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What Twisted Person Created This Toy?

Best for advanced users, but I feel that advanced users would prefer something of higher quality. The vibrations are not strong enough, and for me this toy was painful and too large in girth/circumference. The battery compartments are loose, making it difficult to wash and use. Material itself has a low lifetime, so why waste your time? Cute idea, but needed more thinking.
Interesting design, Cute idea, Somewhat discreet box, Compatible with MOST lubricants
Hard to care for, Battery compartment is loose, Low vibrations, Too large, Painful
Rating by reviewer:
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This toy is meant to be inserted vaginally for light G-Spot play, but it can also be used to transfer vibrations to the clitoris. I have found the neither of these uses are achievable without really hurting yourself, especially if you're someone who can't use a dildo that is painfully textured or large in girth. Although this toy is short, it's circumference is very large and if you are a virgin or a beginner, I don't recommend this to you. This toy is best for an advanced user.

Material / Texture

The Twisted Hearts Seduction vibrator is made of a rubber/ polymer blend known as TPR. TPR has it's downfalls, such as being porous and being quite firm. You cannot share toys made of TPR without using a condom due to the porous traits this material has, so don't plan on buying this as a gift to share with multiple partners, friends, etc. Using a condom with this toy would be difficult because of it's size and shape, so it's best to keep this for yourself.

TPR must be washed with warm water and a very mild soap, or a toy cleaner that is safe for TPR. Most toy cleaners fall under this category, so you shouldn't have a hard time finding one. I found that a toy wipe works best, as there are small crevasses that need some digging to clean. Using a toothbrush or toy brush (hard to find, but they exist) would be another great way to get into these crevasses. Since the battery compartment is a bit loose, even if you close the toy tightly, I wouldn't recommend taking this into the tub or using running water to clean this toy.

This material (TPR) does have some good qualities. Since it is NOT a type of Silicone, you may use a silicone-based lubricant. If you prefer water-based lubricants you can use that type of lubricant too! The only type of lubricant you want to steer clear of is an oil-based lubricant which is NOT compatible with this material.

There are two bumps from the "twisted hearts" that add stimulation to this toy... Well, not so much stimulation for me, but more so PAIN. It hurt awfully when inserting, and when removing it hurt even worse. I'm pretty sure I bruised myself inside and out from using this toy. On top of the girth, the painful bumps don't make it any better.

Design / Shape / Size

The design is cute - it really is. It's a fun idea that I would have personally never thought of. Unfortunately, this design would have been better paired with a toy of smaller cirumference/girth. This way it would be easier to insert, and less painful to thrust or remove. For this reason, I say this toy is best for advanced users.

Easy to hide? In some ways yes. It is short, so it's not going to stick out of a toy bag or fill up your toy box. You could put it inside of a pair of sock like many people do. The only reason I would say this isn't easy to hide is because it easily turns itself on, and it is so thick that you can see the bumps through a thin toy bag or socks. You would want to store this either without batteries or in two pieces.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Once batteries are inserted (two AAA), you twist the top on and twist some more to increase the intensity of vibrations. I wouldn't rate this toy to be too powerful. It's about a 3 vroomer. For me, that's not amazing but it's not awful. I don't like that the toy is unstable. What I mean by that is that it easily turns itself off and on, even during use. Why is this? Because the battery compartment is loose. I thought this was a mistake/malfunction, but I have owned 2 and they both work this way. A friend of mine recommended getting a thin strip of plastic and wrapping it around the battery compartment, but even that didn't do the trick.

The controls are nice. Twisting is as easy as things get. But when you constantly have to reach down and twist, the fun just isn't fun anymore. Not that I was having fun to begin with, because this toy hurts the hell out of me. So when it comes to asking me if this toy is convenient, I'd have to say no. Easy to use? I guess.

The vibrations are located in the center of the tip. They are strong in that sense - they are located in one spot, and not traveling like some insertables. However, it takes a good 4/5 vrooms to get me off, so to me this wasn't a keeper in the first place. Loud? Not too loud actually. At the highest it is a 3 bees. I live alone with my husband, so it may be the fact that since only my husband could hear this is a low level to me. For others this may not be good. We had our in-laws stay the night and they didn't hear a thing, even with our tile floors and thin doors - so I don't think anyone has much to worry about.

Like I mentioned, the battery compartment is loose, so I wouldn't say that it's a good idea to go diving with this toy. Better yet, you probably shouldn't take it anywhere near the shower or tub. I would avoid washing it under water, and stick to wet wipes for safety.

Care and Maintenance

To care for this toy, just make sure to give it a lifespan of about 3 months. By that time, the TPR has soaked up enough germs that throwing it away would be in your best interest. I honestly doubt, for some reason, that this toy would even last long enough to make it to the 3 month mark. I don't think it was built to last.

Store it either with the top off, or with the batteries out, to increase it's lifespan and to avoid using up battery life. Leaving batteries in can kill a toy quickly - especially one of this low caliber. Find a nice toy pouch to keep this in, or a toy box. Give it some room to breathe, and don't ever store it in a tight space while it is damp or wet.

Wash it with a wet wipe, or if you are brave, use warm water and a very mild antibacterial soap or toy cleaner. I prefer wet wipes, because like I mentioned, the battery compartment is loose. Like I also said, it has been this way with both of the other ones I have owned, so they are all like this. Also, remember not to use oil-based lubricants.


It comes packaged in a somewhat discreet but somewhat indiscreet box. It openly mentions that it has a vibrator inside, but it doesn't say anything relating to the words "masturbation" or "sex". If a child saw it, they may think it is a toy. An adult may think so as well if they have never seen this toy online before or don't own it. I do suggest trashing the box if you are worried about someone reading the fine text that explains what the toy really is.

There were no instruction manuals or care manuals included, but it's all really common sense once you put the batteries in. You could gift this toy in the box, but if the person you are giving it to might open this in front of others, you may want to give it in private. Plus, I wouldn't really gift something of this quality.


My experience with this toy wasn't great. It is painful to use, too large for me, and the vibrations are not strong enough to get me off or make up for the pain the texture has caused. For another woman who prefers lower vibrations and lots of texture, this may be a great toy. The lifespan would not please anyone, though.
Follow-up commentary
Obviously I'm not ever going to like this toy again or try it again for that matter. I should have mentioned that my second vibe actually straight up broke. So there's no point in giving it a 3rd shot!
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  • Danielle1220
    Great review! I'll be skipping this one for sure
  • ToyGurl
    Glad you liked it!
  • El-Jaro
    Is it designed to go all the way in? It doesn't look like going in with it would be comfortable.
  • dv8
    Painful? I guess I won't give my freebie away as a gift.
  • Ryuson
    I REALLY didn't like mine! Sorry you didn't have more luck with yours, but thanks for the review!
  • Ivy Wilde
    Thanks for the review/warning. I will definitely not be getting this one.
  • mpfm
    I'll skip this one for sure.
  • Boobs and Lubes
    we love ours, not too big for insertion after a bunch or warm up
  • Mr. & Mrs. Peg
    Thank you for the review. The shape is a big question for me.
  • eeep
    Thanks for the review, I had a similar experience with this one. It's ok for a clit vibe, but the vibrations are weaker.
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