up. So, come on, take a bath, & do not forget the most important item!

The Twisted Hearts Seduction vibrator is a neat little addition to any vibrator lover's collection! With it being so light and little, it's the perfect on-the-go vibrator for when you have to travel. Easy to store and easy to hide, I know I'll be bringing this little toy on the road with me next time I take a trip!

Twisted Hearts is an interesting twist on the vibrator shape you typically see. It didn't work for me as intended, but might for others. For me, it makes an excellent clit toy and works for massages.

I absolutely adore this vibrator from Doc Johnson! Clitoral orgasms were a breeze and I am a card carrying member of the Clit-o-Steel club. I love the girth and the flexibility of the nubs once they're inside my body. I want like a thousand of these things! And the color is really soft and understated, which I think is a plus. Sometimes colors can be so loud that they're almost distracting when you're trying to give your special someone that special show.

My first impression was this toy is way, way to thick. I would never attempt to insert this toy. Fairly easy to assemble, no learning curve. The toy and package are cute to look at. In use I found the highest setting to work best. Lowest setting is pretty much a joke. Expect some bugginess, the only way my toy works is if I give it a firm shake. Turning the dial alone just doesn't seem to work. It was nice for clitoral stimulation and I would probably recommend to a friend.

There are probably better toys with the same functions. The petals on this toy are the deal breaker, they can get in the way and that's not for everyone.

If you're new to using sex toys and are looking for something relatively inexpensive that offers powerful, but not extreme stimulation then this Twisted Hearts Seduction by Doc Johnson is a great toy to try out.

This toy is worth buying and will be loved if you decide to add it to your collection! Cute, satisfying, and affordable! Doesn't get much better than that.

Looking for a big, thick vibe to replace your ex or spice up your playtime? Twisted Hearts Seduction will happily volunteer for the job, boasting waterproof capacity and strong, multi-speed vibrations. She is aesthetically-pleasing and even more pleasing to your pussy, caressing your G-spot with her protruding petals. Bring her home and take her for a ride; she's like no vibrator I've ever known!

The vibrations coming from the Seduction were much more intense and a MUCH lower frequency than I expected. It delivered this delicious thuddy hum that almost put me over the edge immediately, and I was quickly brought to orgasm several times, with little to no “learning curve.”

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