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My Heart, My Seduction

I absolutely adore this vibrator from Doc Johnson! Clitoral orgasms were a breeze and I am a card carrying member of the Clit-o-Steel club. I love the girth and the flexibility of the nubs once they're inside my body. I want like a thousand of these things! And the color is really soft and understated, which I think is a plus. Sometimes colors can be so loud that they're almost distracting when you're trying to give your special someone that special show.
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Would you believe that this is the very first Doc Johnson toy that I am head over heels for? That's okay, I can't believe it either. And I have had a lot of Doc Johnson toys in my sexual lifetime.

I would absolutely spend the $26 or so to replace this toy should it ever break or wear out. Granted, this toy would be even better if it were silicone instead of TPR, but for the pleasure I received, I'm willing to deal with it.

Twisted Hearts seduction is waterproof; there is a small silicone ring between the battery cap and the compartment to keep liquids from seeping into it. This is great for washing it off before and after use. It's a lint magnet, but it washes up quickly and easily with some soap and hot water. It is not boilable, bleachable or dishwasher safe. This also means it is not shareable between partners without a condom. Good news though! It's free of all of those nasty chemicals that jelly toys are infamous for these days.

It can be used clitorally, vaginally, on sore muscles or anywhere else your little heart desires. Except anally...unless you're a size queen/king who can figure out a retrieval cord rig in case it gets sucked into the body.

The TPR material is really supple and feels good against my skin. There isn't a lot of drag to it, which surprised me quite a bit. Because TPR has some silicone components, I wouldn't use silicone lubricants but all other formulas should be fine. If you want to use silicone, spot test it first.

In my opinion, the toy is kind of loud for shared spaces but it could be used in the bathroom. Just say you were using an electric razor to shave your legs if inquiring minds want to know what the noise is about.

The control is a simple turn-dial base from low to high and I can definitely tell the difference between the settings and actually prefer this toy to be set one click below wide-open. This toy requires 2 AA batteries and packs quite the punch in vibrations. They are very similar to the Eden vibrating bullet in depth and strength but the sound isn't quite as buzzy.

The product dimensions are true to size according to the main product page for this little gem of a vibrator. It's 5.5 inches in length, about the same length as a Sharpie marker and just under 5.5 inches in circumference. Some women may have a hard time taking something of this girth. Being the size queen that I am, I found it to be perfect in terms of length and girth.

Now, let's talk about those nubs. They look scary as hell don't they? In my mind's eye they were hard, inflexible nubs of doom. And in reality there were deliciously soft and flexible nubs of love.

The nub closest to the head of the vibrator rubs gently, yet firmly against my g-spot provoking natural lubrication in abundance. The nub closest to the battery compartment rests gently against my clit, providing solid vibration where I want it the most. It's really easy to thrust in and out of the vagina and the weight of it feels really nice in my hands. It's a sturdy, well made vibrator.

The packaging is kind of cool, too. It's a simple, plastic box that you can use for storage with a molded insert for the vibrator. The back states that this is product made for women, by women in the shapes we desire the most with the firmness we need and the softness we love. They nailed it on the head with that little piece of copy. The box is see-through, so you wouldn't be able to mask what it is for prying eyes.

As for travel, eh...leave this one at home. Because of the fact that it's a ling magnet and kind of oversized in the girth department, it's probably just going to draw attention from TSA personnel. If you're going for a road trip, it might be good to have it handy. I would use a soft fabric storage bag to keep it in if you don't want to use the box it originally arrives in. This will keep lint to a minimum and you won't have to worry about it melting in a plastic bag. Which, I don't think it would do anyway, but it's better to be safe than sorry!
I can't tell you how much I hate texture and nubs and pokey things on vibrators and other insertables. They drive me to the brink of madness because they are almost always too hard and it just rubs me the wrong way. Not with this baby! Those nubs are heaven!

I had no trouble getting off with this vibrator, both clitorally and vaginally. The very top of the toy is kind of spongy when you press down on it, so that helps in clitoral stimulation. I didn't have to lodge the thing against my clit and bear down with all of my might in order to get off. Always a plus! Using it vaginally, I felt full and happy and was able to control everything myself---from turning up the speed to thrusting---with no problems whatsoever. My arm never got tired and my fingers didn't cramp up like with some vibrators I've used. I think this is because the hand rests in a more natural position due to the girth of the toy. You aren't trying to hold onto a toothpick-thin vibe with a claw, if you know what I mean.

So, in case you couldn't tell...I absolutely adore this vibrator. Once I got rolling with it, I had a really hard time putting it down. I just didn't want to stop once I had an orgasm. That is such a rarity for me, and my husband was pretty thrilled that we finally found an ace in the hole. Now, I just need to get one in red as a backup in case something happens. That's how much I adore this little gem of a vibrator. Good job Doc Johnson, good job!
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  • sktb0007
    I'm so glad you mentioned the "nubs of doom" I ordered this as a free gift recently (havent received it yet) and was really thinking that the nubs were going to be a painful SOB, thank you for clearing that up
  • Ansley
    I was pretty terrified and had intended to only use it externally, but the ease in which it was inserted was indescribable. I did use a different dildo for a warm up though---the Goodfella. I forgot to mention that. But, I think it could easily be inserted without a warm up, too.
  • ToyGurl
    Great review! I'm getting this but I'm super scared to actually insert this thing! You think it would be like nothing to me after all the crazy toys I've used, but this little gal scares me!
  • Ansley
    I think you'll be pleasantly surprised STL!
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    Thanks everyone! @LeighQ give it a shot, you might be surprised!
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